Nov 28, 2003

GranSazer episode 6 is released. It is on many fservs in the channel. The bt will come soon.


Nov 25, 2003

Sailor Moon Episode 8 is now released and a BitTorrent will be up soon.


Nov 22, 2003

Japan Media is semi back. They have a web board going. Lets hope they have a site back up soon :)

Nov 21, 2003

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls... We're sorry to announce a bit of a change... Due to recent DDoS attacks on our home at IRC Highway and also our continued desire to expand we have moved to the MircX server. For those of you who have mIRC installed, simply click here. For those that don't, simply type "/server -m" and then "/join #TV-Nihon".

We also hope those that visit other groups on MircX but didn't like going to a new network to visit us will be happy to come and stay.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Some staff will remain on the IRC Highway server as much as the attacks permit us in case you have any questions.
Astroboy episode 5 is OUT!! :) That's right Astroboy. All you naysayers that said we dropped it HAHAH. Episode 6 coming sometime soon.

Nov 20, 2003

This Asshole is selling our fansubs. The dip shit doesn't even hide the subs. Let him know what you think.
The BT page is back on track
There is a problem with the BT page right now. It does not show the correct stats for Sailor Moon Episode 7. The Episode can still be downloaded with bt how ever. We are working on this problem now.


Nov 19, 2003

Holy cow! Sailor Moon 7 is *RELEASED*! come get it in the channel, we'll have the bt up by tomorrow. Everybody happy~


Nov 17, 2003

Machine Robo Rescue is up on our BT page.

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Nov 16, 2003

Welcome to the ALL NEW!
Machine Robo Rescue Episode 18 is out and on fservs. It will be on our BT page in a bit.

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Nov 13, 2003

It looks like alot of you enjoy our Sailor Moon episodes,lots of you on the BT page. All you people out there should come by the irc channel and say hello :)


Hi again. Sailor Moon Episode 6 is now on the BT page enjoy.


Nov 12, 2003

HI EVERYBODY :) Sailor Moon Episode 6 is now out and on fservs. It will be on BT very soon. Come by the channel and visit.


Nov 10, 2003

For those that are serving or decide to serv in tv-nihon please remove ALL Kamen Rider Ryuki raw episodes and HK subbed episodes. Tv-Nihon will be releasing fansubs of This series soon.


Sailor Moon episode 5 is out and going around servers. It will be on the BT page sometime.


Nov 9, 2003

Hey everybody~ Two new releases in the channel: Kamen Rider 555 episode 32 (Definitely not a parody sub~) and Chou Seishin GranSazer episode 4 ^_^

For those fans of bit torrent, the episodes will be up there shortly, but for everyone else come on to the channel! Our new distro methods should mean it's easier to find the new releases on the servers quicker.

So please, even if you just come to say "hi", come on by the channel and chat with us ^_^

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Nov 8, 2003

We have opened a Distro channel. Those that serv in tv-nihon for at least two weeks dedicated,will get distro chan access. You can ask us in the channel for more information. If you are just serving a few things to get voice don't bother asking. The Distro chan is for those that are serious about helping serv.