Mar 31, 2004

Sailor Moon Ep25 is now up on the bt page.


Happy Birthday To Cyberdramon from everyone at Tv-Nihon.

Mar 30, 2004

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 25 has been released to the channel. It is going around to servers now. A bt release will be coming soon.


Mar 29, 2004

Forums are back up.
The forums are under repair. I will update as needed.
GranSazer 22 and 23 and Blade 2 are all up on the BT page now.

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Mar 27, 2004

Kamen Rider Blade episode 2 has been released in the channel. Come on by to download and discuss it.

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Mar 26, 2004

I'm new to TV-Nihon. You can find me on IRC as FallenIcon. My real name is Mike Williams. I am, for the most part, a very understanding person. And yet, recent events require me to comment.

An erroneous statement was posted on Japan Hero's boards awhile ago. In this thread, board admin Jeff went on record as saying:

Shuri is in fact Kingranger and as such he is out along with the other fake id's. (His posts and PM's which will remain private totally give it out).

This after another admin hinted that GumbaLoom was Kingranger. This hint could be taken as a joke, and as such, I'm going to leave it alone.

Shuri was summarily banned from the boards for being Kingranger. That is not what I have a problem with.

I will state, in no unequivocal terms: Kingranger, Shuri, and Gumbaloom are all completely different people. I have talked to all three seperately, about different things, and of this I have no doubt.

If they wish to ban Shuri, then that is in their perogative. Ban him on his own merits. But making the statement that he is someone else, and then banning him on those qualifications... is wrong. If you banned him because you felt he was disruptive in posting to your boards, then that should be the reason stated. Unfortunately, you chose to post the statement shown above without proof.

And as such, you are completely and horribly wrong.

Now, I'd ask for a deletion of the offending statement, and the thread it was posted in. That is how adults deal with situations of this manner. If you insist on keeping the post, this will show me and by extension, the community, that you are not fair and understanding. That you in fact, do hold a particular bias against TV-Nihon and its staff; not just Kingranger and some disruptive elements as you and other admins have posted.

Again, you are incorrect in your assumption and statement. I ask for the deletion of that thread in good faith. And because I believe in this, I've put my real name on this.

So I ask the admins of Japan Hero: Do the right thing. Shuri can stay banned, but Jeff's comment was wrong, and I ask it to be removed.

Mar 25, 2004

Cho Sei Shin Gransazer Episode 23 has been released in the channel. Lots of servers have it and queues are filling.


Mar 24, 2004

TRANSFORM,into the irc channels. Both Tv-nihon and Wolf Pack Productions have released Super Link Episode 6. Bt to come later.
This Site is selling nothing but fansubs. He is also selling out Sailor Moon subs. Stop by and give him a buzz on what you think of this.


Okay. I know a lot of you probably only watch anime. However... I'm betting there are a great deal of people who get stuff from us that love this show. I do. I can't live without it. It's my only reason for really having a television and cable. So please. I'm begging those of you who are fans of Angel to help out. You can go to this site and you can see what they've already done but there's still so much more they can do. Check out the roaming billboard. Check out the postcards. Print some out and mail them off to the addresses they give. Help save this kick-ass show! It's one of the best shows on television. If you don't know Angel or have never seen it CHECK IT OUT! ESPECIALLY if you like action packed anime with humour, drama, thrills, chills, SHOCK AND AWE and all that other good stuff. It's an amazingly fantastic show and doesn't deserve to be taken off the air on WB to be replaced by formulatic and "ethnic enhanced" sitcoms that you can find a dime-a-dozen on other networks. So yes. Do what I did. Donate some of that cash you have lying around. Print out some post cards. HELP SAVE ANGEL!


Mar 23, 2004

Yes we are insane,so insane not just one release today BUT TWO. Yes that's right two. Not only PGSM24 but also Cho Sei Shin Gransazer Episode 22. GS22 is only on servers right now but you can expect a bt of it by tomorrow early afternoon at the latest.


OMG! Have we gone insane? Yes. Yes we have. Why are we releasing this early in the morning? O.O Because it's done~ ^_^

Come to the channel or the BT site and pick up your copy of PRETTY GUARDIAN SAILOR MOON EPISODE 24! Is this it for today? Could we possibly release more than this? OMG! Stay tuned~


Mar 22, 2004

TransFormers Super Link Episode 5 is out. It is going around on fservs in tv-nihon and in Wolf Pack Productions irc channels. A bt of it will be coming soon.


Mar 21, 2004

This Site is Selling our sailor moon fansubs at a proft to fund their web site. We have asked them to now stop since what they had told us in the past is a lie. The moderators of the site refuse to listen.


Mar 20, 2004

We are looking for people/person to host fast ftp for channel needs, must be 10mbit speed, large hdd capacity, and high to no bandwidth limit. Perks are first in line for any and all encodes we do. Dvd rips of R2 dvds. And you get our subs long before anyone else. Please use the contact email link above,post a msg in our forum or come by our channel.
T-N Heroes is back up! Thanks again to those who have donated!
Kamen Rider Blade Episode 1 has been released in channel. It is going around on fservs. It should be up on the BT page tomorrow. I hope everyone enjoys it.

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Mar 19, 2004

DekaRanger Episode 2 is now up on bt.


Mar 17, 2004

TokuSou Sentai DekaRanger Episode 2 is now out. It's going around on servers and will be on the bt page soon.


Sailor Moon episode 23 is now on our BT page.


Mar 16, 2004

Transformers Super Link Episode 3 is released. It is on servers in both Wolf Pack Productions and Our Irc channels. You can also download it from the bt Here


The T-N Heroes page will return this weekend, thanks to everyone that has donated.
I want to give my most heartfelt thanks to everyone that has donated to us. These donations will help bring many many Region 2 dvds for source for our subs. Those of you that donated please email me again with a regular email,please let me know if you would like to be listed on our heroes page. You are all heroes to tv-nihon. The support you all have shown for us weather it be with a donation or a kind email,makes everyone at tv-nihon smile.

Mar 15, 2004

We have some very good news read Here on our forums to find out what it is :)
Well, after a lot of work and stuff we got things fixed and taken care of. Part of me feels like I shouldn't have cared so much for this. Bleh, I don't really want to get into it again. You can read my novel below. Just understand that I'm very very very happy of how many people showed their support, patience and understanding these past few days. They make it worth it. you guys go~

Sailor Moon 22's *OFFICIAL* Bit Torrent link.


All night I dealt with people wanting some stupid ass wrestling thing. WrestleRama or mania or something. Bunch of rednecks bitching because they couldn't order it. I had to be nice to those people because they pay my salary. When I come home to a bunch of people bitching about not getting Sailor Moon how they want it... I don't have to be nice. My bills are paid :D

In all honesty I let us take crap for Sailor Moon because there are a few special people in my life that love it. My girlfriend loves it so much she edits it. (Because I got too busy :O) I don't like you people talking shit about how we're slow or we don't word things the way you want them to be worded. (Don't fuck with me.) When you insult TV-Nihon you're not insulting one person. You're not just insulting KingRanger. You're insulting a FAMILY of people who work their asses off all the time because they simply enjoy Japanese entertainment.

I asked nicely to not BT our episodes. Nicely in the fact that I hadn't come to your house yet. But rest assured, "thatdog", we're very good friends with the people who own the IRC server we're on. I already have your address and I have some time off this next week. So you and your pubic hair can certainly expect a visit if you decide to go against what I've asked.

Most of these threats and bitchings come from the people who hide in their 5-dollar-to-view forums. Yeah! Isn't that fucked up? You have to pay just to discuss Sailor Moon or whatever. Do we charge to download? Do we charge to use BT? Do we charge to join IRC? No. But we're the bad guys. Uh-huh. Okay.

I got called an "egosubber" tonight by a guy using the IRC nick of "Killshok". If any of you know who Killshok is you'd find that kind of funny. I seriously doubt it was the real thing, but I appreciate the comedy.

I get death threats, viruses, fake letters from Bandai/Toei/Toho and a lot of other shit everyday. I don't even have my e-mail address on the TV-Nihon website. Isn't that fucked up? I don't reply to those e-mails. I don't send warning letters to their ISP. I don't single people out or drop our projects because of all this. It sucks. I can't help but feel frustrated that these people who are supposed to be my fellow "fans" are absolute fucking retards when it comes to showing some respect to people do something with their spare time.

I'm sure people will write "That Cyber uses terrible language and blah blah blah blah". Find something new to bitch about.

We don't get donations that often. We don't beg for them either. It's there if you wanna help out. There's have been some really awesome people who have and I thank them from the bottom of my heart and my empty wallet. I could say things like "I can see who the real fans are" but the fact is you guys are probably just spoiled. Fansubbing isn't that really isn't. All you really need is someone who can speak Japanese and whole shitload of patience. I'd say we have a decent amount of both. It could be any of you people writting on this site. You may not do everything the same as I do but I can bet a lot of you would feel how I feel sometimes. You'd feel pretty helpless to a bunch of your peers giving you crap everyday because they want something.

I don't want much from you guys. I really don't. I won't hate you if you don't donate. I will love you, though, if you do. I won't hate you if you don't come to the channel and say "Hey, guys, what's going on?" and initiate in a chat with us that can be very friendly and productive for us both. I will respect you and enjoy a diversion from SubStationAlpha, though, by speaking with you and getting to know you. I won't hate you if you break a rule. I will love you, though, if you apologize and ask nicely for some help. I won't hate you if you download our releases and don't serve. I will love you, however, if you spread the joy and set up and fserve or volunteer to make copies for people who have trouble downloading and keep them away from e-bay where they will be ripped off. I won't hate you if download our work and enjoy it...I'd love for everyone to do that.

I will, however, be very upset if you download our work and refuse to show some common respect. I will never say that fansubbing is a task nobody can do except for me. I'm just a fan. I do this with my own time. We all do. We've made awesome friends with people doing it and greatly enriched our lives. Be a part of the solution. Be a part of what makes this fun. We'll keep pumping out episodes the best way we can with what we have if you guys all show a little respect back. I'd say that's a pretty low cost for what you're getting. I hope I don't sound too egotistical when I say we put a lot of work in these subs... We don't do it just for you. We do it for ourselves. For the people we love. And you. ^_~

We're getting a lot of shit because we can't BT an episode. I'm sorry. I wish we could put it up right now because I'm kind of sick of all the complaining ^^;;;

We had some server issues and they're getting fixed, but people only work so fast, y'know? I mean...I wonder how you guys would react if Takenoko-sama was sick and couldn't translate. Would you call him an elitist bastard then? Did you guys know KingRanger was in the hospital and that's part of the delay? He didn't want me saying that because he thinks you guys would just say he's lying... but yeah, it was pretty serious too. He made it okay, though. (Because he's the man!) But don't you guys realize we're human? I just got notified we're being bashed on Japan Hero's forums again. I'm banned there because the admin refuses to listen to facts. It's pretty lame, but I'm not really starting any sort of ANTI-JAPAN HERO movement. I could...but I really don't have time XD

My final message... Please... Give us a break... We're doing what we can with the full knowledge that you guys are always watching this website and waiting for the next episode. We are too...because we're all fans ^_^


Mar 14, 2004

Sailor Moon episode 22 will be up on the BT page sometime Monday Afternoon. We know alot of you will still whine and cry but at least you can whine and cry while you leech off bt, then close the window right after you are done downloading. And for the astronaut who was bad mouthing us.. WE LOVE YOU TO.


Sailor Moon episode 22 is now out. You can come to the channel and download it from many different fservs.


Mar 12, 2004

wow. Did anyone ever think that maybe we simply just can't put it up for 3 weeks? What an amazing thought.

I love how people just keep hating us from their little forums (Especially ones that you have to pay 5 dollars to even view...if that's not elitist I don't know what is.)

There won't be any BT's for 3 weeks because we simply can't do BT for 3 weeks. That means we'll continue to release stuff instead of making everyone wait. We could just be dicks and not release anything for 3 weeks...but we don't want to be dicks.

So stop with the insults, death threats, and stupid bullshit. Grow up. Get mIRC. Get the file. Get happy.

No, BT does not work for everyone. No, IRC does not work for everyone. We're doing what we can to get these episodes out in a timely manner.

However, if I see anyone BTing our episodes I will find you, hunt you down and rip out your pubic hair. I'm not KingRanger. I'm Cyberdramon. Get it right when you call me an asshole.

Thanks ^_^
Sailor Moon Episode 22 when released will not be on BT. It will be a channel release ONLY for the first 3weeks of it's release. Meaning if you want it before April you will have to come by the channel and queue it up. People that have not been to the channel before please read our rules. Thank you. ADDITION TO YOU PEOPLE THAT CAN NOT READ: IT IS NOT OUT YET,I SAID WHEN WHEN IT IS OUT. MAYBE ALL CAPS WILL GET YOUR ATTENTION HELLO PEOPLE WHEN DO YOU KNOW WHAT WHEN IS?


Mar 8, 2004

Sailor Moon episode 21 and Cho Sei Shin GranSazer episode 21, are both out and ready to download on fservs. Anyone coming to the channel and asking for Sailor Moon goes bye bye ;) You all know how to use fservs and if you don't, we have a wonderful help page. Just click on the link above.

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Mar 6, 2004

Transformers Super Link 02! It's released with our friends at WPP. Please stop by their channel and ours to check it out or you can access the BT link here - here

Thanks ^_^


Mar 2, 2004

We do not like fansub sellers.