Apr 29, 2004

Cho Sei Shin GranSazer Episode 26 is out. It is on our bt page and on servers.


Apr 28, 2004

this person, Janeen84@Sailormoon.com is selling our Sailor Moon fansubs on ebay. Please let them know what you think of this.


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 28 has been delayed for 10 weeks...... HAHA just kidding. It's out and in the channel. A BT will be up later this evening.


Apr 27, 2004

Rolling out more Transformers Super Link tonight~! Ep. 12 is out in our channel and WPP's channel. And we actually have the torrent link ready this time! So head over to IRC or click here to get the torrent.


Cho Sei Shin Gransazer episode 25 has been released. Funny stuff in this episode for Mika fans.


Apr 25, 2004

We now have a new Pretty Guardian Sailormoon page, with profiles and updated release information, please check it out :) Thanks goes to Gaia-chan and Nuku for pictures and info ^_^


Apr 23, 2004

Not one great release but TWO today. First Machine Robo Rescue episode 41 and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 1. That's right episode 1. No we didn't flip out this is a high quality dvd rip release. Lots of upgrades and what not. Give them both a look.

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Apr 21, 2004


Okay. A lot of people thought that we were just really slow. They must have missed the announcement that PGSM 27 didn't air last week but it aired this week and so we are proud to bring you: PRETTY GUARDIAN SAILOR MOON - EPISODE 27!

Oh yeah. You'll need a hankey for this one, kids.


Apr 19, 2004

OMG! Click here for Super Link torrents, episodes 1-11 all up and seeded (As of this writing :P)
Transformers Super Link episodes 10-11 are out in our channel and in the Wolfpackproduction channel. Exciting new episodes with new characters and more :)


Apr 18, 2004

Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Episode 3 and Machine Robo Rescue Episodes 39-40 are released in the channel. Be sure to stop by and download them. Zyuranger 3 and MRR 39 are also up on bt.

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Apr 12, 2004

Cho Sei Shin GranSazer episode 24 has been released. It is going around servers now and a BT will follow shortly.


Apr 9, 2004


Well... Here we go again~ Super Link reporting in for episode number 9. The action is heating up. Revelations are being revealed...and we're just getting started.

Pay your respects to Galvatron-SAMA and stop by the channel or to the WPP BT and pick up your copy today.

Apr 8, 2004

DekaRanger Episode 3 and Faiz Episode 43 And Sailor Moon Episode 26 are all up on BT.

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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Episode 26 has been released in the channel. A BT to follow later today.


Apr 7, 2004

WPP's BT site is up and working again ^_^

Thanks for your patience.
"Ready to Get" Dekaranger Episode 3? Well now you can. We have released it in the channel. The bit will be coming along soon.


The WPP Bit Torrent tracker is having some issues. We hope to have it up as soon as possible. If you need your Super Link fix, be sure to stop by our channel or WPP's~

Thanks for your patience ^_^
We've released Kamen Rider 555 episode 43 to the channel and the Bit Torrent will be up later. I don't really plan on slowing down so I hope you kids have your download folders ready to go this week~ ^_^

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Apr 5, 2004

We've released Super Link 07 and 08 with our friends at WolfPack Productions. You can come to the channel and get the file or you can use the bt here

Apr 3, 2004

Torrents for Transformers Superlink eps 5 and 6 have been put up.


Apr 1, 2004

If you have donated to tv-nihon in the last 6 days please email me with permission to use your nick or real name on our heroes page,thank you.
Kamen Rider Faiz episodes 41-42 are now up on the bt page.

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They said we cancelled it. They said we gave up on it. THEY WERE WRONG! Kamen Rider 555 Episodes 41 AND 42 have been released in the channel. A bunch of servers have them both and more getting the eps. The bts will be coming soon.

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