Sep 30, 2004

Today we bring you a batch torrent for Kamen Rider Blade episodes 1-3. You can download the torrent on our torrent page or here

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Yay! New Panda Z! Only five more to go~

Panda Z - Episode 25


Sep 29, 2004

We have put up a batch torrent for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episodes 1-3. These are the dvd versions. You can download the torrent Here


Sep 27, 2004

CHU CHU CHU DEKA DEKA..CHU CHU CHU DEKA DEKA... DekaRanger Episode 17 is out. You can come by the channel and get it from an fserv or download the torrent here

On another note,the lack of people sticking around on the Blade 30 torrent for seeding is very depressing. It shows alot of you getting it are not really fans of the show,just leeches who download everything. I am very thankful to you few people that help seed. It seems the Sailor Moon fans are better at seeding than the Blade and Deka fans.

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Sep 26, 2004


Follow the adventure of Iron Chef Chalice on Kamen Rider Blade EPISODE 30! In the channel. In the torrent. The choice is yours!

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Sep 25, 2004

It's time to rock!


Come get it in the channel or use the BT!

I hope everyone enjoys the new GranSazer release but remember to help seed where you can so that others can enjoy the episodes~ ^_^


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon episode 48 is released. It is on fservs and the bt page. One ep to go after this.


Sep 24, 2004

So about twenty years ago this show came on to TV. It was a pretty crazy show. Robots with feelings and emotions crash landing on Earth and being woke up in the 80's. The robots all can turn into cars, planes, whatever and so they all get woken up and continue this civil war on our planet. Twenty years... For the most part nothing's changed about these robots. They're still kicking ass and I bet they'll be kicking ass for some time to come. It's always been my favourite show so I'm pretty excited when we release new episodes. What's even more interesting is what is still to come. I'm sure you're aware we've been releasing episodes of the "classic" Japanese exclusive series. There is great interest in these shows not just from collectors and fanboys like me...seems even some companies have an interest in these shows. While I can't go into great detail at this time since things are still TENTATIVE I'd like to at least give everyone a nibble of hope even it doesn't work out in the near future... Yup. That's right. WolfPack Productions and TV-Nihon are working with some interested parties in bringing OFFICIALLY subtitled Headmasters, Masterforce and Victory to your DVD player. Unfortunately, however, it may only be in the UK at first but you can show your support by coming by the channel or stopping by the bit torrent page and downloading Transformers! So without further fanboy rambling I bring you the good stuff:

Transformers: Masterforce - Episode 16
Transformers: Masterforce - Episode 17
Transformers: Super Link - Episode 25
Transformers: Super Link - Episode 26
Transformers: Super Link - Episode 27
Transformers: Super Link - Episode 28


Sep 23, 2004


Get the BT or get from the channel.


Sep 17, 2004

Rolling out with tonight's releases:
Transformers: Masterforce 15
Transformers: Super Link 23
Transformers: Super Link 24

Click to get the torrents or stop by the channels to get them!


Sep 14, 2004

You know I don't know why we bother with BT sometimes. We go out of our way to give you the latest tv-nihon releases on fservs and on the bt page. But like right now 18 completed downloads for DekaRanger 16 yet there are only 5 seeders. You people that downloaded and quit the BT make me sick. This makes me totally want to re-think whether we put stuff up on bt right away or not.
I bring you Panda Z episode 23! Enjoy~!


Sep 12, 2004

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. To make it even better we have released Kamen Rider Blade episode 28. It is up on the bt page and on fservs in the channel. Enjoy.

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Sep 10, 2004

TV-Nihon is proud to present to you:

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - Episode 47

Enjoy... ;_;


Sep 7, 2004

It's Panda Z time!

Episode 22 now available!


Sep 6, 2004

Kamen Rider Blade episode 27 is out. You can get it from fservs on irc. Or you can download the torrent here Blade 27

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Sep 3, 2004

Sep 2, 2004

TV-NIHON POWER MAKE UP... YAY PGSM Episode 46 is out. Bt is up and it's on fservs.