Apr 30, 2005

And now for the final part of the JustiRiser Power up story arc. JustiRisers episode 24. This series just keeps amazing all of us.

JustiRisers 24


First weekend release, Kamen Rider Hibiki 4. The leeches may now commence with whining that some other series we do hasn't been released. Those that enjoy toku fansubs please download and enjoy. More news at 11.

Hibiki 4


Apr 29, 2005

Time for an early morning release. Galaxy Force 16. This show is really heating up.

Transformers Galaxy Force 16


Apr 28, 2005

Let me start off by saying that our hard work is helping out all the toku fans from brazil. The group Superherobr has been using our work(with out telling us)on hibki and other things to translate from our english to their portuguese. As much as we look down on them not asking us first we just want to make sure brazillian toku fans can enjoy toku as much as us. SuperheroBR please just ask us next time :)

Also we have had some people that are not very smart download our subs from our bt page not knowing what they are downloading. See on our bt page is our work. That's why it's OUR bt page. Stuff with [T-N] in the file name means Tv-nihon released. I am not sure how these people think they are getting a raw or something from our bt page but this is just a heads up for those that are slow on the uptake. I mean I think this is a "duh" situation.

And finnaly we have ready for you The last cd of the faiz final call. Hope you all have a good day.

Faiz cd5

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Apr 25, 2005

Anyone out there like karaoke? Then this Faiz disc 4 is for you.

Faiz Final Call CD4

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Wow last night was fun. We released three JustiRisers episodes and Hibiki 3. Some people out there instead of enjoying these releases felt the need to complain that more or what they wanted didn't come out. But we all know those fools don't matter :P Let's kick off today with Kamen Rider Faiz Final Call disc 3. We hope most of you enjoy it :)

Final Call CD3

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Apr 24, 2005

And let's finish of the night with one more JustiRisers ep. Episode 23. Also more faiz music is coming. We are doing the High Quality 320 rips that are nice to listen too.

JustiRisers 23

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Is everyone having fun? Let's keep the fun going with Kamen Rider Hibiki 3.

Hibiki 3


Let's keep things rolling with another JustiRisers. Episode 22 is on fservs and BT.

JustiRisers 22


Tonight will be a night of fun and adventure. Kicking it off it JustiRisers episode 21.

JustiRisers 21 Torrent


Apr 23, 2005

Kamen Rider Faiz Final Call CD2 is ready for your listening pleasure.

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Apr 22, 2005

Kamen Rider Ryuki Last Message disc 5 is ready. Please enjoy.


Apr 21, 2005

Got another Ryuki music release for you all today. This one is for the Karaoke fans out there.

Kamen Rider Ryuki Last Message disc 4 Karaoke


Apr 20, 2005

Wow people have been saying such SUPER NICE things about me today. I think i'll release DekaRanger 29. You super wonderful guys keeping making up stories I know it warms your hearts to do so.

DekaRanger 29


Tonight we bring you something that has taken a while to get done. And the wait is well worth it. Tonight we bring you.. Kamen Rider Faiz Paradise Lost: The Directors Cut. Please enjoy this great movie.

Faiz Paradise Lost Directors Cut

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Apr 19, 2005

It's Transformer time!

Transformers: Galaxy Force - Episode 15

More to come? Just Open Your Eyes...


Kamen Rider Ryuki Last Message CD3 Is up on the torrent page.


The Torrent page is back up. It might go down again at some point so the host can do more fixes. Let me just say to those out there that think it's fun to attack torrent pages get lives. And now for all the leechers out there.

Kamen Rider Ryuki Last Message CD2


Kamen Rider Ryuki Last Message CD3 has been released. This is the music from the Ryuki movie. While the BT page is still down you'll need to come too the irc channel for a download. And remember any un-authorized bt's of our files will just hurt future releases.


Apr 18, 2005

The Torrent page is down until at least Friday. If you want releases you'll need to come to the irc channel. We ask that people do not take our releases and put up their own torrents for friends and what not. If this happens it will just hurt future releases for you the fans.
Kamen Rider Ryuki Last Message CD2 is out. Channel only due to bt problems.


Apr 17, 2005

Okay. So. The BT page might be up and down. Apparently there's a lot of connections and our host seems to think we're under attack. So if you're trying to DDoS our BT site we're highly amused. Not.

To everyone else who are just having frustrating times trying to get files via BT... sit tight and sorry for the bumpy ride.
Faiz Final call disc 1 torrentSome of you people are so silly.

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Today we are releasing Kamen Rider Faiz Final Call Disc 1. This and the rest of the Faiz Final Call music will be released on IRC only. So if you want faiz music come by the irc channel.

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Apr 16, 2005

Something exciting has happened! Today is a special treat. TMurdock recently acquired two lovely sets of music and now we're going to share them with you! We're spreading it out so the fun never ends!

Kamen Rider Ryuki: Final Message - Disc 1 - Songs

As always, stay tuned for more!


Apr 15, 2005

Hey, everyone! Got a few releases here. First up is a Transformers: Robot Masters release. This is the complete subtitled THIRD DVD. You may recall we released a DVD Special with Galaxy Force and episode 1 of Robot Masters. This third DVD contains some character profiles and the second episode of Robot Masters. So hopefully you're not confused. Also, up is Transformers: Galaxy Force episode 14! In this week's episode Exillion gets arrested on Speedia for speeding! Galaxy Convoy shows up to bail him out and boy is he upset!

Transformers: Robot Masters - DVD 03

Transformers: Galaxy Force - Episode 14


Apr 14, 2005

Got a big music release for you today, The Super Sentai Heroines Song Perfect Collection. Lots of fun music from alot of your favorite Sentai girls.

Heroines Song Collection

Apr 13, 2005

And now for JustiRisers episode 20. This is one of the best episodes yet. Everyone should watch it now.

JustiRisers 20


Apr 12, 2005

Here we go! More fun releases for the whole family...or just sit at your computer and covet them all for yourself!

Transformers: Masterforce - Episode 30! Directed by Michael Bay!


Torrent Page back up.

JustiRisers 19


First off the torrent page is down for some repairs it will be back up later. Don't ask when I will tell you here. And now for the good news, JustiRisers 19 has been released. If you want it now it's on servers on irc. The torrent will be up later when the bt page is back up.


Apr 11, 2005

Today we have a JustiRisers special for you. This is a dvd special show casing the mecha. Please enjoy.

JustiRisers Secrets Special


Apr 10, 2005

DekaRanger Complete Song Collection. If you like DekaRanger and you like the songs this is for you... TETSU SINGS... OMG HOJI SINGS...

DekaRanger Song Collection

Apr 9, 2005

Today we are releasing something special, it is our 500th fansub release. We have been doing this going on 3 years now and we hope to keep on going. The release today is Onmyou Taisenki episode 2. Here is to another 500.

Onmyou Taisenki 2

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Apr 8, 2005

Let's kick off the weekend with JustiRisers 18. Tomorrow we release our 500th release. And just to clear a few emails and false rumors up, we are still doing YGO. We just chose to take our time and do a good job rather than just doing HK fix ups.

JustiRisers 18

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JustiRisers OST

Apr 6, 2005


Transformers: Galaxy Force - Episode 13



Let's kick off the day with Mahou Sentai MagiRanger stage 7.

MagiRanger 7


Apr 5, 2005

We have a great release for you tonight, the Kamen Rider Hibiki Op and End Single "Shonen Yo".

Shonen Yo


Apr 4, 2005

And here we are at the end of the weekend. Let's finish it off with Kamen Rider Hibiki episode 2.

Hibiki 2


Apr 3, 2005

Well the weekend is winding down. Let's keep it going though with DekaRanger 28. And all you bitches that whine we don't do it or "THEY DROPPED IT THOSE TURDS".. You all can just start leeching cause you know you will.

DekaRanger 28


Just when you thought it couldn't get any cooler with Dragons and Jets and Traffic Lights... Anyway, Galaxy Force Episode 12 is out. And really though I love that traffic Light.

Transformers Galaxy Force 12


Apr 2, 2005

Well we are all safe from the spiders. Cyberdramon and Mikazuki came in and destroyed the spider boss. So in honor of the heroic efforts of the valient t-n heroes we are releasing something special.. The Chou Sei Shin GranSazer Original Sound Track. This one is damn hard to find unless you live in Japan. Our thanks go to Shuri for this fine release. I promise you won't go to hell if you download it.

GranSazer OST
A few of you have mentioned having video problems. It is because you need to upgrade your codecs. But for the convience of making sure everyone usings the right on you can visit our playback page or this link for the codec.
Day two of the spider and bear attacks. Takenoko took a little dammage but a night at the inn gave him his HP back. I made it out in time to release JustiRisers 17.

JustiRisers 17


Apr 1, 2005

Ok we are all recovering from the spider bites so we can do another release. How about JustiRisers episode 16.

JustiRisers 16


Is everyone having a good night? Well let's keep the night going with another episode of JustiRisers. In other news some people died tonight because we released some music.

JustiRisers 15


Let's keep it going with the JustiRisers end song 2 single. I just know everything hates when we release music but please... Try to bear with it.

JustiRisers 2nd end single


Kicking off a weekend of releases we have for you JustiRisers 14. For those that have given us support, we thank you. For those of you that whine and complaine well... You are also leeching our releases so enjoy as well :)

JustiRisers 14