Jul 30, 2005

We hope everyone is having a great weekend. We have a JustiRisers dvd special for you tonight. This one is about the JustiRisers mecha.

Justirisers Dvd special 3

SPOILER WARNING: This does contain spoilers for eps past episode 31.


Jul 29, 2005

Ultraman Nexus episode 17 is ready for your viewing pleasure.

Nexus 17


DodgyFansubs has a temporary web page Here DodgySubs
I am very proud to annouce a new Toku fansub group, has just released their first project. Dodgysubs has released Kamen Rider World. This is the team up move of Zo and J. Many of us in tv-nihon worked with dodgy to make this happen. They are also on Zirc the channel is #dodgyfansubs. They have many servers with the release and they also have a BT page Here Dodgy is working on his web site and I will post a link to that when it is ready. Please check out the movie and stop by the irc channel to let dodgy know he has all of our support.

Jul 28, 2005

Jul 27, 2005

Ultraman Nexus episde 16 is ready. More later.

Nexus 16


Jul 26, 2005

Hey, everyone! A lovely pair of treats for everyone tonight! First off is the latest episode of everyone's favourite show about Thundercracker! He really likes to show off his ass!

Transformers: Galaxy Force - Episode 29

Also, something very special.

Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger - DekaRed versus DekaBreak!

This was a little video that was only released on VHS so please don't mind that the video quality is less than what you'd normally expect from a Deka episode. It's fairly short akin to the "Blade vs Blade" special we released a while back. Good fun, though.

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Let's kick off the night with JustiRisers episode 31. More coming later.

JustiRisers 31


Jul 25, 2005

JustiRisers episode 30 is ready. This is one of the best episodes. Please enjoy.

JustiRisers 30


Ready to get.. The next episode of DekaRanger. Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger episode 34 is ready. What can I say about this episode other than.. P.A.T

DekaRanger 34


Jul 23, 2005

UltraMan Nexus 15 is ready for your downloading and viewing pleasure. Please enjoy.

Nexus 15


Jul 22, 2005

Lets kick off the weekend with a big release, UltraMan Nexus episode 14. From now on all Nexus releases will be from an R2 dvd source. This means there will be some directors cuts of episodes and some other fun supprises. Have a great weekend more coming soon.

UltraMan Nexus 14


Jul 21, 2005


Sorry it took a little longer than usual, everyone. There's a reason that I'm sure you'll see as soon as it meets your eyes. BitTorrent site is back up and torrent is attached! Anyway, enjoy~!

Transformers: Galaxy Force - Episode 28!


Jul 19, 2005

Let's continue the day with this weeks MagiRanger. I am really loving this series. MagiShine and Smoky are great characters. Mahou Sentai MagiRanger episode 21 is ready.

MagiRanger 21


DekaRanger episode 33 is ready. What can I say other than, S.W.A.T ON

Dekaranger 33


Let's start off the day with a DekaRanger release. DekaRanger episode 32 is ready for your downloading pleasure. More to come later today.

DekaRanger 32


Jul 18, 2005

We have one more release for you today. This time it's Onmyou Taisenki episode 7. We hope everyone enjoys this great anime release.

Onmyou Taisenki 7

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Hello everybody. Are you all having a good week? I hope you are. Today we are releasing JustiRisers episode 29. I know how much alot of you love JustiRisers. We here at tv-nihon hope you enjoy it.

JustiRisers 29


Jul 16, 2005

Spreading the love of tokusatsu to the farthest reaches of the universe, Tv-nihon brings you another fine episode of JustiRisers. Today we are proud to release too all the fans this magnificant episode. Please everyone spread the love and joy around and help your fellow toku fan feel the love of the toku.

JustiRisers 28


Let's kick off the weekend with something sunny, Mahou Sentai MagiRanger episode 20.

MagiRanger 20


Jul 14, 2005

Jul 13, 2005

Ligers and wolves and StarScreams OH MY GOD. I am just in total shock after watching Transformers Galaxy Force episode 27. I think you all will be as well. And also, Chromia is so damn sexy :)

Galaxy Force 27


Jul 12, 2005

Do you like black and white cat people? Do you like little boys with weird devices wanting to use IN's? Well if you said yes to either of these then Onmyou Taisenki episode 6 is ready for you.

Onmyou Taisenki 6

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Jul 10, 2005

Wow that Hibiki sure is cool. So how about another episode. Kamen Rider Hibiki Episode 10.

Hibiki 10


Kamen Rider Hibiki episode 9 is ready for your downloading pleasure. I was thinking about putting something snide here about all the leechers who bitch and moan things don't come out fast enough, but the guys that do that are just to easy a target.

Hibiki 9


Jul 6, 2005

I forgot to mention it earlier this morning when we released Galaxy Force, but twenty years ago in Japan was the first airing of Transformers as "Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers" which was the Japanese dub of Generation 1 seasons one a two. So, we had to release some more Transformers to celebrate!

Transformers: Masterforce - Episode 35
Transformers: Masterforce - Episode 36



Let's kick off the evening with a new MagiRanger. This one starts a new story arc and boy is it Smoking.

MagiRanger 19


Jul 5, 2005

Today we bring you Transformers Galaxy Force episode 38! Not!! Who would be so stupid as to skip episodes? Oh... Cartoon Network. Right. Forgot. My apologies to all those without the internet. ^_~

Transformers: Galaxy Force - Episode 26!

This is definitely the one you've been waiting for!


TokyoTosho is having some dns issues so you can access their site at this url Just a heads of for people who like using the best Torrent listing site.

Jul 3, 2005

Well I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Today we have another release for you. Mahou Sentai MagiRanger episode 18.

MagiRanger 18


For many of you, this weekend is quite explosive... So here's something that we hope you'll have a blast watching... We're pleased to present to you~



Jul 2, 2005

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. And for those of you celebrating have a happy 4th of July Holliday. Today we have MagiRanger episode 17 for you. Enjoy.

MagiRanger 17