Feb 28, 2008

Hissashi buri ni... Ore no hissatsu, release part 2!

Feb 27, 2008

Cutie Honey the Live 20 released

Feb 23, 2008

KR Kiva 04 released

Rumors of this series death are premature

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Let me say this to start, the picture on this page is merely decoration.

Edit: By special request:
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Feb 20, 2008

Radio TV Nihon

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In case you missed the new button on top, we do have streaming music going. Our server host Camaro has been kind enough to organize the music and stream it. Just click it and hit listen (I use winamp to play streams, but you should be able to load it in media player or whatever)

But that's not all folks, we're also planning on having live shows with DJ's and stuff. You interested? Post in this thread then

Feedback here (If you have music that you would like included on the stream, please PM camaro personally. Thanks)

My main reason for making this post was to show this pic, which I think is hilarious. If you're a Hibiki fan, you might get the Kintaros joke in the bg

Feb 17, 2008

KR Kiva 3 released

Cutie Honey the Live 19 released

Feb 16, 2008

KR Den-O Music Video released

Feb 15, 2008

GekiRanger 49 released! Series complete

GekiRanger 48 released

Feb 14, 2008

TV-Nihon Radio Test

We just got a test shoutcast server running. For more details, view the topic by clicking here

Cutie Honey the Live 18 released

Radio TN?

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How do you guys feel about TN having it's own streaming radio show?
Feedback here

Feb 8, 2008

UltraSeven X 12 released

Feb 7, 2008

KR Kiva 02 released

Feb 6, 2008

UltraSeven X 11 released

Feb 4, 2008

KR Den-O Special CD released

Feb 3, 2008

Cutie Honey the Live 17 released

UltraSeven X 10 released

Feb 1, 2008

GekiRanger 47 released

UltraSeven X 9 released

Seven X 9 recalled

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