Dec 30, 2008

Kiva adv dvd up again, now with crcs

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Sorry, my mistake!

If you were in the middle of downloading it, simply rename the files and it should resume:

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A note on the Kiva Adventure DVD files

Whoops, we forgot to put the CRCs in the filenames. For those of you serving or seeding, please update the filenames to match those as described here. Arigato!


KR Kiva adventure dvd released

KR Kiva 45 released

Dec 29, 2008

Transformers Headmasters 30 released

Woot! TFHM 30 released. Talk about it here.


No Kiva and Go-On this week

Call me Queen!

By the way, shoot me a message if you want to time so random episodes of Ryuki for me

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Dec 26, 2008

Head on 29!

Attention artists, Kiva music video contest

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Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and is enjoying the holiday season.

Before the New Years starts, I wanted to make an announcement for a little personal experiment. I want to have TN's first contest. The goal of this contest is to make a music video for the song Inherited System, sung by the 4 IXA users from KR Kiva

Details here

I hope a lot of you apply!

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Dec 25, 2008

Ganbaride CM 2

Rescue Force special and commercials subbed

We've got the special which talks about the movie

A disaster prevention lesson

We've got commercials
Camino and Triplane (who do the first op/ed)
and more toys
and finally the movie commercial! What will we see?

Plus a bunch of misc movie commercials that came with the DVD. I thought they were interesting to watch, and hope you do too
(The list includes RF, Furefure Shoujo, Sakura no Sonoo, Otoko wa Tsurai yo, and a couple more)
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Oh, so that's what's in there

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RyuGunOh Special released

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Thanks to the people who donated!

Also, no more RyuKenDo, ever!


Merry Christmas from #tv-nihon

Dec 23, 2008

Rescue Force 37 released

Dec 19, 2008

Rescue Force 36 released

KR Kiva 44 released

Dec 18, 2008

Cutie Honey the Live Special episode released

Dec 17, 2008

Keitai 32 released

Dec 16, 2008

Rescue force 35 and Go-Onger 41 released

Rescue Force 35 released

Rescue Force 35 released!

Talk about it here.

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Dec 14, 2008

Tomica Hero Rescue Force 34 released

Dec 13, 2008

KR Kiva 43 released

Dec 12, 2008

Ryuki 16 released

Dec 11, 2008

Go-Onger 40 released

Ryuki 15 released

Dec 10, 2008

Decade info

Looks like they had the premiere meeting. Stuff like the singer for the opening song as well as the plot has been revealed. Check it out

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Keitai 31 released

Kamen Rider Ryuki 14 released

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"Stop acting all womanly on me"

Yup, his start in Kamen Rider all began here. You recognize him?

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Dec 9, 2008

Keitai 30 released

Dec 8, 2008

Shinkenger pics are out

Ryuki 13 released

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Lucky lucky!

Happy birthday to our member Azazel!

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Skewed releases Flame of Recca Final Burning

Our friends at Skewed has released the anime finale for the series Flame of Recca.

This anime series was kind of significant to me, since I was a big fan of it in college (many years ago) back when I was really excited and anime was very new to me. I liked the ninja weapons, the different character stereotypes, the traditional powering up, and the battles. But it also had a lot of serious moments, tragedies, and other stuff that made the story compelling.

Working on this project makes me want to bust out the VHS copies I got from the anime club and ordered from online and rewatch them again.

Go get it now: Skewed Site

Dec 7, 2008

Kiva 42 released

Big Go-Onger related news

Dec 6, 2008


Dec 5, 2008

Keitai 29 released

Direct downloads needs help

Apparently a rash of our direct downloads have been disappearing drastically in these recent days... no da.

Da da da

If you have these files and they have the original file name, please upload them somewhere and post the link to our direct download forums. Our community can't exist without the help of your individual contribution!

Magi 2, 24, 31, 44, 45
Kiva 25
Den-O Final3 DC, Cliamx Deka
Justi 9, 44
Garo Beast DC

Dec 4, 2008

Go-Onger OP Live released

Whee! Talk about it here.


Dec 3, 2008

Tomica Hero Rescue Force 33 released

Dec 1, 2008

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