Feb 28, 2009

Review: Mei-chan no Shitsuji/ Mei-chan's Butler

And now for something different

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As you can see from the pic, Mei-chan no Shitsuji is a drama that stars Tendou's actor from Kabuto and Ryoutarou's actor from Den-O. The girl is played by the star of the Boku no Imoutou ni Koi Suru movie. The pun in this show is how "shitsuji/butler" sounds like "hitsuji/lamb". Mary-chan's little lambs?

Plot: Circumstances force Mei to go to a school for ladies. Tendou plays Tendou the butler. Ryou plays Tendou's screw-up, rebellious little brother. The first episode is pretty cliche and shoujotastic as someone said, but the story gets more compelling as pieces clue the viewer into why Mei is actually at the school. There's a little mystery

Actors you know and love:
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BoukenYellow is the girl on the left. Nago from Kiva is the butler on the right. I don't know if they actual do anything in the story though

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The star of WoO plays Mei's neighbor in the low-class dorm she lives in. She's great since her character is always screwing around and just being as unladylike as possible. And guess our favorite Impactor is her butler. Honestly, I burst out laughing when I found this out looking it up, I knew he was familiar

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The girls that bully Mei. The middle one was Zenigata Kai from Keitai Deka if you followed that series

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Here's the most elite girls in the school, they were long wigs and are super stuck up. Guess which one is Nai from MagiRangers, since I have no clue. Apparently this one I think another of them played the little sister from Cutie Honey one.

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Yamada Yu plays a very important character in this series. She looks kind of bizarre, but it fits her character. Edit: She's the Akira from the Akihabara@Deep movie.

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Let's not forget DekaSwan and Amane's mother from Blade playing a rich lady

One of the butlers plays some Hurricanger too. Mei's froggy grandfather's two butlers are GekiBlue and his twin too.

Edit: Sorry, looks like I didn't end up reviewing this at all. If you have an open mind, just check it out. It's funny and it's a change of pace from toku.

Discussion thread

Time less ub website Also, please don't misread their Must Read the way I do each time

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Feb 27, 2009

Episode Final: Kamen Rider Ryuki Movie DC released

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Obligatory warning
I'm just going to lift this from Phoenix's post. This movie may spoil the end of the Ryuki series. The first thing the movie tells you is that it takes place at the end of 2002. Just look at the name, it's not a misnomer, people. Some Riders and some story elements are revealed before they appear in the TV series. If this bothers you, you might want to save it till later to watch

And now, we proudly release:
Episode Final

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The game is called Mirror's Edge? Heh, that's ironic

Edit: Okay, cleaned up the Rescue Force torrents. If you were on them, please jump on the batch torrent

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Rescue Force 44 released

Feb 25, 2009

DDL needed for Transformers Victory

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I guess this picture isn't relevant since it's the wrong series, but I just like it. Anyway, Direct download section needs Victory apparently


Decade 5 HD up

Decade 5 released

Feb 24, 2009

Rescue Force Batch 2 up

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger 01 released

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Tenka gomen no Samurai Sentai Shinkenger sanjou!

So where's the one that represents heart?


Kamen Rider G released

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The original Kamen Rider is here!

Just for clarification (be appreciative, straight answers aren't my thing). There are two versions.

Both versions have people commenting about the show over the audio. The only difference between them is that the show only version cuts out the beginning and the end and the faces of the people commenting, so you can't see who says one.

Since both versions have the commentary, I recommend getting the original just so one gets the full experience. (The show only version does not subtitle the commentary, so don't be surprised if you hear people talking with no subs in that version)

End exposition


Feb 23, 2009

Transformers Headmasters 35 released

Feb 20, 2009

Imagin anime 2 is here!

Feb 19, 2009

Go-On second rap released. Or is it lap? Whatever

Rescue Force 43 released

Feb 18, 2009

KR Decade 04 HD released

Feb 17, 2009

KR Decade 04 released

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This fan art is fantastic. Kudos!

Edit: Looks like the picture is from this page:

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Go-Onger 50 released

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End of the road!

I'd like to thanks Expjeans for taking the time to make this show look awesome. zeldAIS for making 12+ karaoke, I mean, damn... Adam for editing, Yugande for encoding, Ehmar for making splashes. And of course our QC and distro crew.


Feb 16, 2009

Keitai 39 released

Feb 15, 2009

And back to Kiva world... for the Kiva movie!

Feb 13, 2009

Go-Onger Penultimate released

Go-Onger 48 released

Go-Onger 47 released

Feb 12, 2009

Decade 03 HD released

Feb 11, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade 03 released

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So someone recently said that apparently this actress actor was in Fuuma no Kojirou. This is a great shock to me. I had no idea. What an amazing difference in roles

Yeah, Kojirou plays Kuuga and Kuuga plays Kojirou. Watch both shows! ...or else, dammit!

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Ryuki 28 released

Keitai 38 released

Feb 10, 2009

Transformers HeadMasters 34 released

Keitai 37 released

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So someone recently said that apparently this actress was in Fuuma no Kojirou. This is a great shock to me. I had no idea. What an amazing difference in roles

37 discussion thread

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Feb 9, 2009

Keitai 36 released

Feb 8, 2009

Final Shinkenger Promo out

Next week!

Also, everyone be sure to run a virus scan and keep your computer in good health!


Go-Onger 46 released

Go-Onger 45 released

Go-Onger 44 released!

Feb 7, 2009

Go-On 43 released

Feb 6, 2009

Decade 2 HD release

Fuuma complete

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They returned as they came, like the wind

Episode 11
Episode 12
Episode 13

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Feb 5, 2009

KR Ryuki 27 released

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Have you seen our new show Fuuma no Kojirou? If you like Kamen Rider you might enjoy it

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Ryuki 27 released

Ryuki 27 released! Talk about it here.


Feb 4, 2009


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[20:18] i think we need a front page post


#TV-Nihon needs you!

Fortunately this task is easy. Some of our older releases need seeds. If you've got the episodes, just open up your torrent and point it at the files. Help share the shows you love with fellow fans. Maybe someday that fan will help you in turn, who knows?

Fuuma no Kojirou 08-10 released

Almost done, just such a short, but sweet series. In case you guys haven't checked in the last few days, Fuuma is TN's new awesome show. Only 13 episodes, grab 'em while they're hot. Hit the Fuuma no Kojirou tag on the bottom to get all the Fuuma news posts all at once!

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I just want to be the wind...

Episode 8 discussion thread
Episode 9 discussion thread
Episode 10 discussion thread

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Feb 3, 2009

KR Decade 02 released

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Murai Ryouta as Kamen Rider Kuuga. I hear he was in last year's Den-O and Kiva Climax Deka. Not sure if he's done anything else

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Saitou Hiroko as a detective in Kuuga World. You guys will probably recognize her best from her role as the flower girl in RyuKenDo

First stop: Kuuga's World

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Rescue Force 42 released

Fuuma no Kojirou 05-07 released

Whew, halfway done. Let's introduce some more characters

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Yes, Captain!
Yeah, baby, it's Ad from Sazer-X! Whoo! Now with long hair and an eyepatch. And still as cool as ever

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BoukenBlack's Saitoh Yasuka NOT in a yaoi role. Really, you can trust me.

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Okamoto Natsuki as Yasha-Hime. She's beautiful. I don't think she's really done anything else though. We certainly haven't started any projects simply because she's in the show, that would just be silly. Hahaha

Episode 5 thread
Episode 6 thread
Episode 7 thread

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Feb 2, 2009

KR Ryuki 26 released

Fuuma no Kojirou 02-04 released

So we've got the whole series done, so expect prompt releases over the next few days. Remember, the torrents will be better seeded sooner, not later

Let's talk about the show's characters

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Fuuma no Kojirou played by Murai Ryouta. The brash young ninja. He spends most of the show with his shirt open. One of the splashes shows a nipple. Please do not download this show if this offends your delicate sensibilities. I hear rumors that he played a part in last year's Den-O and Kiva's Climax Deka. Besides this and Den-O I don't really think he's played a part in anything we would know

Here are the bad guys:

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Holy crap, it's Komon from Ultraman Nexus, that instantly gives this show points just from how awesome Nexus was. Kawakuboto Takuji plays Asuka Musashi, who is just absolutely badass as top villain. But he has a little secret...

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And... Fujita Ray as Mibu Kousuke. So... in Garo you play sword wielding silver knight Zero, and in this you play a sword wielding ninja, but your hair is longer? Also, I'm retconning Faiz so that his annoying part in it never happened.

Episode 2 discussion
Episode 3 discussion
Episode 4 discussion

It was also pointed out to me that the opening song, "Shooting Star Rocket", is sung by Antique Cafe. Ending song, "An Eternal Moment" is sung by the twin brothers On/Off.

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Fuuma no Kojirou 01 released

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A drama based on the manga by the creator of Saint Seiya. This picture has nothing to do with the series and is no reflection of the actual show, but it's pretty cool, isn't it?

Originally airing October 2007 to December 2007, this 13 episode series has been a T-N secret project, and now it's finally ready for release!

Just to warn you, this is a show for Kamen Rider fans, like girls and stuff. It's just all about the yaoi. Guys, don't download this. I'm going to put it right here and turn around, so I don't want to catch you guys watching this show. It's not for you, just a bunch of silly ninja stuff. Okay? I'm going to look away now

And now, the man bringing light and hope to a land of darkness, Fuuma no Kojirou is here!

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Feb 1, 2009

KR Decade rerelease 01

Nope, it's not a version 2 (even though there were some changes). Because of the begging and pleading, we're caving and doing Decade in HD release. Now go complain and e-mail us some more, because we always do what people ask us to do. We're listering...

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A Kamen Rider that uses cards to change forms and fight... holy crap, Decade is Chalice

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KR Ryuki 25 released

Shinken Promo 3 out