Oct 20, 2009

Decade visits Notalgia Critic World?

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Not exactly, but you see a guy prominently appear at the end wearing a shirt with the Decade logo on it. If you guys like the Spoony Experiment videos that I occasionally link, you should definitely check out the Nostalgia Critics stuff too



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Oct 8, 2009

Tokusatsu Sightseeing?

SuaveGorilla is requesting info on locations that a tokusatsu fan in Japan might be interested in. Seems like a good place to gather such info (I know Raida posted some info about that in the W 1 thread)

Anyway, write away


Oct 5, 2009

It's October

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So what are people watching this fall season? Personally, I've been pretty into Glee over the last week. I was turned on to it by the SLOT(Sex lives of teenagers)/Those F***ing teenagers podcast a spinoff of the overthinkingit podcast.

Pretty good stuff. Attractive people who sing is always good, but the thing I notice most when discussing this show with people is that they note Jane Lynch is in the show, and she's a terrific antagonist. Every great show has a great antagonist, and she's a delight to watch in her attempts to destroy the glee club. Got a thread going about it here.

I got the picture for this front page from http://www.fanpop.com/ which seems to have a great collection of wallpapers for shows. Took a look at the Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicle section, saw what appeared to be a fanmade third season trailer. The wallpaper itself appears to be from http://www.entertainmentwallpaper.com/ I could probably spend hours scouring sites for interesting pictures, so I always appreciate aggregators like this

I've been plugging this video all week as well. It's Moskau (Moscow) by the group Dschinghis Khan which is German for Genghis Khan. It's a pretty addictive song, check that out too

Also, check out the podcast thingy that people on the forums are working on

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Oct 4, 2009

Quirky Japan Toys? Post them if you go them!

Forum member Arigomi has been doing a series of articles about quirky toys. It's a pretty interesting read. Read and contribute if you want!

Quirky Toys

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DekaPink marries RedRacer in December

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Yes guys, it looks like she's no longer available. Kikuchi Mika (25) is set to marry Kishi Yuuji (39) on December 4th. The event will be held at Tokyo Dome Hotel, the holy ground for Sentai events

When asked about marrying someone 14 years her senior, Kikuchi shyly said "He's a very serious and courageous, reliable person. He's very tall and manly."

They met in '07 when they worked together on Les Miserables. Kikuchi played Cosette while Kishi played Enjolras.

Oct 22nd last year, during the last show of Les Miserables, he asked her to marry him. Receiving the ring, Kikuchi said "it'd be nice if our family could play sentai"

Kishi's comment was "After 40 years, I finally have the ultimate partner. I plan to devote myself more to my work."

Discussion thread
Article (Japanese) here

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Sep 26, 2009

Rescue Fire Gallery?

Looks like the Rescue Fire main page has a gallery of screen caps

Look at all the great pics I got. Here's a link to the pics I grabbed from there

Rescue Fire Forum
Comment on front page here

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Sep 9, 2009

Happy 9/9/9 days!

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Thanks to Techol for the idea for this animated GIF
Celebrate 9/9/9 with TN


Aug 25, 2009

The significance of crossdreaming in Japanese media [Overthinkingit]

I actually wanted to write something about the allure of medieval fantasy on geeks since The Guild came out with a cool music video last week.

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But on a dare, this week we'll be putting on our overthinking it hats, and talk the significance of crossdressing in Japanese media.

What is it about the many instances of Japanese guys going in drag? Is it because Japan's celebrities look more female in general? Is it to appeal to females by using a power/gender paradigm? Does effeminating men equal making them weaker/accessible to females? Maybe they do it just because it's funny? And why do women like yaoi so much as represented in the manga documentary, Genshiken?

Thread discussion
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Apr 13, 2009

My boom

With Rescue Force ending, I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in making a music video commemorating the series using the opening or ending theme to Machine Robo Rescue?

Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles
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Speaking of which, did you guys catch the season finale (and probably series finale) of the Terminator TV series? The series might get canceled, so it can't hurt to check it out:
Watch on Fox's website
Watch on hulu
Terminator thread

Red Dwarf
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For you geeks, you've been waiting as long as I have. Ten years later, we finally have more episodes in the series Back to Earth.
Was it worth the wait?

MS Paint Adventure
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http://www.mspaintadventures.com/ has started a new adventure. Won't you play?
If you've never seen it or are too lazy to read it, just watch the videos to find out why Problem Sleuth is awesome

As usual, you should always click on the thumbnails to make them big

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Nov 3, 2008

Cool toku mecha drawing