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KR Build 04 released

Gi Ryoko is back! She guested on W, and was the wife of Dan Tomoyuki who played Weather Dopant.

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TV-Nihon Commercials


I’m updating the commercials thing for TV-Nihon again. Subscribe if you want a little Japanese commercial popping up in your thing on a daily basis.]

TV-Nihon CM Youtube Channel


Yabe Kenzou 2 episode 3-4 released

Special guests, Kamen Rider Za First, and Garren!

Legend 3 Thread / Wiki

Legend 4 Thread / Wiki

Forums and junk?

It looks like some people are having problems logging into our forums or staying logged in or something. If that happens, it appears clearing the cookies for our site helps?


New spoiler tags

Q installed a new spoiler tag module. I like it! You can include a little preview message now after the = sign, which shows up before people click it:

Use it and enjoy!


KyuuRanger 29 released

Twinsies... better earn your keep  or one of the other 7 members or someone else's clone will replace you!

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Space Squad: Girls in Trouble & Gavan VS Deka released

As well as bonus Gavan videos!

Space Squad Zero: Girls in Trouble Thread / Wiki

Space Squad: Gavan VS Deka Thread / Wiki

Jyuohger HD and SD batches now seeded

Thanks for your patience! Go get them while they remain seeded!

Jyuohger SD and HD batches up

The individual torrents are still up, but they'll be going away in like a day. So grab what you can and help seed the batches. Thanks!

Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light?


Did anyone watch this drama? It’s apparently a drama on Netflix now about a son trying to reconnect to his dad through Final Fantasy 14. It’s got a shit ton of toku actors and voice actors in it.



Build v2 released and Kyouryuu Brave SD batch finally seeded

Looks like the CMs needed to be fixed for Build.

Sorry about not fixing the Kyouryuu Brave batch sooner!

Ultraman Dyna 1-5 Released!

Thanks to xiiliea for TL and DaVinci030 for the blu-ray.

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