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KR Zi-O 45 and CM released

Huh, seeing this pic is a reminder that we have like maybe 2 main ladies between these two shows, and it's a sausage party for the rest.

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Garo at the FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL in Montreal

“Hello TV-Nihon
My name is André Dubois (the fat guy on the right)  one of the co-founder and programmer of the FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL in Montreal. I’ve been a loyal TV-Nihon fans from over 10 years. At fantasia I’m the programmer, so I’ve been trying for years to bring tokusatsu films or series like Ultraman. This year, I was fortunate to have Garo’s newest film, UNDER THE MOONBOW, along with creator Keita Amemiya as the special guest. The film itself is wonderful and it ties to the first series. It features the original GARO, Kouga, and his son, Raiga, along with other characters from the earlier series. You can look forward to it… it does not disappoint. Mr. Amemiya was a fantastic guest and I’ll see him again tonight where he will give a master class and talk on his work at the festival. “

Love the pic where all of you have a Zaruba ring. That's so awesome!

The next two pics are from Samuel who told me about the movie and festival:



Thank you both you guys for sharing! Sad I couldn’t make it this year but hope to in the future!


Sentai Saikyou Battle Director's Cut released!

Includes originally 4 episodes, so you can speed up your download if you have those files already.

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KR Zi-O 44 released

Captions for yesterday's Zi-O?

Our capper and backup capper failed yesterday so we didn't get a proper recording. We were able to stream something for the video, but does anyone have a transcript of the captions? It's handy to have for the translations and we like to add it to our wiki:


One last day for my auctions

After not making a sale in a month I slashed the prices. Would really like to get rid of these. Thanks if you take a look!

takenoko's stuff discounted

https://www.ebay.com/sch/aokihoshinoyuu ... pg=&_from=

Just discounted a bunch of stuff that didn't sell, so here's your chance to grab them for a lower price. I've got Garo, I've got Transformers, I've got a lot of Evangelion. Here's your chance to start a Ranger Strike card collection! Make it go, I want some more space!

Poll? What resolution do you download at?

Not my poll, but I'll gladly plug it:

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KR Zi-O 42 and CM version 2 released

The answer to life so nice, we had to release it twice.

takenoko in Montreal at the end of July?

Planning to grab a ticket and watch the Garo movie on the 30th. Anyone want to meet up, do some sightseeing on the other days I'm there? If so, lemme know in the thread or e-mail me!

Let me say this to start, I'm not a serial killer. But if you're also a serial killer, feel free not to reply to this.


Garo: Gekkou no Tabibito releasing in Canada first?

Thanks to Samuel for pointing this out!

RyuKenDo rebatched

If you haven't seen this series before, check it out! It's really underrated and cannonically linked to the Rescue Force world.

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