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Kicking it up to 11! A TV-Nihon Anniversary

As some of you might recall, we didn't really do all that much for the 10th anniversary (plus we got the date wrong).

To rectify this, for the 11th anniversary I carried out what I was planning to do for the 10th anniversary. Which was to release a nicely done clip show of openings, endings, and other stuff that we've done over the past 11 years.

The batch file contains almost 100 files of cleaned up footage. I encoded them at a slightly higher bitrate, so it should look better than usual. For the 4:3 ratio videos, this will be the first time that they're being released in h264 format.

When it was available, I used footage that didn't have any credits on it. If there was HD footage, I think I tried to use that, but it's not super consistent. Unfortunately, I have no idea where a lot of files and source material went, so the batch doesn't contain everything. But it's a good representation.

My recommendation? Just dump all the files into GOM's library and set it to random. Then bask in nostalgia. If you're new to TV-Nihon's works, maybe this will be a good introduction to the different series?

Also, I had a nice Photoshop file for the pic that I'm using, with all the layers intact, and its original size, but apparently I didn't save the final product that way. So the JPG that's there now is all I have XD Also, AkibaRangers got put in the back by accident because I used a curly brace for T-N in the file name, so it was in the wrong place in the list.

Edit: Updated the thread with a spoiler tag containing the 93 files in the batch.

Edit edit: And of course, thank you to the best staff in the world. You guys help keep this engine running! And thanks to the fans as well! Your support is like the fuel for that engine.

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Ultraman Ginga 06 released

Thread / Wiki

Also congratulations to #TV-Nihon. It's our 11th birthday today!


Kamen Rider Agito 36 released

In case Kaoru's actor looks familiar, he's Kikuchi Takanori. He was on Ultraman Dyna, and he played the man in the coat in DekaRanger 1-2.

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KR Agito 35 released

My pecs are on fire!

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What do you bring to a Rider War?

Looks like we have three warring factions this year. Which series are you watching of these three?

Take the poll on our forums!


Shougeki Gouraigan 02 released

Obligatory nudity warning... for the rest of this series!

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So I was looking up the guests for this episode, and apparently this show was filmed last year (the actress joked that she had gotten fatter since then). And Luna recognized something in it that dated it too. I'm not sure who this girl is in the episode, but I got the pic off her blog.

You might recognize one of the guys in this episode as being that asshole from Daimajin Kanon, actor Shimegi Enoku.

Volunteer some time to your animal shelter?

Nothing toku related this time guys. Just plugging in a cause that I believe in / lay a guilt trip.

Most of you don't know this, but recently I've started volunteering at the local animal shelter. At our city, this is especially important because the city's really poorly managed and a few years ago the shelter was taken over by mostly volunteers, since the city couldn't find the money to fund it anymore.

And volunteering is really important for animal support, especially in the case of dogs.

The dogs are kept in these two part cages that can be separated by a guillotine. Since a lot of these dogs are off the street, they don't quite get the concept that they poop/pee on one side and sleep/eat on the other. It can get really messy sometimes.

What I do is called canine support. I go in for two hours a week and basically just walk as many dogs as I can. Typically dogs go for a walk for 20 minutes.

Now here's the guilt trip. Imagine going to a job where your 15 minute break was the only time you were let outside of your cubicle (also you get a private toilet, but it's in your cubicle, and the toilet doesn't flush). Plus you sleep in your cubicle.

That 15 minutes outside would be pretty sweet right?

If more people volunteer, more dogs can go outside and get some exercise. It's always good to get more sunlight and exercise.

So go down to your local shelter and help out. They take old cloth for beddings and food like peanut butter or whatever too. You might make a furry friend along the way.


Ultraman Gingaman 4-5 released

Four: Thread / WIki

Five: Thread / WIki


KR Gaim 1 v2 released

720 encoding now.

Change list

Gaim 1 v2 on the way

Hey, someone pointed out some mistakes in the first episode that are worth addressing. V2 on the way.

Combo Rangers on itunes

This is my first post here, and I think you'll like to know the Combo Rangers, a passionate homage to the sentai genre, created by me and my dear friend Michel Borges. It's 138 colored pages, FREE on the iBookstore for a limited time! Grab yours today, review it and share your thoughts!"




Dan Tomyuki passes away

Saw on tumblr that voice actor and live actor for the terrifying Isaka Shinkurou, Dan Tomoyuki, has passed away at 50.

Looks like he died at home from a heart attack.

Sad news since he was really good at his job.

Original post: http://arangercrew.tumblr.com/post/6374 ... ed-weather


Soukoku 720 v2 released

Fixes some audio problem.

Shougeki Gouraigan 01 released

Obligatory nudity warning, least ye forgets that this be a hyper midnight action show!

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Ultraman Mebius 23 released


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