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Garo 21 remaster released

Good Morning Call

Just finished watching the Jdorama Good Morning Call on Netflix.

Pretty much your typical drama flair, but the characters are all pretty fun and likeable. Nao in particular is hilarious with her daydreaming and overreaction to things. Fans here will undoubtedly get a kick out of all the Rider and toku actors that show up in this. 

Actors you know in this:

Wiki article

Discussion thread

Edit: Nagashima Shugo's name was corrected. It was previously spelled as Shougo before, which is incorrect.

Jyuohger 38 released

Happy turkey day!

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KR Ex-Aid 07 released

Why do you look sad even before losing your girlfriend???

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Garo News


Another Zero poster. Starts in January? Damn… no breaks for takenoko.

Kami no Kiba

A Jinga movie?

Gekkou no Tabibito (Maybe Yuena no Tabibito)

Another movie. What is this? For the anime? Or is this going to be what brings back Kouga?


Release 3901: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid 06

...since we forgot to acknowledge release 3900...


It's a Pi Pu Pe Po Panic!

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Jyuohger 37 released

What's in the box?! What's in the box?!

Oh, I've played Super Mario World. It's just one of those dang feathers that gives you a cape.

Oh, Halloween. Remember back then? Those innocent times?

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Toku stats

Elsomkms92 is making a spreedsheet for toku data

He's looking for some reliable sources. If you happen to know any, please contact him.


Ex-Aid Virtual Operations 05b released

Gaim? What's a gaim? Oooh, a gaim!

Just a note that we're numbering a virtual ops to make it easier to figure out when it was released in terms of episodes. Apparently this is the last one, for now?

No Jyuohger or Ex-Aid aired last week, so this is all we're getting till it airs again this Sunday.


Toku showings

From Zero:

So I'll try to stream twice this week. The same Friday night stream : 7 PM Pacific and another stream on Saturday : 10 AM Pacific. I already posted about it in the thread and added the event on the Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/TR-Schdeule-288139184913292/

Utena sub on Youtube

Utena sub on Youtube by Nozomi


Just thought I'd plug this, since I think it's a great anime with a lot of interesting themes and ideas behind beautiful visuals.

Know your directors: Kaneda Ryuu

I wrote this article a few weeks ago, but forgot to post it. It's a bit half-assed, but at least you'll get some idea of who Kaneda Ryuu is and the kind of work he does. He did direct this week's Garo, so it's just as well to release it this week.

I'd like to do more at some point. If anyone wants to write up an article about something similar, just let me know and I'll plug it.

San Francisco meetup and other stuff

Just a reminder that if you live in the Northern California area, we're having a meetup in Japantown, San Francisco.

Friday November 11th. It's the Friday after this Friday.

If you're interested, drop a note in the thread so we can plan it out (there might not be any more plan than wandering aroudn Japantown and chatting). Or send me an e-mail just so I know how many people we're going to have.



If you haven't watched this week's episode yet, why not join our group showings?


Zero's also working on doing some spinoff stuff, like setting up a podcast and doing toku news. You can check out a site he's working with someone named Japanime.



Garo 17+CM remaster and cm released

Thanks to the new sam for editing this pic, so that I can continue my silly insistence that Kaiba is cosplaying as Kouga.

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