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Twitch issues?

So I've had this problem for a while now. Sometimes when I record with the PS4, the archive on Twitch will go bad. It'll look fine on stream. But when you play it back, the video will freeze on a frame, even though the audio will go on. Then all the video will rush to catch up super fast. But essentially all that video footage is gone.

Anyway know why this happens? Is it PS4 only? I've never heard of any other Twitch users having this particular problem, but my friend who just recently got a PS4 just had this problem when he recorded last night. Any solutions?


Weekly polls

Den-O Results: Well regarded 4.43 out of 5 (42 votes) / Images

GekiRanger results: A highly regarded 4.63 out of 5 (35 votes) / Images

New poll: Kamen Rider Kabuto / Images

New poll: GoGo Sentai Boukenger / Images

Master poll list

Ninnin 20 & Drive 37 released

Ninnin 20 & CMs released: Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

Drive 37 & Junction released: Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

Garo -Gold Storm- Shou 13 (NSFW) & CM released

Traditional time for a new opening and ending song. Opening from JAM Project and ending by Makai Kagekidan.

Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

Ultraman Mebius received a 4.58/5 (12 votes)

Do we have any fans of Ultraman Nexus?

Ultraman X licensed

It's being released simultaneously worldwide through Crunchyroll. (Exceptions made in some places)


Bad situation in the middle east?

It seems like one of our forumgoers is in a bad situation and needs to move out of the Middle East. Does anyone know anything about that kind of stuff? I want to help, but it's certainly beyond my realm of expertise.

Please only post if you think you can be helpful. Thanks.

Licensed daaa!

We'll be pulling them soon.

Sooo, let's put this poll up, What did you think of DaiRanger?

Edited article title to be a lot better.

Ninninger 19 v2 released

Just fixing an error in translation.

KR Drive 36 & CM released

Brain-sama is thrilllled!

Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

Kiva got a surprisingly high 3.7 with 60 votes. I'm surprised!

Do people still love Den-O?

Garo -Gold Storm- Shou 12 & CM released

Tiny Ryume. I wonder how heavy those scroll things on her head are.

Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

Looks like Ultraman Ginga got a 2.63. But only 11 people bothered to vote, sooo... XD

I dunno, here's a poll for Mebius. If people aren't liking the Ultraman polls, we can try a different toku series next week.

KR Drive 35 & CM released

Morota Satoshi getting hands on with the directing.

Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

Decade was on the polls two weeks because of Drive's break. Only received a 3.78. People were a bit divisive about that one.

So what'd you think about Kamen Rider Kiva?

Ninninger 18 & Dance released

Man, and I thought my handwriting was bad.

Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

Shinkenger results were pretty good. 4.56 out of 5 with 52 votes. Pretty good considering the top Sentai rating belongs to Gokaiger.

Go-Onger thoughts?

Garo -Gold Storm- Shou 11 & CM released

Made some screencaps, since I hate the thumbnail for Ryume from the official website.

Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

So Gouraigan got a dismal 2.12 out of 5.

What did you think of Ultraman Ginga?

Splash pics for the videos?

Can I request some splash pics for Garo, Drive, and Ninninger? It'd be nice to have some new ones for the new characters, mecha, etc. that has shown up. Please submit 1280x720 or 1920x1080 format pictures please.

Submit them to this thread

Remember that all splash pics used in videos are fan made! We have some really talented folks out there.

I'm making a gallery of the splash pics on my tumblr blog. I've started tagging them, so if you like a person's work, you can always click their name to see more of their stuff. (I need to go back and tag the stuff from past posts)

If you're an artist whose submitted a splash pic to us in the past, let me know. I'd like to make a post that links to a person's website if they have one, that way people can see that and check out your other work when they click your name.

Edit: Oh yeah, the rotating banner at the top of the forums is also user created. If you want to submit for that, just make sure the picture is 88 pixels tall. The typical width is 477 pixels, but I think other lengths work too.

What's your room look like?


MegaRanger 47 released

I found this page that talks about Sentai actors after the show has ended. It starts with MegaRed, and you can press the arrow key to navigate to the other members

Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

My stance on transgender issues

Hello all,

First, sorry about the late reply to this. I spent the weekend playing the new Batman game. Plus, I wanted some time to think about how I wanted to reply to this issue since it's a very important one to me.

I care very deeply about issues that affect transgender, gay, and all spectrums inbetween. I have friends who are transgender. I've donated to a transgender causes (specifically this one: https://www.transactiveonline.org/ who provide support and education to transgender teens in Oregon). And I normally feel like I'm a thoughtful and progressive-minded guy.

But I'm only human and sometimes I say thoughtless and poorly worded things. So I apologize to anyone I've offended. That was not my intent. This is probably a good lesson in that we can all be a bit more thoughtful in all things we say and do. Which I will endeavor to do in the future. Thank you for reading this.​

Mega 46 v2 released

Just a quick note that we release a v2 to fix a grammar issue.

Ninninger 17 & CM & Special DVD released

It's summer! That means it's hot! Get a special DVD with this week's ep! (Got to love the lanterns also have a shuriken design on them.)

Ep 17: Thread / Wiki / Tumblr
Special DVD: Thread / Wiki

Low turnout last week for Goseiger. They also received a subpar 2.8 out of 5.

I think this one will have a better turnout. What did you think of Shinkenger?


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