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Keibuho Yabe Kenzou: Jinkou Zunou vs Jinkou Zumou 01 released!

That man... from Trick... is back! Even if your'e not usually into Jdorama's, check it out. There's a bunch of Rider references for some reason.

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KR Ex-Aid 29 released

Catch that sword.

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KyuuRanger 12 released

Did Lucky grow up in a Greek Acropolis?

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Ultra Fight Orb 3 released


KyuuRanger 11 released

Tastes like cherry.

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Ultra Fight Orb 2 released!

Ultra Fight Orb 1 released


KyuuRanger 10 released

Tenshin daaa!

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Ex-Aid opening comparisons


I made this comparison using episode 14 (the last old opening) with the current one from 25. If someone can rework my avisynth script so that they're next to each other or something, I'd appreciate it.

KyuuRanger 08 and CM released

Man, looking good! So stylish! It was posted on the Toei KyuuRanger page, so it's fair game!

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