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Jyuohger 16 released

I had this comic saved from Hirata Yuka's twitter. It's an animal Sentai, right?

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KR Amazons 09 released

Luna thought of a funny alternate title for this episode. Maybe we should make this a thing? Post to the thread if you think of a funny alt title.

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A day in a fansubber's life

Just to start, this problem is okay now, I just wanted to tell you guys a story to give you an idea of what we do to make these subs. So here's your peak behind the kimono.

This is a story about capping Garo -Makai Retsuden- 08.

So a couple days ago, Luna let me know that Garo might get delayed because of the ?French tennis stuff airing. Since Garo airs at the sensible time of 1:23 AM Friday night, this stuff becomes a nuisance during times of international sports because that's when people around the globe are wake. (I'm pretty sure we've lost raws to Ping Pong tournaments before)

I volunteered to stay up and watch the capper. Since our software and hardware is flaky, unsupported, and sites about it are hit by anti-piracy Japanese agencies, it's pretty amazing that we're able to cap raws at all. Anyway, one nice feature of the program is that it'll give me a schedule of the programs that's updated live. I got up a bit early and saw that Garo was delayed to 2:13 AM. Fine, I set a timer for it to record and go back to sleep.

I get up again during the usual capping time to see if anything's changed. Oh, it's now airing at 1:45 AM, plus the show that airs before Garo is airing now. So there shouldn't be anymore changes to the schedule. I cancel the current recording and restart it, with the intention of manually shutting it down. Then I stop and think "Wait a moment, if I just let this record, the raw file is going to be pretty big. It's already 3-4 gb for a 30 minute show). So I do the sensible thing and set it to start recording at 1:40 instead.

So I go lie down for a nap again. (I sleep a lot on Friday mornings since it's my day off). I get up around 1:50ish and go, oh wait, I should check to make sure it started. Here's where our technology problems comes in. Sometimes the capper doesn't load the video, and in this case, it hadn't. It had been recording 7 minutes of static. I quickly restart the program and start recording, but I missed the first 10 minutes or so.

Luckily, Darkaura saved us with his backup recording. You see, normally Garo airs from 1:23-1:53. So he had the missing footage that we lost. We should be able to stitch them together so no one notices a difference.

But yeah, that's a life in the day of a fansubber.



Garo -Makai Retsuden- 07 released

More scans of the book on my blog

Guide book thread

Got another meat thing (end is slightly cut off. Sorry, we'll get it right next week!)

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One Punch Man's Hero and infinite translation possibility space

So I've been listening to the opening to One Punch Man "Hero" by the fantastic group JAM Project. And the original song is great. You can literally feel them push their vocal chords to their limit:

But what's fascinating to me is these two English dub covers of the song:

It's neat because the lyrics vary quite a bit, but both do an interesting job at capturing the feeling of the show in different ways. It's a departure for subbing, since in dubs you can just put whatever you want as long as you get the feeling more or less correct. But it's also more constrained, since it has to sound lyrical and fit well in a song.

It kind of reminds me of this story from Radiolab, where this one guy had this French poem translated in dozens of ways to try to capture the structure, tone, and meaning of the original in English.

It might be counter intuitive, but having very clear constraints can be very beneficial to creative works. It gives focus and can lead to surprising innovation.


KR Shin/ZO/J/SD bonuses batch released

Bonus: Renaider, the Ryuki parody, included.

I'm doing these trivia things on my blog from time to time. Subscribe and make suggestions if you have any.

Garo -Makai Retsuden- 04 released

So I split off the Sumi Rena meat review bit. Maybe we'll do this as a weekly thing? It's only 3 minutes long, so give it a try and if you like it, let us know.

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KR Amazons 05 released

The sign says "Two days until episode 5 is released!!"

Now with maybe a more accurate end theme translation? Kind of says a lot that the closest thing we have to "official lyrics" is someone's interpretation of the lyrics in the Amazon comment section for the digital download of the song. Where's CD inserts to the rescue?

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