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Ninninger 40 & CM released

Double screw up on our cappers this week. The good raw we have is missing part of the ending and preview. Sorry!

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Ninninger 39 & CM & meeting v2 released

There's interlacing issues in the meeting video. V2 should fix it. Sorry!

Ninninger 39 & CM & meeting released

Also, after watching the episode, why not visit the forum and tell us what you think? It'd be nice to get more people on the polls just to see what the fan opinion is from week to week.

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Garo -Gold Storm- Shou Bonuses 89 and 96 released

The cameraman is a car...

Just a fun peak at the behind the scenes footage, since we'll never get around to subbing the bonus footage on the Blu-rays.


Nexus licensed?

Sounds like Nexus will be licensed soon.

I'm glad that this great show will soon be available to more people, but I'm also sad because I had always hoped to come back to clean up the subs for it. Anyway, this is my favorite Ultraman series, so please check it out.

Server donation time

Hello fans! It's time to start collecting donations for our servers. They help keep our tracker, forums, blog, and wiki sites up. If you can give, great! If not, we still love you just the way you are!

Looks like our goal this year is 500 dollars. Please use the button at the top when donating. Thanks!


KR Drive Batch 1 HD & SD versions released

Give it some time to seed. Our seeders are missing a few files each.

Blu-ray Box 4 releases in January, look forward to our release of Type Tokujo and Type Lupin then!

Mark Musashi appears on Shield again?

Season 3 Episode 8

Previous appearance on Season 2 episode 6:

If it's not him, it sure as hell looks a lot like him:

If you want to see it animated:
http://takkynoko.tumblr.com/post/133819 ... -on-agents


For tech people

Someone asked if there was a way to download and view our subs on an iphone. Anyone know?


Or answer through tumblr:


Plug: Charity stream

DuckStream 2015

November 20th - 22nd

A charity live stream to benefit TransActive Gender Center

Ninninger 36 & CM & Kinji Twien released

Let's think about our soldiers today. The Hardcore History Podcast has a real good series for World War I that you guys might enjoy.

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Shibuya starts offering gay marriage equivalent documents

Simple Japan news to practice your Japanese:

Apparently, Shibuya has started offering marriage equivalent documents to homosexuals (wish it were just marriage, but what can you do).

On November 5th, two women came and got that certificate. The certificate acknowledges that they're family, allowing them to share insurance and pool their money to buy a home together.

These documents are available to people living in Shibuya and who are age 20 and over.



Kamen Radiranger guest: Psychic Lover

Looks like they had Psychic Lover on recently. They performed a few of their songs, so check it out!



Reading Too Much Into Things

A friend of mine started a channel to overanalyze and overthink pop culture. He's starting to get into tokusatsu, starting with a look at Ghost. Check it out if you'd like:

Youtube Channel


No Ninnin / Ghost this week

Have a good Halloween!


Ninninger 35 & CM released


Aka: Alright, guys! Let’s go go go!

Ao: We were going to do that anyway, Taka-nii!

Momo: <Why does Takaharu-kun have two Ninja Ichibantou…>

Ki: Fuuka-chan?

Shiro: Huh? My Ninja Ichibantou is gone!!

Star: Ouch!

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