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Jyuman Language Deciphered

Looks like https://twitter.com/vanno_kamoyo figured out how the Jyuman language works.


Apparently the cockpit buttons are just U, L, D, R

And some of the signs in episode one are OASIS, GRAPE, BEAN, SOY

Vanno Kamoyo's blog explaining the deciphering process:


Made a wiki article about that in case people translate other words in other episodes.

It looks like they don't know what J, Q, or Z is yet. And they have a Square shape but they don't know which English letter it's associated with.

Amazons 02 v2 released

Just correcting for an error in the translation. Thanks for the quick correction.

Meet MegaBlue

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Looks like Fanime in California is hosting Matsukaze Masaya.Since his MegaRanger days, he's also done voices in Go-Onger, Hurricaneger, Shinkenger, Kyouryuuger, as well as anime roles in Death Note, Sailor Moon, and video game roles like Ryo for Shenmue.



Ninninger VS Toqger v2 released!

What happened to v1? I released it a few hours ago and while I was scanning stuff, the audio and video were found out to be desynched. I know people didn't love Ninninger, but this was a decent movie.

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KR Amazons 02 released

While we wait for Ninnin VS TOQ to reupload, have Amazons (and maybe Garo?). Image is of Miyahara Kanon who plays Takai Nozomi.

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Splash pics please?

Can I get some splashes for Makai Retsuden? Since the series appears to be stories from all over the Garoverse, feel free to make it about anything/anyone you like. Resolutions of 1920x1080 or 1280x720 please.


KR ZO & Bonuses Blu-ray release

And stealth KR J trailer release.

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More Drive HD720 batches released

Last one being saved for when Chaser's spin off is released.

Pic from Coke ON ad starring Uchida Rio (Kiriko). Picture source.

Garo -Gold Storm- Shou HD 720 Batches released

Missed it the first time? Check it out now in time for Makai Retsuden!


KR Agito 51 released

Series complete for now! Also, this is cute.

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KR Agito 50 released

Amazons Promo 90s version released

Episode 1 is in qc, worry not! For now, enjoy this 90 second promo which appears to be the original promo, but with more footage.

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KR Agito 49 released

It's the final countdown~

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KR Agito 48 released

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In light of the fact that Agito is coming out on Blu-ray in September, I think that once we're done with the Agito releases on DVD, we'll consider the series done until the Blu-ray. I think there's just the Hyper Battle Videos left anyway?

And yeah, we'll be rereleasing Agito in HD from the Blu-rays. Should be easier since we used modern subbing techniques for the DVD release. If you notice anything that needs changing, just let us know!

Garo -Makai Retsuden- Promo released

Still doesn't tell us much, unfortunately. As others have guessed, it's probably going to be a series of one-off stories featuring characters from the last 10 years of Garo.

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Jyuohger 07 released

Splash by Unknown Chaser

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