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Batch torrent feedback

So right now we have a policy of splitting up our batch torrents into DVD sized chunks. The idea behind this is that if someone wanted to seed a batch, all they'd need to do is get out their DVD and point it to that

But how many people find this useful? Considering how cheap external drives are, how many people would rather just have all the series files in one batch. Would that be more convenient?

Using Shinkenger as an example. It looks like the SD batch is 14.37 GB while the HD is 16.81 GB

Which do you prefer?

Shinkenger SD batches complete

Chiaki comicTakeruChiakiRyuuGenta
Note, that if you tend to only grab the HD stuff, there's stuff in the SD batches that you won't find in HD. If you're a completionist, you might want to double check the SD batches to make sure you have everythi

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Remember that you can resume batch torrents

Goseiger 13-24 HD released

Saint Kaiser

I don't have many Goseiger pics, so how about Saint Kaiser instead?

Goseiger Forum

8th Anniversary release: Kamen Rider Special


Last but not least, what would our group be if not for the Kamen Rider series? To show the climax truly never ends, here's Den-O in HD goodness while you patiently wait for the Chou Den-O Trilogy. Hope you enjoyed these releases!

8th Anniversary Thread

8th Anniversary release: Garo 24-25 DVD and Gaiden ver 2 released

Garo MuseumWing on horse

And so we conclude our DVDfication of the TV series. No more Garo ever!

Garo 24

Garo 25

Gaiden/Side story


8th Anniversary release: HeartCatch Precure 36 SD/HD released


HeartCatch 36 released

It's kind of fitting that we're releasing a weekly first. Weeklies make up the bulk of our work. They're the easiest to do because there's a clear yet soft deadline to them. Even a daunting 52 episode show isn't too bad if you break it up into just once a week parts. At the same time, it's also a lot of work on the back end to release a Kamen Rider, a Sentai, and whatever else on a weekly basis. A big hand to the weekly staff for their endless grind

8th Anniversary thread

8th anniversary today

Have you ever noticed that if you turn an eight on its side, it becomes the infinity symbol? Yeah. You think about that

Edit: Oh yeah, we'll be releasing stuff from a variety of genres to commemorate the day. Stay tuned

Garo 23 DVD released

Have we talked about Ryuuzaki played by Kyomoto Masaki? This guy has done stuff like Sukeban Deka, Kamen Rider Black, Cutie Honey, Agito, Ultraman G. He also sings both of the original Garo ending songs and is a musician.

Garo 23 released


OOO 07 released

OOO 07 released

The word:

Gamigami がみがみ (adv) nagging, griping

Yup, an onomatopoeia

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Garo 22 DVD released

Starting with this episode, the ending themes are sung by Garo Project, which is a band created from Garo's actors. Can you recognize their voices?

Garo 22 released


Garo 21 DVD released

Garo 20 DVD released

JAM Project

The opening is done by JAM Project. If you watch our subs, you've probably heard stuff that they've done before. Also, Zaruba is voiced by their leader Kageyama Hironobu

Garo 20 explosively released



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