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So yesterdayish I said that there was a major dip in Shinkenger episode 44. Someone on the forums pointed out that kids tend to be visiting temples on New Year's weekend. So I looked at the numbers for other series, and yup, series that air an episode on that weekend tended to be really low. (That probably explains why they skip broadcasting on those days or tend to make those episodes throwaway ones.)

That's what I love about finding out new stuff like that. One new fact can totally change how you perceive something. I genuinely think that the more you know, the more closer you come to seeing the world for how it really is.


So have a picture of Optimus Prime with a billion guns across his chest.

Wizard 6 released


Hell yeah, the Sazer-X trinity is complete! After years of his co-stars popping up in Kamen Rider and Sentai, we finally have Lio-Sazer back.

Oh hey there, Airi.

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Speaking of Mahoutsukai, how about that MagiPink? Just posting pictures of stuff I scanned last night from my magazines.

Numbers and stuff

So I've been adding the viewer numbers to the chronology category for the different series. Sometimes, an interesting thing is revealed. But in practical terms, it mostly means being disappointed in Japanese children.

Now before I get into this, I feel like it's important to remind people that a higher viewership doesn't mean that the show is better. All it really means is that for that time slot, this many people watched this show compared to other shows occurring at the same time.

(There's a summary of the viewer numbers at the bottom showing average, highest viewed episode, and lowest viewed episode)


  • Goseiger had more viewers than Gokaiger. Bizarre right? 5.4% average for Goseiger while Gokaiger had just 5%.
  • Shinkenger's lowest episode was 44, the one where they had that awesome reveal. What? Kids don't know from good, clearly.
  • W's lowest episode was the second part of the two parter, after that long winter break with the movie inbetween. Just because you do a two-parter, doesn't mean people will tune in to see how it turns out, apparently.




Plug: TokuUSA podcast


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Gavan Crossover 32 released

Sorry for the late release this week. People busy with work and stuff.

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Episode Yellow 1080p version released

Father and daughter
Looks like this is Di End of the Den-O movies. I wonder what the other actors are doing. Like Airi's actress. What's she been up to lately?


Red Dwarf is back

Kamen Rider Wizard 05 Released

Apparently Medusa likes to hang out with Kaoru from Shinkengers.

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Chou Den-O Episode Blue Released

Long before she was a regular on Kamen Rider Wizard, Takayama Yuuko had a role in this Den-O movie. Wow, and here's some trivia. She was Omi Kei on Twin Spica, which also starred Nakamura Yuuichi/Yuuto who was Shu in that TV show.  So there's a connection between the leads of the Episode Red and Blue movies!


It's banned books week



Let's celebrate the freedom to read! Censorship (whether it's because of government, religiious groups, or individual biases) is sort of lame.


Picture taken from this site.


Donut or Do Not?

The popular children superhero show, Kamen Rider Wizard, faced harsh criticism from Japanese parents today when it was found that children obesity rates in Japan have gone up 3000%. Local researchers blame this problem on the show's main characters who subsist on a diet of nothing but doughnuts. The show features a skinny boy in tight jeans, a model in a svelte gray suit, and a child man who never get fat, despite their lack of proper nutritional intake.

We took our crew to a local school yard to ask chubby boy why his diet was exclusively doughnuts. His reply: "Supersize Me was an amusing film, but the premise of a man eating nothing but McDonalds to the point of being detriment of his own health strained the limits of credulity. Lo, what cruel fates that my perchance for ring-shaped baked goods has doomed me to a lifestyle of insulin shots and constant self-regulation."

To get a foreigner's opinion, we asked a man of African descent staying in Japan about his thoughts on the matter. Unfortunately, he only got out a, "Motherfucker bitches," before smashing a car and changing into a panther, disappearing into the night. Unfortunately, no members of the staff speak Ebonics, so no translation of the statement is ready at the time of this publication.

Episode Red 1080p released

What timing, considering Nakamura Yuuichi just retired. Anyway, here's a picture of Matsumoto Wakana (Airi) visiting the Japanese defense force.


Thank goodness it's Friday: Wizard 4 released

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Check out the thread to answer an unrelated poll about what race you are.

Wiki update

Now working to display actor's past roles as invisible text on the wiki.

Try highlighting the space past the red arrow after Nao's name in this link:





Miura Ryosuke's Natsu Da Yo Honey Music Video

If you're a fan of Ankh or Beetle Sazer, maybe check this out.

Kairiki on the forums subbed it. Check it out here: Thread


News about Nakamura Yuuichi (the actor)


News about Nakamura Yuuichi (Zeronos in Den-O, Akio in Wangan Nights, Kiriya from Hibiki):

It looks like he's leaving the entertainment industry. I'm not sure if people knew, but he had taken a leave of absence to recover from some sickness. Apparently he has recovered, but he has decided to pursue something besides acting. Anyway, good luck to that guy. Hope we see him again someday.

Three Sisters who play at Night


I'm pretty terrible at explanations, so I'll just put this out there. It's got Femme and Shizuka from Kiva as two of the three sisters. The guest star is Mano Erina who was Nadeshiko. The writing seems like tripe, but maybe this will be of interest to some people? The game they play is Hunter x Hunter.

Maybe they should make a Kamen Rider Girls team out of these three instead.


Kamen Rider Agito 24 released, at last!

G3-X is one of my favorite Rider suits. It's so awesome.

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