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Let's Play OreImo PSP

Time: This Friday March 15. 6 PM Pacific (9PM East Coast)

Format: The stream will be non-voiced. Everything will be conveyed through IRC chat which will appear as subtitles in the video.

Chat channel: To be decided

So in anticipation of the second season of Oreimo coming out next month, I'd like to try playing this game. The game's story takes place after the True Route ending of season one. I only watch the anime series, I don't read the manga or the novellas, so as far as I know, the stuff that happens in the game are just what-if scenarios. So maybe spoilers for the new TV series, but who knows?

I'm going to stream the footage to my Twitch account. It'll include the IRC channel where we'll be gathering so I'll try to have some audience participation. The game is basically a visual novel, so while most of it is voiced, there may be some text only parts. I'll try to summarize what I can, but obviously I won't be able to do a line-by-line translation for everything.

I think I'll try the Ayase route first. I really like her storyline and think it'd be interesting to watch.

I've streamed myself playing games before, but this will be my first time trying something in this format. If it works out, maybe I'll do more. I've got Climax Heroes OOO and some of the old Rider Playstaion 1 games. Or we can do something entirely different, I'll post my games collection in the thread.

Past streams: http://www.twitch.tv/takkynoko/videos?kind=past_broadcasts


Kyouryuu 03 released

Let's learn about dinosaurs! Blue's is based on a Stegosaurus, with spikes on its tail and back. Pink's is a Triceratops, known for its horns and shielded head.

Considering Blue's relationship with Jasmine, maybe he should have been the Triceratops instead. Eh?

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Are we doing the Gavan movie? The honest answer, I don't know yet. I bought the Blu-ray, but I haven't had a chance to watch it. I'd like to release the Fourze finale first before checking this out. So this is your wishy-washy answer for today.


Kyouryuu 02 HD 1080 version released

Oh yeah, and I guess Kinoshita Ayumi is in this episode too.

This pic reminds me, in episode 1 there was a mistake wher Amy's family name was spelled Yuuzyuki by accident. The correct version should be Yuuzuki. I believe it was fixed in the 1080 version.

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Wow, that looks really good, actually.

Comes out in May for the PS3. Kind of excited.


New Itazura No Kiss has some toku actors

The main girl is played by Miki Honoka (human form of Mezool from OOO) and one of the main guys is Yamada Yuuki (GokaiBlue). Neat!

Source: http://www.tokyohive.com/2013/03/itazura-na-kiss-to-get-a-live-action-dr...

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Kyouryuuger 02 released

We've got Shimazu Kentarou guest starring in this episode! He plays Amy's butler, Gentle. Oh Toei, never change. Shimazu will also be playing a part in the upcoming movie Travellers.

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Fourze Quiz 7 released

He may be Stronger, but I am the strongest.


Travelers trailer

Calvin and Hobbes Documentary Kickstarter


If you're from my generation, you've probably read Calvin and Hobbes and loved it.

If not, well, there's always the Internet archive version. Start here:


It's pretty amusing to find out that apparently Susie and Calvin's mom are based on Bill Watterson's wife. While Calvin's dad looks exactly like Bill Watterson without his mustache.

What were your favorite comics? Join the discussion here.


Working on the Wiki

So it's been a while, but it's probably time to clean up the Series Assignment for the Wiki. It seems like people have dropped off, disappeared, or never started in the first place. Maybe it's because people are busy with school, but it's probably time to ask for new writer's again.

Also, next month will celebrate the wiki being about a year old. Hurray for us.

In celebration, let's create a bunch of Wiki related threads

Basic wiki editing thread Just listing several useful code stuff for editing the wiki

Useful templates thread For the more advanced editor. Kind of delves into programming?

Questions about wiki editing thread Ask your questions here. Might as well keep all this in one place, like a FAQ

I'm also looking for someone to upload my image archive to the wiki. It's not that hard, just time consuming since I want the pictures properly tagged. What I like to do is have two upload links open in tabs and I would just bounce between the two, hitting backspace to go back so that I don't have to enter the Category tag again.

If you're interested in doing this for me, send me an e-mail, write me a PM, or answer in this thread here.

If you want to apply to be a writer for specific series, please post in this thread:

Series Assignment for the Wiki.


The other dinobuttz released, ZyuDenger 21

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Due to the poor reception of Kyouryuuger, we have decided to redistribute our resources to cancelling Kyouryuuger and finishing up Kyouryuuger.

In it's place, I'm pleased to announce a new joint with Magenta. The new group will be called Menly Men Subbing Mahou Shoujo or MMS MS for short.

We're pleased to announce that we will be subbing the Japanese dub of My Little Pony as well as the second season of Oreimo which starts next month.

I'm sure Magenta is super eager to answer questions, so feel free to send him all the questions you want, I insist.



Edit: And I guess we released TimeRanger 14?

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Lunagel Edit 2: Some of us would like to note that despite it not being April 1st yet, takenoko was making a joke. Unfortunately the humor upload has not quite finished installing into his robot body, so please ignore anything he says. Especially anything about Skynet. That's all just babbling.

Wizard 24 HD 1080 released

Kyouryuu 1 SD ver 2 released

Fucking batteries, how do they work?

Recalling Kyouryuu 1 SD

Some missing lines in the ending


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