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First release of the year: Kamen Rider Faiz 46 released

Looks like this drawing is by Nakayama Toru, whose done a bunch of other toku art that's pretty famous.

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Happy New Years from TV-Nihon!

Stay safe and let's make 2014 a good year.

Oshima Yuko graduates from AKB48


Dang, we released the MegaRanger episode with her in it less than a week ago too!

Last release of the year: Faiz 45

Have a safe and happy new years everyone!

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Transformers Go Samurai 04 released

Super Hero Time may be on break, but we're not. Have some more releases before the year ends!

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Kyouryuuya Curry's connection throughout Sentai

A lot of the chart is just the advisors/mentors being regulars at the shop and knowing each other that way.

Also 2chan currently has a thread comparing American toys with their Japanese counter parts.

Kyouryuuger 42 released

Last Kyou episode of the year! Don't know if we'll get the movie done by the New Year, but we're working on it.

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Gaim 11 SD v2 up

And the 720 version too if you were waiting for it!

Gaim 11 sd pulled

Wrong resolution. V2 coming up.

Gaim and Kyouryuuger are on break this week

Early Happy New Years!

Shougeki Gouraigan 12 released

One more episode after this! I never noticed that these pictures follow a similar format. I wonder if the other ones are like this.

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Install! MegaRanger 40 released

Hope your day has been going well! Here's our second release for the day.

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Let's start the day with our oldest Sentai

Yup, the other dinosaur sentai that we're working on, ZyuRanger 24 released!

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Merry Christmas!


With all the best wishes from the TV-Nihon team. Please enjoy these pics that I stole from 2chan. Feel free to add to them in the thread.


Ultraman Ginga Ex 1 released

Just the SD and HD 720.

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Shougeki Gouraigan 11 released

This episode actually directed by Amemiya Keita. Thank goodness.

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