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Server maintenance cancelled

Postponed for another day.


Agito 20 releaed

Whelp, that's another disc down.

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The Tracker has categories now

Your requests have been answered!


The modern day fable continues: Kanon 15 released

Guest star Watanabe Ikkei plays Kanon's dad, Misaki Baroku. His name is a reference to Baroque music. A famous example of this is Pachelbel's Canon.

By the way, if you've seen Keitai Sousakan 7, you probably will recognize this guy.

Thread / Wiki

Everyone loves food

Food comes up, and not everyone can know every Japanese food that's out there. So here's this as a quick dictionary for foods that show up:


Definitely not a complete list, so please continue adding to it as you think of things.


Spoilers on the Wiki?

Seriously who goes to a Wiki not looking to be Spoiled.
The entire point of a Wiki is to have all the info about said shows.

Trying not spoil people on a wiki is kinda retarded.

To answer that well-thought out bit of criticism... We're not trying to not have spoilers on the wiki. Yes, it would be retarded to have no spoilers on a wiki.

What I meant was trying to organize the information so that people didn't unintentionally spoil themselves on content. To use a silly example, someone reading the article on Dr. Jekyll may not know that it turns out that he's Mr. Hyde. As creators of a wiki, it is within our power to organize the information so that major plot reveals aren't just blatantly out there.

Caring about not spoiling someone is simply respecting that person's values. Maybe it's not something that you care about, but this kind of stuff isn't for you? It's important as an adult to respect the values of people besides your own, after all.


Go-Busters 24 released

Wiki Categories and You

Categories are Useful.

So I didn't know much about the Category sections for Wiki until I started working on ours. Apparently the concept is pretty similar to the way our blog posts are tagged. It's just a way of organizing similar topics in the same place.

Used practically, that means if you find a subject you're interested in, you can look at the bottom of the wiki page and find the Categories that it belongs to. Of course, Link hopping always works too.

For example, here's our Fourze category:


You can see all the pages tagged as being part of the Kamen Rider Fourze category here. Generally the code for this would be {{category: Kamen Rider Fourze}} somewhere on the page.

You might notice that the episodes aren't filed alphabetically. That's because those pages are tagged {category: Kamen Rider Fourze|31}}. The 31 can be anything else, but basically that means that page will get filed under 31 instead of whatever that page is named. Since most pages aren't numbers, it seemed like a good policy to implement, that way all the episode numbers are at the front of the category.

This link is in the side bar, but here's a list of our current Categories:


About Spoilers.

By the way, I was looking at this wiki article and liked the way they tagged their spoiler sections:


I'd be okay with just lifting that template and using it to mark spoilers on our wiki.


Go-Buster 23 on the tracker!

Sorry for the delay!

Complete! Oreimo Radio Transcript 24

Whew finished. And that's the end of that chapter.

Wiki / Thread

Oreimo Radio Transcript 23

Oreimo Radio Transcript 21

I've added the transcripts to the wiki:

Transcript on the wiki

Looking over the old transcripts, I have to say that they're super inconsistent, which is regrettable. Hopefully the wiki version is easier to read. Plus, if people find mistakes, it's easier for them to fix things on the fly.

Transcript 21 on the forums.

Wiki shenanigans

So here's something that happened on the wiki recently. I have a small opinion piece that I wrote. I wrote the first and third parts while someone else wrote the second:


So this guy comes in and deletes the last part which was my response to the second interpretation. Well, I still felt like expressing my thoughts on the secondary interpretation so I put it back in.

So then the guy does it again and then writes this:

Two alternatives have been given. Continually coming back to "get the last word" makes it look as though someone is being childish and using the wiki as a platform for their ego, and to turn it into a needless argument. It's not professional.

Isn't that total nonsense? First he deliberately censures my opinion, then when he didn't get his way, he stoops to calling me "childish" and "egotistical" and "unprofessional".

Just because someone disagrees with an opinion doesn't mean they can just delete it. We're trying to keep this wiki as inclusive to as many viewpoints as possible. And if you don't get your way, don't play games and call people names, because that person is so not in the right on this issue.

If you have a response and it matters that you get the last word in, then write your response and get the last word in. But censorship and ad hominem attacks just take away from whatever it is that you're trying to say. And that's what's unprofessional.



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