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Saber Rider DVD review

So I recently picked up the complete series set from Amazon. If you're not familiar with the series, this is a dub of SeiJuushi Bismark which was released during the 80s. Maybe it's nostalgia glasses, but this show was rad. If you're a fan of Sentai, you should check it out.

Look at the suit designs. They were awesome. Each of them has their own vehicle. The British guy has a robot horse. Flying robot horses are the best! And they pilot that ship that turns into a giant robot in the background (which they use to fight other giant robots). It's so Sentai.

There's even a girl and she has her own suit too.

And the voice of Optimus Prime is in this too. It's so good!



My Battride War Stream Archive... Part 5!

That's it for story mode.

Part 5a Chapter 3 http://www.twitch.tv/takkynoko/c/2568027
Part 5b Chapter 4 http://www.twitch.tv/takkynoko/c/2568035
Part 5c Chapter 5  http://www.twitch.tv/takkynoko/c/2568042
Part 5d Finale http://www.twitch.tv/takkynoko/c/2568053
Part 5e Rider Road http://www.twitch.tv/takkynoko/c/2568055

I'll keep going on with Rider Road stuff and grinding for figures/music/voices/and trophies.


My Battride War Stream... Part 5!

Video stream: http://www.twitch.tv/takkynoko

Join the stream chat (Sorry, I don't pay attention to twitch's chat. It's #tv-nihongames @ synirc )



Wizard 42 released

Agito 28 released

The G3 symbol is pretty rad. If you look in the center, you can see the Japanese police symbol, the order of the rising sun. This is also known as the sakura crest as well as many other names.

This is the weird episode that's 4:3 in size. Also unusual in that it was written by Kobayashi Yasuko (main Go-Buster writer). The rest were written by Inoue Toshiki (who's writing that new show with director Amemiya Keita).

Thread / Wiki

Agito 27 released

Agito 26 released

La la la la la la~ . Agito is a kuwagata beetle.

Thread / Wiki

Kamen Rider Agito 25 released

Let's go team G3!

Thread / Wiki

QCers wanted

If you want to help check our subs for us, send me a PM at takenoko on the forums. Ideal candidates should be good with English. Japanese knowledge not required, but it's a plus.

Wizard 41 released

Akiba 2suu 13 released! Wait, where's 12?!

Oh, it's in the batch torrent.

Please enjoy these splashes that we didn't have time to use. It's rough when you have a 13 episode series. I especially like the first one, since Luna posing is the best.

So yeah, this is crazy right. Why is Akiba 13 out when it normally airs on Monday for us. No, we didn't do it in record time, unfortunately. Tokyo MX pulled a nasty surprise on us last week. They aired 13 two days after airing 12, which meant we basically had 12 and 13 going in parallel, hence the slight delay for 12.

Akiba, you're an awesome project, but I'm so glad you're over. Doing four weekly projects is just so taxing. I'm an old man, and I only have so much fansubbing juice that I have in me per day! After work, I'd like to relax and play some vija gaems or something. Anyway, back to working on the pile of shame.

Don't forget to check out my previous front page post. I'm looking for guys to raid Japanese websites for images for our wiki.

Akiba 12 Thread / Wiki

Akiba 13 Thread / Wiki

Thanks and goodbye, delusion sentai!



Toku website preservation project?

So the impossible has happened, Toho has taken down their official websites for GranSazer and JustiRisers.



That's a real bummer since I loved those pages. I consulted them when trying to figure out what names to use for the translations and they had all these pictures and info about the show. I mean, think about it. GranSazer aired in 2003, it's pretty much as old as TV-Nihon at this point. I guess we all always took for granted that they'd always be up, seeing as how they've been up for almost 10 years.

As an archivalist, this was unacceptable. People should be able to enjoy those pages forever. Using the Wayback Machine I was able to screencap quite a few of the pages to preserve on our wiki.

Sadly, it's not completely a happy end. The less popular pages appear to not have had their images saved. So Gun Caeser, Leviathan, Cloud Dragon's pages are all broken image links. Leviathan was the best of them with at least half of the pictures still present:

Edit: I also discovered the Logia, Dai Logian, and Karin's pages are also broken. Oddly enough, Radia and Lucia's pages are OK. I mean, Logia's suit is badass, how is that page not archived?!

Even Sentai and Rider are not immune to this. The TV-Asahi Boukenger page has been broken forever since their main menu went down:


Sure, there are mirror sites, but they're not as good sometimes.

In an effort to make this content available for the fandom, I'd like to go through the official show related websites to grab their pictures for the wiki. Especially the lesser known shows which don't have the support of a powerful company like Toei.

I understand that this kind of work only appeals to people with a special kind of OCD like my own, but if you're interested, send me an e-mail, PM me on the forums, or create a wiki account and edit my talk page. Ideally, I'd like to find some smart individuals who can either screengab the websites or manipulate the URL to grab the original file who can then upload those pictures to the wiki...

But I'll gladly take zip/rar batches of such pictures through my e-mail address. The uploading isn't the hard part, I can handle that part. I just need someone to grab those pictures since that's the time consuming part.

It's kind of time consuming, but it won't be so bad if we all pitch in and help. Like if each of us takes on a page, I'm sure this is very doable. I can assign websites to people if they want, but you can always just go to the External Links section of our wiki. All our show pages have them:


Forum Thread

Sailor Moon 14 DVD released

Hurray, another release!

Thread / Wiki


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