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Shougeki Gouraigan 01 released

Obligatory nudity warning, least ye forgets that this be a hyper midnight action show!

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Ultraman Mebius 23 released

Kamen Rider Kuuga 24 released

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Picture originally found here at the Nipponhero Tumblr. He has a good eye for pictures and when he posts, he includes a quote from the show. It's very stylish and worth checking out.

(Edit: Uncle Phoenix looks like he uploaded a 720 for Garo Soukoku movie.)

Everyone's favorite cool guy, Kuuga 23 released

Coming soon to your Playstation Computer System console.

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Fourze Kitaaa!!! Quiz 11 of 12 released

It's finals time, kiddies! Keep track of how many you got right since I've got a poll for that going on in the thread.

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Although mine isn't officially TV-Nihon related, I don't use twitter or facebook, so this is where I go to post random pictures and interesting stuff (besides the TV-Nihon front page)


Content: My Little Pony, Tokusatsu, Animals, etc.

Follow and reblog if you like what you see.

So what tumblrs do you guys have?

Piracy overstated?


It may sound weird coming from me, but overall I'm not a big fan of piracy. If I want to see a movie, it's pretty easy to just pay a small fee and get an HD stream through legal means. If I want music, Amazon's got a bunch of MP3 downloads available. If I want comics, I go to comixology and read them digitally (no more storing comics, yay!) My point is, there's plenty of options if you want to support a favorite artist.

I always feel a bit skeptical about studies like this. At this point, I can see how numbers and facts can be distorted in any number of ways to support any claim. There's plenty of "facts" on the Internet, but it's pretty hard to tell which ones are reliable, and I certainly am not going to verify everything that I look up.

I guess my point is that I hope this article is true and that the multiple ways of accessing media legitimately encourages people to do the right thing.

Toku and Japanese media is kind of weird in that the fandom is so small, I don't think that even if the fansubbers went away, there'd be a market for legitimate DVDs/Blu-rays.

Release 3300: Garo Soukoku no Maryuu

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Man, 3300 subs in 10 years going 11. Check the thread for pictures from the materials that came with the Blu-ray. I'm processing them now.

The movie takes place after Makai Senki, but for the most part is a complete spin off. Feel free to watch it whenever.

GranSazers 10 years after

ChouSeiShin GranSazer started airing October 4, 2003. What memories do you have for this show?


Finale: Kamen Rider Wizard 53 released

Bonus videos: Premiere meeting, junction 1, commercials.

Saving the Gaim commercials for next week so that the file batching will be easier.

53: Thread / Wiki

Meeting: Thread

TV-Nihon's first Off Kai

...involving me at least. I'm sure members have met before.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

We meet at San Franciso's Japantown and there was a cosplay event that day. Perfect!

Check out the full article on the forums



Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman // a short by Rainfall Films



Sentai toy release charts 2008-2013



Found these on 2chan. It's nice that someone put these together

Faiz 10 years after

To celebrate, starting in January they're going to start releasing Blu-rays. Very, very expensive Blu-rays:


211 dollars for part 1 of probably 3. Probably will be the same format as the W Blu-rays I'm picking up now.



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