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Toqger 34 released

Can you guys please stop capitalizing the Q in Toqger? It looks really weird when you guys do that. It looks even worse when the G is also capitalized, because it looks like you guys don't know how to unpack abbreviations. It'd be like looking at TF and writing TransFormers from it.

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Oh hi Mark

Mark Musashi was on Agents of Shield last night!


More Sentai songs on the violin

As people pointed out in the thread, this lady has also done other Sentai songs. Enjoy!

Go-Onger theme TV size

Shinkenger theme (TV size)

Goseiger theme  (TV size)

Gokaiger theme (TV size)

Busters Ready Go (TV Size)

Vamola Kyouryuuger (TV size)

Toqger theme (TV size)




Gaim Ratings In

Average: 5.2% (All Episodes)
Highest: 6.9% (Episodes 30 & 35)
Lowest: 3.2 (Episode 39)

If you want to see it by episode: http://wiki.tvnihon.com/wiki/Kamen_Ride ... Chronology

Source: http://www10.atwiki.jp/shichouseiko/pages/549.html%7C

By comparison, here's Wizard's ratings from a year before:
Average: 5.94% (All Episodes)
Highest: 7.8% (Episodes 2)
Lowest: 3.7 (Episode 46)


KR Agito 41 released

It's Monday! Have some Agito.

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Translating TOQ 33


I don't know if this is interesting to anyone, but I made a video of myself translating toq last week. The video is a little over 90 minutes long, so I guess that's about how long it takes me to translate an episode? (It's the middle of the night, so I don't really watch the clock)

Just something for you guys who want to see a little behind-the-scenes action.


Garo Movie HD 1080 batch released

Includes: Req Req v2, Kiba v2, Kiba Game, Tougen, Soukoku

The version 2's were done to reduce the file size to something more manageable.


KR Drive 03 released

Yup, theme song is sung by Eternal. Remember our wiki has a trivia section for both the main series page and the episode page.

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Cocoro Scanner, a Japanese toy that shows your mental state

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shBU2p77sd0 (Video is in Japanese)

When the light is green that's normal, yellow is bewilderment, and red is agitated.

I don't know how real this video is, but there's an old man married to a much younger woman. A lady who asks her boyfriend about getting married. They have a monk read a nude magazine. There's a transvestite. A lot of it seems set up, but it'd be interesting if these were actual random people.



Licensing October

Ultraman Mebius has been removed since it's streaming on Crunchyroll now.


Supposedly this is going to be the cover for the DVD release for Zyu in America.

What do you guys think about all this? Are you glad tokusatsu is more mainstream now?

Toqger 33 released

KR Agito 40 released

KirinRanger's twin brother is supposedly in this episode. Can you find him?

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Source of gif found


Thanks to Doombringerzero for that whip cracking response.

KR Agito 39 released

Source: http://youtu.be/3GvuycQqx38

Thanks for the info Doombringerzero!

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