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Four Commercials Released

No Super Hero Time this week, but we've still got Garo and backlogs. For now, enjoy these four commercials that we've been working on.

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Project to revitalize file accessibility

So this is something I've been neglecting for a while. There's a bunch of things we can be implementing to improve the availability of our files. It'd be a big help if the community could seed some torrents and upload some files for us.

Just make sure the file names are the original ones. I think most of the file names are listed at the bottom of the series pages on the wiki. Using rapidcrc to make sure the file integrity is good is always helpful as well.


Link to torrents that need seeding - Please help seed files that have a bunch of leechers on them but no seeds.

Direct download files
Download Forum

There are a lot of series that have no files for their episodes. It'd be really good if we could get some links up for those series. I see a few sites that others have used:

Batch torrents

I've been kind of neglecting this lately. If you see a group of torrents that can easily be batched, feel free to point it out. I know that for Wizard, we're kind of waiting for some bonus stuff to be finished. But otherwise most stuff that's completed should get batched at some point.

Any other ideas?

There's a lot of smart people out there. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve your experience, feel free to let me know!

Post to this thread or e-mail me.


KR Gaim 32 v2 released

Rereleased to fix a couple mistakes. Thanks to everyone who wrote in. Also, this picture is super relevent considering this episode.

Gaim affiliations now available on the forum user groups

Pretty minor customization for forum goers. If you go to the User Control Panel, you can go to Usergroups, join a special group, and select it as your Default Group to get a little icon over your avatar.

These things are pretty easy to make, so if you have ideas for them, let me know.


Choose your fate! Who are you gonna side with?!



KR Kabuto 01 rerelease in HD 720 format

Enjoy! Today's also the last day to preorder the Complete Selection Modified Kabuto Zecter, I think.

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Toqger 15 HD 720 released

Sorry, no one told me that it hadn't been released till today.

KR Gaim 32 released

Happy National Donuts Day!

First Friday of June, apparently!

Gaim later today. Thanks for being patient.

Gaim 31 released

Sexy Voice and Robo 03 DVD version 2 released

Audio cuts off at the end, so new release fixes that.


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