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New series: Abaranger 01 released

So this has been going on in the background a while. We're proud to release the final part in our holy dinosaur trinity: Abarangers. We've totally talked to Ais from Skewed and have his blessings to go through with this project.

So please enjoy, and don't complain about how we should be working on our other projects!

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New look

So in celebration of My Little Pony and Oreimo coming out in Japan this week, we're going to change up the color scheme. We've been thinking it's been time for a shake up and pink is my favorite color.



Looking forward to releasing these with Magenta.

Oh hey, and if you like this stuff, do check out my personal blog here: http://takkynoko.tumblr.com/


Edit: Oh, and we've got our new logo up. Yay!


Tokusatsu streaming channel?

Happy Easter folks!

A friend of mine created a channel for streaming Japanese shows.


"Jahoso is now LIVE on Justin.tv (justin.tv/jahoso) and for the greater part of the rest of the weekend i'll be beta testing to see how everything is running and streaming Gokaiger's entire season. Please take time to stop thru and if there is anything you feel needs to be brought to my attention, I will address it immediately. Also, feel free to share that this link is now live, as I've created this solely as a place for us (as a community) to watch shows together at the same time, chat about whatever and bring in more folks into our community!"

I use Twitch for streaming my games. They have an integrated IRC client so people who are watching the same thing can comment together. I really like this and wish we could have something like that for our current releases.

Also he made the new logo for our wiki: http://wiki.tvnihon.com/wiki/Main_Page If people like it, we'll put it on the front page too.

Hurricaneger 10 years after


Looks like new V Cinema for Hurricaneger. Kind of unprecedented, but I approve!

What other series would you like to see come back? Blade and Deka next year?


Kamen Rider Wizard 28 HD 1080 released

Just The Beginning also in 1080.

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Wizard 28 released and omake!

Omake means bonus. Yes, I'm doing this on the front page too.

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Just the beginning / Beastbite MV


Kyouryuuger 05 HD 1080 version released

The front page is mine again!

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Congrats Amano Kousei! Announced marriage to actress Hinagata Akiko.

One last one for the road.


Gavan the Movie released

Oh hey, released just in time to deal with Go-Bus vs Gokai. /me shakes head

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Tougen Trailer now subbed

Grab it while it's hot!

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New Garo Movie: Tougen no Fue

"The Pink Phantasmal Flute" I'm guessing? So I guess it'll star Jabi and Rekka. Weird. Comes out in July too, pretty quick.

Man, I look away from the Internet for 5 hours to play Monster Hunter and THIS is what happens?!

Edit: I'm seeing a lot of people spelling Rekka's name wrong. It has two k's in it.



KR Wizard 27 HD 1080

Magical Sisters! No wait, wrong series...

Also including 25's Cm because that got left out before. Sorry, 1080 downloaders!

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More forum groups

At Luna's request, an AkibaRanger Usergroup has been added.

I also threw in a Kyouryuuger and Wizard groups as well. You can join these groups from your forum control panel and Usergroup option.


Kyouryuuger 04 1080 version released

Zakutor, a raptor that cuts. (Zakuzaku being the Japanese sound for cutting things up)

And Parasagun, a Parasaurolophus with a gun in his butt.

Also, did you figure out who the guest actor was? Here's a hint!

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KR Wizard 27 released B-b-bwaaaa?

Yo, what's the deal Kamen Rider water forms? Why you so underused?

Can't you have more fights by lakes?




Water fountains?










Davey Jone's locker?



Swimming pools...?

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When you're done with the episode, be sure to check out the trivia on the wiki for last week and this one.

TGIF, Kyouryuuger 04 released

Whoa, how about giving Pink a little space, Green!

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