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Hurricaneger Special Event?

Anyone in Japan want a raffle ticket for the Hurricaneger special event on September 1st? You have to apply by August 25th Japan time, but you can do that online. You will need the actual ticket though for the show I believe.

E-mail me (takenoko) if you're interested.

Fazi 36 releazed

Transformers Go! Shinobi 01/Samurai 02 released

More Transformers for you! From the DVDs. If more HD stuff appears on youtube or whatever, we'll release a HD version.

Shinobi Chapter 01 / Wiki

Samurai Chapter 02 / Wiki

Kyouryuu 25 HD 1080 v2 released again deux

I'm super sorry about this being as late as it is. Someone mentioned there was a problem right before work, and then I went to work and completely forgot that this was even a thing. (the problem took like 10 minutes to fix). Anyway, if it seems like it's taking an inordinate amount of time to fix something, just PM me and I'll look into it. Thanks!

Thread/ Wiki

Faiz 35 released

Hey Number Four. Meet Number Five.


Kyou 25 released

Wizard 47 released

Initial D and Toku

So I really got into Initial D again a few months ago. I thought it'd be fun to see what the voice actors from the show have done in toku.


Miki Shinichiro: Fujiwara Takumi was Sieg on Den-O


Yao Kazuki: Iketani was Ninjaman on Kakuranger and Dr. Z on Akibaranger's first season.

Iwata Mitsuo: Itsuki was Bebaboo on Gokaiger and Ayakashi Gizarai on Shinkenger. If you watched GaoGaiGar, he also did Mic Sounders 13's voice.

Seki Tomokazu: Takahashi Keisuke was Bibidebi from MegaRangers aaaand a bunch of other stuff. More recently he's been the voice of the Gokaiger items as well as random voices on the AkibaRangers Season Tsuu.

Hiyama Nobuyuki: Nakazato Takeshi was Tachibana on Fourze. Plus he's done a lot of other rad anime/toku voices.


Fujiwara Keiji: Shouji Shingo was... Chida Nick? What?

Anyway, you can see the full list for the first season here.


TF Go! Samurai Chapter 01 HD released

They released it on youtube in HD so we're able to release a higher quality version. Enjoy!

Thread / Wiki

Wizard 46 released

Double Release: Wizard 45 and Kyou 23

Sorry for being late on these guys. No helping it considering when we got the actual raws.

Wizard 45 Thread / Wiki

Kyou 23 Thread / Wiki

Why English dubbing is bad and should feel bad

Found here

Original source

Although to be fair, the Spanish word Ananas refers to the pineapple plant. The actual fruit is called Pinas.


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