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Power Rangers going after Youtube


I just thought the response was pretty funny, more for the obvious ignorance than the poor English skills:

This video is my private Property n u cn see hw many views i get on this video people are requesting me to upload more of this video, so please get clear who the hell is jealous of my video and trying to removie it frm YouTube. [sic] I swear, under penalty of perjury, that I have a good faith belief the material was removed due to a mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled...


Book release

So I got an e-mail that Peter H. Brothers wrote a book called "MUSHROOM CLOUDS AND MUSHROOM MEN – The Fantastic Cinema of Ishiro Honda".

Trailer for Piece


Thanks to the person who forwarded this to me, I had not been following the news on it. I don't really know what to think of it, to be honest. Is that Kouno from Agito and Miki from Geki too?


Kamen Rider OOO 38-45, Let's Go Kamen Rider, and HBV batch

Looks like the seeder is missing a file, if you think you have it, please help seed.

Fall 2012 T-N Project

Seiyuu See Me: Tachiki Fumihiko

So how much do you know about voice actor Tachiki Fumihiko (立木文彦)?

Did you know he's the voice of both GaiaMemories and the Rouse Absorber and the King Rouser? Plus, I'm pretty sure he's the voice for the Kamen Rider movie trailers too.

But he also does anime! Who can forget such roles as Zaraki Kenpachi from Bleach, the scary father from Oreimo, and Ikari Gendou from Evangelion? (Read the actual wiki page for an interesting story about the last one.)

He also does voice overs for Forest Whitaker and Tom Sizemore, as well as doing dub work for Transformers Animated, Dark of the Moon, and WALL-E.

Check out our wiki page on him.

If we have any seiyuu otaku around who'd like to help write some pages for toku related voice actors, please contribute to our wiki. It'd be a big help since seiyuu tend to have a lot of roles. The big thing we're trying to do is capture their toku roles on our wiki, as well as their main anime voice roles, then leaving the rest for ANN.

Right now, I'm creating these pages by translating the Japanese wiki as well as inserting the bolded stuff from ANN.

Release 3000: Kamen Rider Ryuki Theatrical Cut HD

Man, three thousand releases. Nothing like an anniversary to give you a sense of how much time has passed.

I think this is cause for celebration. Few groups ever make it this far and I think we just get better as more time passes. We're always learning more, making improvements, gaining experience. In a world where there's so much unnecessary ugliness, I think it's really important to be doing something positive. Just do stuff to make other people happy once in a while. That's important.

I'm really proud of the work my collaborators and I have been doing. Unfortunately, I really think people give me too much credit for the stuff that comes out. Fansubbing isn't something that you can do really well by yourself. The collision of different ideas and collection of knowledge really makes the end result that much better.

Timers help get the project started off. Just having a script pretimed helps a great deal with efficiently going through and translating the material. We couldn't do all that we could do without them.

Typesetters give the subs that magical spark. If you notice it, it's probably too much, but overall, just a little creativity and a good usage of colors and fonts can really make a sub come alive. As a translator, I don't really think we should be altering the experience too much from how the Japanese experience the show, but if we can capture a feeling or enhance something that's there, then that's really good.

My fellow translators. That's right, I don't translate everything for this group. And translation is hard work. Capturing all the ideas in a Japanese sentence isn't a simple one-to-one swap with English.

Editors and QCers really fill in the other half of the script. They catch mistakes, offer improvements that usually make the translation a lot better. They offer ideas and insights that one person could never have thought of. If there's any group whose credit I take too much for, it's probably this group. The script is just that much better for it.

And in a few months we'll have cause to celebrate yet again...

3000 releases (Google Doc Spreadsheet)

3000 releases thread

Episode Final: Thread / Wiki

Oh yeah, if you want to join up, just send me a forum PM and let me know what you'd like to do.

Fourze 43 and Quiz V3 released

So being a secondary Rider kind of sucks. Two never get a power-up. One only gets a power-up in a dream, another gets his in a Den-O spinoff movie. One is just a recolor, and another is just him with all his gear stuck on. How many does that leave for real power-ups within the show itself?

Episode 43
Thread / Wiki

Quiz 3

Garo Makai Senki HD Batch end

Enjoy the smooth, rich taste of Garo... whatever this product is.

RSS Feed Torrents and You!

If you use uTorrent, don't forget that you can always add a RSS feed and have it automatically download. If you're always online anyway and always get our subs, might as well set it up this way and have it auto-download??


If you go to Options->RSS Downloader (or Ctrl-R) you can even set filters so that you only grab HD files for example.

Japanese Captions

So I tried to rip the captions for Mega Max and got decent but messy results. If anyone has any tips for doing a better job of it, do let me know. I just think it'd be a nice thing to have on the wiki.



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