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Wizard 51 released

Following after Garo, here's Wizard complete! Crazy that both of those wrapped up this week.

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Complete series thread

Translator's lookback thread

Garo Yami wo Terasu Mono 24 released

Thanks Yami crew!

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Faiz 39 released

Faiz 38 released

Because Luna loves Faiz and you guys, have another episode!


Happy 30th birthday, Hirata Yuka!


I only remember because someone on 2chan noted it.

Man, she's going to be retiring soon, isn't she?


Why aren't you watching Garo?

As amazing as it is, apparently there are still some people who watch tokusatsu, but haven't seen any of the Garo series. That seems a bit mind boggling to me, since Garo is some of the finest examples of the craft. Plus, as a part of Hyper Midnight Action aimed at adults, it's one of the few tokusatsu series that makes no attempt to pander to kids.

Of course, I'm not unsympathetic with the climate of modern life. We're being bombarded by a million things we need to see and that list just grows exponentially everyday.

But still, it does puzzle me to see the consistently low number of Garo downloads in comparison to Sentai or Kamen Rider. Going back to my previous statement, I guess it's only natural to grow up on Power Rangers, then maybe expand to Sentai. And from those numbers, a few will break off and try Kamen Rider. It's a Venn Diagram of increasingly small circles.

Maybe some people watched the original series, and found it boring. I know I did. But looking back, there's something about the series as a whole that transcends the individual episodes. I think the sum is greater than its parts here.

It probably helps that I feel the Garo Special: Beast of the White Night is one of the greatest examples of a toku movie that there is. The action is amazing. And at its heart, there's a real relatable human drama that everyone can connect with.

I mean, take any Garo series that exists. They always do something interesting and never seen before with their action. I've just got to respect their handiwork.

But on the flip side, there's just something likable about the characters. Stoic Kouga. Cheeky Rei. Silly Kaoru. There are a ton of characters in the Garo series that I just like, and would love to see more stories about. If we can claim Garo is a successful series, then maybe that's its biggest secret.


Tougen 720 version up

You guys should thank uncle phoenix for doing this for you.

Oh and Happy Friday the 13th

So it's Kaixa Day. The 10th anniversary of Kaixa Day. And Friday the 13. Make of that what you will.

X for 10! X for Kaixa!

Faiz 37 released


Also check out the previous post, since Luna translated Murakami Kohei's blog post for Kaixa Day.

Transformers Go! Samurai 03 DVD version released

Looks like Japanese historical figures is the big theme of the series.

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Quality check for Ultraman Ginga?

If you want to do quality check work for Ultraman Ginga (or any of our current active series) PM  me on the forums. Thanks!


Hakase Reviews MMZ-02 Zuuban

Thanks to forum user Uzur9 for pointing this out.


Garo Yami wo Terasu Mono 23 released

We still have more Garo to go! Just using Tougen pictures since I don't have many Yami ones.

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Tougen spoilers?

You can watch this movie without watching Soukoku or any of the other previous Garo series. It's a standalone movie.

There's a lot of nice nods and you really should watch the previous Garo shows/movies, but if you don't want to do that, I have a list of the references on the wiki as well.

New hero Jii is released


As seen on the Mary Sue



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