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KyuuRanger 21 released

Indy, cover your heart!

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What's going on with the qc apps?

Hey all. I haven't really done anything with them. Sorry I can't give a personal response to everyone, but I gave myself the day off. I dunno, with the extra work from translating for Amazons and qcing the Korean Braverangers, I guess I've been feeling a bit burned out.

So yeah, my progress report is no progress has been made. If you get rejected, I'm probably not going to send you a notification. I'll come to you if you pass all the stuff required. Nothing personal, with like 3 dozen responses it's a necessity!

Join the staff

We're looking for some new QCers to help watch the episodes before release and find any mistakes the translators make during initial translation. No Japanese knowledge necessary (but it is helpful!) and anyone with a strong grasp of English is welcome to apply. If you're interested, please email takkynoko@yahoo.com with the answers to these questions:

1) How long have you been interested in tokusatsu and/or subbing?
2) Do you have any subbing or Japanese experience?
3) What's your English education experience?
4) Why do kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
5) What's your time zone and current availability to work on videos?

We'll send you a link to a short QC test to make sure you're serious about joining up and to check your ability. Send it back and you're all set!

Garo Beast of the White Night v2 released

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I encoded this a while ago to fix some errors, but got lazy about releasing it. I didn't include the bonus stuff from the batch, so please see the season 1 Blu-ray batch for that.

Also, Garo season 1 was announced to be licensed. We're going to leave it up for about a week before pulling it. Hope everyone understands! Feel free to discuss it on the forums.

KR Amazons Season 2 Ep 11 released

If  you're not watching this season, you're missing something great.

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KR Amazons Season 2 Ep 10 released

Who do I have to sacrifice to make this a thing in the show?

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KR Ex-Aid 35 released

When you look into the screen, it looks back at you.

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Also, Lazer HBV released. Catch them all da ze!


KyuuRanger 18 released

What virgin blood do you bathe in to stay so young looking, DekaRed?

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Cosmos splashes?

Looks like Xiiliea is interested in working on Cosmos. Can I get some splashes for it? I think it'll be 640x480 right?

KyuuRanger 17 released

<Insert your caption here>

Thanks to Ryuu No Senshi for the gif. If you like KyuuRanger gifs, check their site out.

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Seriously though, if you have a funny caption for this pic, just send it to me and I'll post it to my blog.

KR Amazons Season 2 Ep 9 released

Smile... Why aren't you laughing? Laugh with me.

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