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Ultraman Figuarts CM released

Where is Ninninger VS Drive?

For people having trouble finding it, it's in the second Drive batch. We tend to put versus stuff in the Rider side of the batches:


Battride streaming now

Heart was a tough boss...



Battride War Genesis Stream

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I really like customizing the music, so if anyone has any recommendations, let me know!


Edit: Looks like the stream isn't working because the PS4 is treating it as a blocked scene so far.


Shaider 03 is also doing a playthrough.

KR Drive Type Tokujo 1-4 released

Who's excited for more Chase?

Also stealth releasing Junction Blu-ray versions 1-2 since those were only in a batch before.

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March 27th Toku Spirits

Paul from QC had a message regarding a meetup:

"So I'm looking forward to this meet and greet event happening in my hometown (literally just a 10-minute drive from my house) on March 27 called TokuSpirits. Four actors are confirmed to come: Ryousuke Kaizu (Red Mask from Hikari Sentai Maskman), Kei Shindachiya (Five Blue from Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman), Michiko Makino (Pink Five from Choudenshi Bioman)."

For more info go to their facebook page:



International Woman's Day March 8, 2016

What toku ladies (or pop culture ladies) do you appreciate? Post pics, make this interesting!

For me, I think Inamori Mayu from Kamen Rider Wizard would be my choice. Never before had I wanted a sub plot to be the main plot as badly as I did this one.


Bonus appreciation for actress Nakayama Erina for playing both Medusa and Mayu.


Ultraman extras released

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Realized there were some Mebius movieish stuff that we could keep released. As well as Ginga's bonus footage. The Ginga batch includes the SD and HD sets, so if you only want one aspect, please set it in your torrent client.

Ginga batch includes:

  • Commercials for eps 2, 6, and 7.
  • Creditless op/ed
  • Extras for ep 1
  • Movie, behind the scenes, trailer, and interview
  • Starlight mv

Jyuohger 03 released

If I could talk with the animals~

Walk with the animals~

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Jyuohger 01 v3 released

Hopefully we fixed the audio/video desync this time. Sorry for the wait!

Ultraman Nexus bonuses released

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We may have pulled the episodes, but we can still post the bonus stuff. Included in this batch are:


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