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Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger 32 released

Everyone destress with some carmel dancing~

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New Zero-One splashes?

Down to my last few Zero-One splashes, can I get some new ones?


Garo -Versus Road- 03 released. Viewing party Saturday night?

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So if you want to hold off on watching it, consider joining us for a viewing party. We'll sync the start time to be 6 PM Pacific on Saturday. Then chat on it on

IRC Channel: #tv-nihonwatchers


Discord (under #watchers)

For details, check out this thread.

Tracker update

Hi, if you're using our RSS feeds, you might need to add an s to the http sinc ethey're not on https.

If it's not working for you, let me know, but otherwise I think it should be fine with the updated url.


Edit: From the forum in case other people have the same issue:

"Nope, making the URL https didn't work, but I found the problem. My client is set up to use a Socks5 proxy (for torrent privacy in general), and apparently https feeds can't be downloaded over a proxy. The only solution I found is to switch to a different client that only uses the proxy for the actual torrents, not the rss feeds."


Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger 30 + Ep 4 present info released

Remember Deka? It's back baby!

Disc 8 included the present bonus from ep 4 for some reason, so enjoy that!

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Viewing party for next Zero-One release?

I want to have a viewing party for the next Zero-One release. Let's start with something simple like meeting on IRC and just doing a countdown. If it's popular maybe we can research one of those other programs (Unless someone wants to do that for me)

So for the next Zero-One release, viewing party! Details:

Time: 6 PM Pacific time same day of release. So if it releases before 6 PM on Tuesday, we watch it that 6 PM. If it's after, then we watch it on Wednesday at 6 PM.

Place: IRC web client: http://cgiirc.synirc.net/
Channel: #tv-nihonwatchers

Again, if someone wants to come up with a better system and handle it for me, I'll gladly step aside and we'll try their plan.



Ultraman R/B 20 released

Ultraman R/B 19 released

Garo VR Troopers 01 released





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Ultraman R/B 17 released


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