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Selling some stuff

STuff for sale

I'm getting rid of some stuff. Probably will ebay it, but if you want to make me an offer send me an e-mail or a forum PM.

Ex-Aid SD Batch released

If you were on the individual torrents, move to the batch!

(If you were on the first torrent, please move over to the second one. The first one is messed up!)

Jinga 06 released

Zi-O 10 v3 and Go-Onger 10 Years v2 released

Zi-O because we spelled Sougo's name wrong and didn't catch it till after v2.

And Go-Onger to fix the karaoke.

Site access for Google dns?

Sounds like people can't access our site when using Google DNS. Are a lot of people affected?

Anyone want to QC?

We can probably use some new qcers for Dyna and stuff. If you were a QCer but was too busy before, feel free to apply again! Just message me on the forums.



KR Zi-O 10 v2 released

<Lunagel> takenoko, it's time charge not change for zi-o タイムチャージ

<takenoko> it's time... to change change into charge

<xiiliea> charnge!

Jinga 05 released

Jinga 03v2 released

What's this? I guess I missed some mistakes earlier, so here's a v2 for episode 3. On the plus side, the karaoke should be more accurate now.

Quick Zi-O 09v2 released

Misspelled Critical

Rurouni Kenshin movie music videos reuploaded

Think the movies themselves are still licensed?

Jinga 04 released

Please support Mr. Decade by watching his new show.

Thread / Wiki

Rescue Force rebatched

Get it while it's seeded. If you were downloading it, move all your files into one folder, since I changed the directory structure so that there's no sub folders now.

Forum / Wiki

Happy Halloween!


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