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Ultraman R/B HD1080/SD Series Batches released

Minor changes in batch:

  • v2 for R/B 16 for typesetting
  • Added CRC to the file names for the Countdown Messages

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R/B Silhouette Screens

Ultraman R/B Movie and bonus material released

And series complete? To wrap things up we've included for bonus content:

  • Ultraman R/B Movie Deleted Scenes
  • Ultraman R/B 25 CM
  • Toy CMs
  • Countdown Messages

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For those of you putting your lives on the line to protest, please stay safe!

Garo -Versus Road- 08 released


So I started releasing this a few hours ago, but a qcer noted that I brilliantly pasted in a suggestion on the wrong line. So I quickly halt the release and figured I did a pretty good job covering my tracks, right?

Then I do the release for the new files, and realize I hadn't deleted the old torrents, so people've been sitting on no seed all this time. Sorry! Please download the new torrents with the corrected script.

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KR Kiva Movie DC HD v2 released

V2 released to fix the broken framerate of the first one.

Sentai music on Spotify

Thanks to JohnnyTalker for posting the playlist. BTW is there an updated version of the heroine collection pic?



Does anyone have the original Kamen Rider G file?

I'd like to batch Decade, but I'm missing the original Kamen Rider G video with the talk show stuff. Can someone send that to me?



Got it! KRDangerousZombie hooked me up. Thanks guys!

Garo -Versus Road- 07 released

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Tokusatsu TV Viewing Party: Channel / Discord


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