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KR Decade 26 Blu-ray version released

What world will Decade invade next/

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Presented by ZAIA Enterprise

#TV-Nihon ZAIA

ZAIA Enterprise has bought out #TV-Nihon. Effective immediately, I will be leaving. Your new head will be Amatsu Gai.

Everyone, please do what must be done to make this transition as smooth as possible.


Ultraman R/B 16 released

KR Decade 25 v3 released

Damn extra punctuation!\

KR Decade 25 v2 released

Accidentally commented out a line while editing it.

Kamen Rider Decade Shinkenger released

Decade is back and runing Sentai now.

Episode 24: Thread / Wiki

Ultraman R/B 15 released

That would make for a huge buckle for a henshin belt.

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Ultraman R/B 14 released

"I <3 Ayaka City"

Would you wear any of the shirts from the Quattro M shop?

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Garo -Versus Road- Trailer released

Starts April 2nd in Japan

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KR Zero-One 28 v2 released

Looks like I introduced a typo when I did a bad copy paste that erased a "...we" from a line. Hopefully this is the only problem with this week's video!

Shinkenger Movies released in HD for the first time

So if you remember those Sentai Blu-ray movie collection from a few years back, they had the Shinkenger movies which were previously DVD-only (and thus SD only). So now here are the movies in HD. Enjoy!

There's even the creditless ending which we didn't release for the DVD versions!

Movie: Thread / Wiki

VS Go-Onger: Thread / Wiki

Returns: Thread / Wiki

Ultraman R/B 13 released

Enjoy Aizen with some facial hair!

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Ultraman R/B 12 released

And now the real reason you're here...

Aizen Makoto. Bear witness to his manic energy and scene chewing as he torments the wonder twins.

Mitsurugi Saki, she's a mysterious girl

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Garo Movie shipment

Estimated Delivery: Friday, March 20, 2020 By End of Day

1 Pieces

  Further Detail: Next Step:  
    Destination Service Area: SAN FRANCISCO GATEWAY, CA  
Friday, March 20, 2020
  Customs status updated CINCINNATI HUB, OH - USA 1:51 AM


So I was hoping to receive the Garo movie today, buuuuut... it might take a few more days instead.


Ultraman R/B 11 released

Here's the rest of the Minato family. The father is King Aslan. And Asahi is the little sister and that's all.

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