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Happy New Years! Jinga 12 + Bonuses released

Whew, the show's over, just in time for the end of the year! Be sure to check out the bonuses, the dubbing scene was pretty interesting in my opinion.

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KR Zi-O 16 & 16.5

For the final supplentary, we've got a 1080 resolution version! Remember that there's no Super Hero Time airing next week!

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Zi-O 15 720 version has the CM now

The original one had it missing, so go grab that if you missed it the first time!

Fansub groups interested in Prime Rogue raw, e-mail me

Include your group name and what kind of skills/resources your group has.

Plug: DuckStream 2018 December 14th, 15th, and 16th.

It's a 48 hour live stream to raise money to support the TransActive Gender Center

If  you like retro games, Dark Souls, Binding of Isaac, podcasts, or any of the other stuff those guys do, check it out! All proceeds go to TransActive, so it's a good cause!

It starts Friday December 14 at 6 PM Pacific time.

KR Zi-O 14 & 14.5v2 released

Fixed the audio for the 14.5. Come back next week where we'll hopefully be free of version 2's (and a special omake!)

KR Zi-O 14 & 14.5 released

I messed up and forgot to include a bonus video for this episode. So look forward to that for next week!

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Zi-O 13 v2 for name change

Changing Uhr's name to Heure.

Jinga 09 released

Has anyone seen this man?

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We've hit our donation goal!

Our server admin won't be able to take the button down till he gets home. But we're good. Thanks all! We get to exist one more year!


Donation time!

It's that time of year to beg for money again! I'm told that our donation goal is a measly 300 dollars this year. What a deal!

Donation button is at the top. If you can give, awesome! We really appreciate your support. If you can't, come talk on our forums, add to our wiki, or vote in our polls! We're really nothing without our fandom. Seriously, without you guys, I'm just writing stuff and throwing it in a hole. So thank you for watching our subs and liking our work.


Uhr -> Heure

Name change!


KR Zi-O 13 & 13.5 released

Oh yeah, also here's 13.

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Jinga 08 released

Toei, should we go on a break?

I was just thinking about this to myself the other day. And now, with rumors of Toei seeking new producers for Kamen Rider going around...

I set up a poll to ask people if they think either Sentai or Rider should go on a break. Regather, take your time to plan, gather more experienced staff members, give your new staff members time to work on things, or simply wait for a really good idea before coming back.

What do you think?


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