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Recently Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are you doing Ginga?

Maybe. One of the translators is going to try, but he has limited time available so it will likely come out in a large batch in a couple months if he does do it.

2) Are you doing Kamen Teacher?

No. Staff have taken a look at it and weren't interested. Just cause it has Kamen in the title doesn't mean we have to do it!

3) Are you doing Hentai Kamen?

See above.

4) Are you doing (Insert Movie XYZ title here)?

If we are doing a movie, it will be listed with the movie release date in this  forum thread, which is regularly updated.

5) When will (Insert Movie XYZ title here) be released?

Well, has it been released on DVD and Blu-Ray yet? We cannot sub something without the physical media, it is literally impossible. Check the above link to see if it has been released yet. Keep in mind, you still have to factor in shipping from Japan to the US, which can take about a week.

6) Why is there commentary during this movie I downloaded?

Because your media player is old and sucks. The movies usually come with several audio tracks, mono, stereo, better stereo, and commentary. Any decent media player will decide to play only one. Stupid ones will decide "Oh, I should play all of these at once!". WMP is particularly notorious for doing this. Please download a different media player. GOM, VLC and MPC are all very good and can play pretty much any video file with the right codecs. GOM+CCCP is basically the Jesus player. If you're worried about system resources, MPC is only 2 mb and works beautifully.

tl;dr WMP is pewp, get something else.

7) Are you going to pick up (Insert series title here)?

No plans for picking up any new projects until we get some of the current ones done.

8) When is (Episode #) coming out?

Whenever you do.

9) So I heard that there's going to be a paid Toei channel with subtitled KR and SS, how will this affect you?

Please view this forum topic for details regarding our opinions on the matter.

10) Is this the most adorable picture of Luckyuro ever?

Yes. Yes it is.


Ultraman Mebius 22

Release 3200.5 - Rurouni Kenshin live 720p

The first time I saw this movie I knew it was something I wanted us to translate. But I figured that since it was released by Warner Brothers, there is still a large following in the US and that there was actually a movie premier in the US that this movie was bound to get licensed. But as time passed, and there was no information about a US release, even though it had been licensed in like 60 other countries, I told myself that if a year passed since the Blu-Ray release date and there still was no information, I would translate it myself.

Well, it's been over a year, and so I'm proud to bring you the awesomeness that is the Rurouni Kenshin live action movie. I'd like to thank Azazel for timing this hideously long movie and managing to figure out how to properly rip and encode it, Yaiba, for making an amazing karaoke for the MV, and our wonderful QC team who hopefully caught all of my mistakes, especially the really stupid ones.

Even if you've never heard of Rurouni Kenshin before, give it a try, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.


Kyouryuu 17 released

Special guest of Silver as Gray!

Thread / Wiki / Artist

555 31 released

FLASH KNUCKLE CROSS Kyouryuuger 05 Released

I think it's only fair given the guest actor in this episode to talk to you a little about Robert Baldwin.

This man is amazing.

Not only is he one of the few select foreigners to get a speaking role on a tokusatsu show, but in 2005, he was an actual main character in the short-lived Chou Sei Kantai Sazer X. Not just a main character, but a transforming main character. He has a toy and everything. If you haven't seen Sazer X yet, I weep for you. Not only are you missing out on a great actor, but you're missing out on a great show, the start of Miura Ryousuke (Ankh from OOO), and Shindou Gaku (Sid from Gokaiger).

Translator, interpreter, actor, he loves Lord of the Rings and dreams of one day taking over the world. When he was a child, he wanted to be an ally of justice.

A foreign man who loves tokusatsu, living in Japan and guest starring as an actual Sentai member.

How is this man not your god?

Thread / Wiki

Fourze 1-14 SD + MegaMax Batched

Oh and apparently Fourze batch happened too. Horray!


Go-Busters 45 and Wizard 17

Oops, forgot to update the front page. Belated announcement kitaaa!

Go-Busters 45 Discussion

Wizard 17 Discussion

Here, complain to this cat instead:

Spammer update

Quick update on the spammer situation. We've pretty much gotten the flow of spam accounts down to a weak trickle, but takenoko and I have been banning large swaths of Russian IPs left and right so if you're in Russia you might have to email one of the admins to unban whatever ip address you're using.


Also I've been pretty agressive about deleting any suspicious new account that comes in, so if I accidentally delete yours and you're not a spammer, sorry! Please make a new one and add something to your profile. I'm less likely to delete accounts with some profile information filled in.

Happy Kaixa Day

It's time once again for that celebration everyone looks forward to every year.

Yes, it's "Draw Kamen Riders as large-breasted females" Day.


The most wonderful time of the year!


Aaaaand we're back

Tracker looks like we've taken the TARDIS back to 1992, but it's up. Go happy downloaders!

EDIT: Okay, so you can't actually download anything without it asking for a username and password. Oops. Working on it.

W EDIT: WHEE WE'RE ACTUALLY BACK. Tracker design is temporary, so the sooner you submit designs the sooner we can get search functionality back.

In the meantime, please go gay over this picture of Date Akira. Takenoko already has.


Clandestine - Mark Musashi project

If you love kickass action scenes, why not check out Garo veteran Mark Musashi's new project Clandestine? You can reserve a digital copy for only $5 US and did I mention that Mark Musashi's in this? Because I don't think I can mention it enough.

Mark Musashi.

Exclusive interview with Hurricanger's Nagasawa Nao

Spencer Peet of Diverse Japan started asking forum members if they had any questions for Nagasawa Nao about three weeks ago and he's glad to report that the interview transcript is up now. Check it out at:

Comment on the article or on the forums here


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