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You never know who might be a geek

So I got an email from my sister that I wanted to share, since takenoko shouldn't have all the fun of posting random stuff and dashing your hopes for a new release.

So I just came in to the teacher's room with a friend for lunch cause the lunchroom is loud and dirty and etc. So we eventually got onto the topic of tv.

Teacher: Actually, Dr. Who isn't the longest running tv series. It's some japanese series from the 60's, I forget the name.
Me: It's totally Ultraman.
Teacher: No, it was something other than that. Something that you would have never heard of, it was never brought over.
Teacher: Um, yeah that was it! But how did you-
Me: Kamen Rider aired in 1971, not the 60's. Ultraman is about 5 years older than it.

And then I proceeded to be a nerd.

Share your own geeky moment, or when you were surprised by someone else being a geek!

Happy Belated Easter, btw


So I hear you like radios

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Pic unrelated, but still cute.



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