Toqger 23 v2 released

Not really a v2. The original torrents had the Gaim CMs instead of the Toqger CMs. So this release is to fix that.

If you were in the middle of downloading, just keep the files in the same folder and point the torrent at it, it should resume.


Anyone want to work for TV-Nihon?

I could use some more QCers.

Current list of shows that we're actively working on:

  • The weeklys you know
  • Agito
  • Mega
  • And the Blu-ray remakes like Shinken, Kabuto, and W.
  • Other stuff that comes up

To qualify, you just have to have a good grasp of English and the ability to catch mistakes and recommend rephrasing changes. Having a grasp of Japanese is helpful, but not a requirement.

If you want to apply, e-mail or message me on the forums at takenoko. Thanks!

Garo -Makai no Hana- 14 HD 1080 released

We finally got a raw for this. Thanks for waiting!

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Faiz last batch released

Go get them!

Wangan Midnight 1080 v2 released

Sorry, fixed the audio now!

Like Initial D with Drake, Zeronos, and Snake, but not quite as good.

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Sexy Voice and Robo 01-02 DVD version 3 released

I wanted to release this real quick before the end of the series. This version fixes the frame rate issues with episodes 1-2.

Voice 1 Thread

Voice 2 Thread

Garo 17 on Dailymotion

Just trying this out. E-mail me if you have any comments about it.


Wangan 1080 recalled

Apparently there's audio/video desync. Fixing it ASAP.

Wangan Midnight with music video released

That should fix those unseeded music video torrents.

Wangan Midnight 1080 version released

Fixed up and released in 1080 format. Enjoy!

Does anyone have the HD versions of the Perfect Girls music videos archived? If so, I'd like to get those files so we can batch them with this movie. Please e-mail me using the contact link above if you do have them.

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Let's stream more Battride 2

Come and hang out if you want:

Gaim 39 released

Remember that Gaim is off next week!

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