Kuuga 20 released

Kamen Rider Heisei The First

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Thanks again to the staff for keeping this project alive.

New clan dungeon in Kingdom Of Loathing

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A new clan dungeon has opened in the online browser comedy RPG

If you want to participate, make an account and join our clan TV-Nihon (I believe you have to reach level 5 to join a clan). I hear this dungeon is in the mid 20 level range, so some grinding might be required.

While in our clan, feel free to unlock hotdogs in our VIP lounge hotdog stand.




They're Back! Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters VS Doubutsu Sentai Go-Busters

If Go-Busters was too serious for you, then have some hot-blooded animal action! Oh man, if they had replaced the CGI mecha with these hand drawn ones, it'd have been so good.

Sadly, this was only released on DVD so there's no HD version. Way to be behind the times V-Cinema!

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Wizard 44 released

Watch it or Detective Daimon will blow your head off!

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Kickstarter for some toku game?

"Check this out: it's a Super Sentai (not PR, but Sentai) game where you play as a bunch of Stuntmen tired of a Toei-esque company taking advantage of them, so they go off and open their own Sentai studio where they'll shoot their own indie series.

You fundraise and manage the studio, buy the props to make the show, and teach the actors new skills. Then, while shooting, the actors begin to confuse it for real fighting scenarios, and you play a turn-based RPG with it.

It looks like it'll be a strong game, and tries to stay faithful to the source material as best it can while allowing for a wide audience. I'm looking forward to it, and I figure you and the rest of the community will too.

Also, to note: It's the same company who developed the very successful 'Knights of Pen and Paper'. They're both very meta games, and give plenty of nods to their respective fandoms. Check it out, and see if it's worth sharing."


Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu

A friend of a friend of mine subbed this. Check it out if you'd like:

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Names you might recognize:

Matsuzaka Tori (ShinkenRed)

Takei Emi (Kaoru from Kenshin)

Takanashi Rin (ShinkenPink)

Shinkawa Yua (Pink Buster).


More stuff

5) When will (Insert Movie XYZ title here) be released?

Also, we have a page on the wiki keeping track of when stuff is released. If you see that it's like 2-3 weeks after the release, that probably just means we're working on it more than anything else. Really, if it's Rider or Sentai related, you don't even need to ask whether we're doing it, do you?

Also, we'll probably be doing the Hurricaneger returns movie that comes out in a month.

Recently Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are you doing Ginga?

Maybe. One of the translators is going to try, but he has limited time available so it will likely come out in a large batch in a couple months if he does do it.

2) Are you doing Kamen Teacher?

No. Staff have taken a look at it and weren't interested. Just cause it has Kamen in the title doesn't mean we have to do it!

3) Are you doing Hentai Kamen?

See above.

4) Are you doing (Insert Movie XYZ title here)?

If we are doing a movie, it will be listed with the movie release date in this  forum thread, which is regularly updated.

5) When will (Insert Movie XYZ title here) be released?

Well, has it been released on DVD and Blu-Ray yet? We cannot sub something without the physical media, it is literally impossible. Check the above link to see if it has been released yet. Keep in mind, you still have to factor in shipping from Japan to the US, which can take about a week.

6) Why is there commentary during this movie I downloaded?

Because your media player is old and sucks. The movies usually come with several audio tracks, mono, stereo, better stereo, and commentary. Any decent media player will decide to play only one. Stupid ones will decide "Oh, I should play all of these at once!". WMP is particularly notorious for doing this. Please download a different media player. GOM, VLC and MPC are all very good and can play pretty much any video file with the right codecs. GOM+CCCP is basically the Jesus player. If you're worried about system resources, MPC is only 2 mb and works beautifully.

tl;dr WMP is pewp, get something else.

7) Are you going to pick up (Insert series title here)?

No plans for picking up any new projects until we get some of the current ones done.

8) When is (Episode #) coming out?

Whenever you do.

9) So I heard that there's going to be a paid Toei channel with subtitled KR and SS, how will this affect you?

Please view this forum topic for details regarding our opinions on the matter.

10) Is this the most adorable picture of Luckyuro ever?

Yes. Yes it is.


Garo Yami wo Terasu Mono 15 released

Bonus: SD Garo promo for Tougen no Fue


Would you donate to help pay for our wiki server?

So right now the host we're using for the wiki is threatening to suspend our account because we're using too many resources. Right now, the wiki is hosted on a shared server, which means that we can't go over certain usage thresholds. For instance, we're only supposed to have 10,000 account executions per week, and we're using 12,504. Or as this chart says, this is us in red, and this is average:

So here's the unfortunate reality of the thing. They want us to shell out for either a dedicated server, or a cloud platform. And the cheapest of these is 70 dollars a month. That's just a couple hundred bucks short of a 1000.

What I need to know from you guys is, do you like our wiki enough to help pay for the server cost of it? I really like our wiki, I think it's a great source of info for our group both internally and for our fans, but I obviously don't have a grand to sink into the costs of paying for it every year.

Take the poll on our forum

Wiki down time?

I guess we're taking up too many resources on the server that we're using. I'm talking with our server guys about this, but so far it looks like our options are to either upgrade (expensive) or get suspended in a week. We're talking it over and we'll let you know what we decide.



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