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Blast from the past: Boukenger the Movie HD release (And bonuses)

Includes a bunch of commercials as well as the non-credit opening and ending from last year's anniversary. Not a lot of people downloaded that pack, so I figured it'd be fun to throw them in this batch too.

You might see someone familiar in the movie if you've watched Garo: Yami wo Terasu Mono.

Enjoy this nostalgic trip to the past. It's pretty crazy that was 8 years ago. Almost a decade.

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Gaim 22 released

Up to 720 only since our capper went out again. Sorry! Will just have to redo it when the blu-ray comes out.

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Ryuki getting a Blu-ray collection

Guess we know what's coming after Faiz. First set comes out July 11.


Kamen Rider Faiz 50 released

So our long journey through Faiz is at an end, again. We first rereleased the DVD for our anniversary on October 16, 2007. Then we really started going at it starting with episode 2 on July 29, 2009. Now here, on March 6, 2014 almost five years later, we can say that this project is complete. Thanks to everyone for sticking with us through this.

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More Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are you doing (insert next Sentai/KR series here)?


2) When will the next episode of (insert currently running Sentai/KR series here) come out?

What day is it? If it's before Sunday 7:30 Japan time then the episodes haven't aired yet. You can always check to see if we're up-to-date with our episodes by looking at our wiki and checking the chronology of the episodes. If it seems like we're running a bit behind, well, shit happens. We do our best but sometimes we get bogged down. If it's the first episode of a new series, we will need a while longer to hammer out karaoke, effects, naming conventions, all that fun stuff that gets decided in the first episode and then (hopefully) we don't change the rest of the series.

Please don't ask when an episode will come out because most of the time we honestly don't know ourselves, it depends on the availability of staff that week.

3) Why hasn't the 720 version of the episode been released yet?

Since we do all our encoding on one computer, we try to get the 1080 and the SD out first. 1080 we do to future-proof our releases so in 10 years they won't look totally horrible on your Super HD TV. SD we do as a concession to our viewers who do not have super-fast connections or have a limited amount of data they can download every month. 720 will eventually become unnecessary but for the moment we still release a 720 encode as a middle ground. However, it does mean it gets a lower priority when it comes to encoding so it is usually released sometime after the other two encodes, around 2-24 hours, depending on the encoder.

Please realize that encoding three different types of the same video is really an extra chore for us. We'd much rather encode only 2 or preferably only 1 but we do 3 so you as the viewer have a choice of which resolution is best for you.

4) Are you still doing (Megaranger/Zyuranger/Timeranger/Cheeseranger/Kuuga/Agito/etc)?

Non-currently running shows are done on a rotating basis, meaning when the translator finishes one chunk of episodes (usually one DVD's worth), they then move onto a different series and translate another chunk of episodes.

5) Are you doing (Insert Movie XYZ title here)?

If we are doing a movie, it will be listed with the movie release date in this forum thread, which is regularly updated.

6) When will (Insert Movie XYZ title here) be released?

Well, has it been released on DVD and Blu-Ray yet? We cannot sub something without the physical media, it is literally impossible. Check the above link to see if it has been released yet. Keep in mind, you still have to factor in shipping from Japan to the US, which can take about a week. If it is after the release date and we haven't released it yet, please be patient! We're juggling two to three weekly shows that have to be done first; movie comes second.

7) Why is there commentary during this movie I downloaded?

Because your media player is old and sucks. The movies usually come with several audio tracks, mono, stereo, better stereo, and commentary. Any decent media player will decide to play only one. Stupid ones will decide "Oh, I should play all of these at once!". WMP is particularly notorious for doing this. Please download a different media player. GOM, VLC and MPC are all very good and can play pretty much any video file with the right codecs. GOM+CCCP is basically the Jesus player. If you're worried about system resources, MPC is only 2 mb and works beautifully.

tl;dr WMP is pewp, get something else.

8) Please release (insert title here).

First, check our tracker to make sure we haven't already released it. If we haven't, ask yourself why we haven't released it. Is it because it hasn't aired yet? Is it because it's still in theaters? Is it because we're too busy making sweet love to your mother? Is it because we are normal people like you and have lives and jobs and this is just a very expensive hobby?

9) Are you going to pick up (Insert series title here)?

No plans for picking up any new projects until we get some of the current ones done. This doesn't mean that we won't in an impassioned frenzy pick up a new one at the bar, have a wild one night stand and totally regret the net 3 years we have to spend hiding from their texts. If there's already someone else subbing it, chances are very slim we'll pick it up. While in the past we did some anime, we're very much a tokusatsu-centric subbing group now and our subbing choices reflect that, so don't ask us to do Naruto or something like that.

10) Will you sub the Gatchaman live action movie?

No. You know why? It's bad. It's just plain, unequivocably bad. The writing is bad. The acting is bad (sorry ShinkenRed). The villains are mediocre. The effects are... pretty cool, but they don't make up for the otherwise tangled mess of predictable tropes and cliches that is the whole movie. We're not going to waste money, time and effort on something that you're just going to be disappointed by. Don't believe me? Just look at Kotaku's review and the comments.

11) Will you be doing any of the Toei Hero Next movies?

Ultimately we've decided not to because the main attraction of those movies is the actors from the current KR/SS shows. They have nothing to do with the actual shows themselves and basically are just another way to wring money from fans. If there's any good stand-out ones we might consider it but they're overall pretty bland movies quickly shat out to make the most of the actors while Toei's still got them under contract.

12) I disagree with your translation choices.

You're always welcome to discuss your opinion on the forums or in an email. We don't mind explaining our stylistic and linguistic choices for the shows we do and always listen to suggestions. If you tell us outright what you think where we can see your opinions, it's much more likely we'll act on them than if you post on some random message board that we don't check. Rational discussion is never punished, only trolling.

13) Why is TOQ-Oh so creepy?

I don't know what you're talking about.


Hurricaneger 10 years after released

10 years later, we finally release this special. It's just a one-off and we have no other plans to release the TV series. Enjoy!

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P.S. Congrats again, Nao!

Sexy Voice and Robo 02 DVD ver 2 released

Includes the series promo (from a crappy quality raw) and the Max Robo promos.

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Kyouryuu Ratings are in

Well the numbers are in. Thanks to Davinci for keeping those updated on the wiki:

Average: 3.9%
Highest: 5.3% (Brave 33) Introduces Maximum
Lowest 2.3% (Brave 24) Introduces the 7th Kyouryuuger

Go-Busters by comparison:

Average - 4.1%
Highest - 5.3% (Mission 36) Introduces Go-Buster Lioh
Lowest - 2.2% (Mission 22) Introduces Escape


Toqger 02 departing now

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday morning. Let's train on!

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