GameCenter CX 012 released

Arino's back! What game is he playing this time?!

Since it's been a while since we released one of these, if you've never seen the show, but do like:

  • Video games
  • Arcade games
  • Japanese shows
  • Japanese comedians

then you will probably like this show. If you come here, I'd say it's definitely worth trying out.

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Akiba 4 HD 1080 released


Got the Blu-ray, so we can finally release the 1080 version of this. Also releasing non-credit versions for the op/ed for episode 5.

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More information. We want information!

This is the map of people who go to our forums

And the map of people who go to our tracker

Fairly similar to our actual map, but there's way more people who just go to the tracker and don't go to the forums. Also, there's actual African IPs.


Also a slightly more detailed listing of country/city and gender from the facebook fanpage. Quite the sausagefest on here.



Updated maps

Sorry it took a while. Man, look at all those east coast guys. It's kind of funny how there's just patches in the middle where we're completely absent though.

World Map / North America Map


So now that we know where people are, how about we start discussing doing some meet ups?

Sailor Moon 1-18 DVD batch released

We finally have enough for one of these. Hurray! Now we can take down the old one.

Sailor Moon forum

So if you download the first batch then 19-50 and go "why is the quality of these so bad?" Please remember that we released those ten years ago. Man! Ten years...

Does it bother anyone else to see Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon used for the musical and in other instances that don't refer to the TV drama?

Sailor Moon 17 DVD released

So Izumi Rika (formerly went by Chisaki Hama) will be a regular on Gaim. Been a decade. Weird!

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Please stand by

Some technical difficulties with our seeder...

Will post again with an update as soon as there's something to report.

Other fandoms?

Because there's more to geekdom than toku, what other fandoms do you like?


Kuuga 22 released

Read Zeta's post if you want a little explanation/insight about some stuff that happened in Kuuga.

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Let the week of non-weeklys (except for the one we released yesterday) begin!


Figured I'd ask before I picked one up myself. Does anyone have a seedbox account that we can use? E-mail me. Thanks!

Crazy Map Project

So we've filled up the first page of the Google Maps and moved into a second page:

Google Maps Page 2:

If you don't see your name and you were previously on there, you might need to go back to the first page

New US Map:

I'll be moving the US addresses to this one. I think this is a new map module from Google, since I don't remember seeing it earlier this week. I kind of like this version better, since it's easier to search for places.



Super Hero Time

Just a reminder that Wizard/Kyouryuuger didn't air this week. Instead, they aired Super Hero Taisen with the Gaim commercials spliced in, thats where we got this trailer from.


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