Go-Busters 28 released

Why haven't we had a showdown between the heroine and villainess of the series yet?

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You got Power Rangers in my Sentai

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Ummm, Toei. You do actually know which series you licensed to be Power Rangers right? I get you'd want to do double the promotion since Power Rangers is so well known, but maybe make sure your logos are on the right series?



My Little Precious 01 Released


Bonus phone call thanks to Luna!

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By the way, we know that the TV-Asahi page spells the grunts' name as Ghouls. I just didn't want to use that because Ghouls in the west are more associated with undead and zombies.

So we took it back to the etymologicaly roots and used Ghul, since Ghoul comes from the Arabic word Al Ghul. Since the grunts have demon horns, I think a word that's more associate with demons is better. If this sounds familiar, that's because the Batman villain Ras Al Ghul has it as part of his name, plus he's known as the head of the demons. So this all works out.

Toku songs on the Piano

Silentwalker found this Youtube channel of a guy who plays toku and anime songs on the piano. Please enjoy!



So Super Climax Heroes?

This poster looks great, does anyone have a larger version of it?

Hello, Blade. You're reading for this game?

They're using actual TV actors for the characters? BAD ASS. Thank you for eventually doing this.

Spaceman Jones is on assignment again 28-39 released

Tommy Lee Jones

In case you missed our previous release, this is a series of Japanese commercials that star Tommy Lee Jones as an alien investigating Earth. If you read Kotaku, there was an article about this commercial series a couple weeks ago.

Apparently they're still releasing these commercials. I think the last one was just released this year a few months ago.

These commercials are pretty funny on a few levels. Tommy Lee Jones is a great actor, and he plays the alien is totally deadpan. (He has a few speaking lines in Japanese. The lines are very short, of course). At the same time, Jones is also an alien in that he's just a white guy who's surrounded by a bunch of Japanese people.

Spaceman Jones' thought narrations are read by the hauntingly memorable voice of Taniguchi Takashi.

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Oh Japanese Translations


Hade ni iku ze = Let's wipe them out

Lunagel: how would they do dohade ni iku ze?

Lunagel: let's seriously wipe them out?

Daimajin Kanon 17 released


I guess Izumi Shuuhei/TimeYellow is in this show. How about that? (He plays Kaenji)

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By the way, if you like games with a good story, check out the Walking Dead game from Telltale. Episode 3 of 5 just came out this week.

DaiRanger Movie HD released

Toei, Blu-rays for everything. Do it now.

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Shouji - 69 Years old

Kazu - 70 Years old

Ryou - 73 Years old

Daigo - 74 Years old

Rin - 68 Years old

Kabuto pics anyone?

I uploaded the contents of my Kabuto picture folder to Photobucket. There's 23 pages of pics, so feel free to enjoy them.

I also added the links to the albums onto the wiki.

Oh my, this is different

I guess this is our new front page.

So what do you think?


Kuroki from Go-Busters catches a peeping tom

Apparently he saw the peeper looking up the skirts of high school girls. I guess the peeper was a 60 year old taxi driver, but still, Kuroki's actor is in his 40s, so it's not that unfair of an age gap.

A hero on camera and off.

Enemy eliminated!

Happy Birthday Tsuda Kenji!


47 years old! And still one of the manliest guys in toku.


AkibaRanger Radio?

So episodes 3 and 4 have aired, but I'm thinking of maybe putting off on working on this. I mean, I listened to three and thought it was sorta interesting. But the guests are Seki Tomokazu and Oki Kanae. One was the Alpaca monster of the week, the other is a voice actress who just happens to like Sentai (She has appeared in previous Sentai shows).

That's really tangental to AkibaRanger, don't you think? Not that it's bad. It's more Sentai related than the previous two shows, but for now I'd like to focus on working on some other stuff and seeing if the show gets more interesting. Anyway, if you guys were wondering where the new shows were, that's what's going on.

Wiki Article.

Kamen Rider Fourze Penultimate Episode & Quiz 6 and Junction 6

A journey of 40 years at the speed of light.

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Quiz 6 thread

Edit: So how about a bit of trivia now that I see that you've finished your drink.

Takahashi Ryuki who plays Kengo on Fourze was nearly Gentarou. He made it to the final audition for the role along with Fukushi Sota who got the role. Takahashi is also a D Boy so he was in the Prince of Tennis Musicals. Plus he was on High Kick Girl, as well as movies with other tokusatsu stars like the movie "Messiah" and "Mahou Shoujo wo Wasurarenai".

Go-Buster 26 released

Let's Morphin!

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Since this is a Miho episode, how about some trivia about her actress, Nishihara Fuuka. She's been a fan of Kamen Rider since the first grade. She has a beginner's belt in karate and her father is a karate instructor. Her dream is to become an action actress.

Who knows? If she becomes the next Nao or a female Kamen Rider, that'd be pretty great.



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