One Punch Man's Hero and infinite translation possibility space

So I've been listening to the opening to One Punch Man "Hero" by the fantastic group JAM Project. And the original song is great. You can literally feel them push their vocal chords to their limit:

But what's fascinating to me is these two English dub covers of the song:

It's neat because the lyrics vary quite a bit, but both do an interesting job at capturing the feeling of the show in different ways. It's a departure for subbing, since in dubs you can just put whatever you want as long as you get the feeling more or less correct. But it's also more constrained, since it has to sound lyrical and fit well in a song.

It kind of reminds me of this story from Radiolab, where this one guy had this French poem translated in dozens of ways to try to capture the structure, tone, and meaning of the original in English.

It might be counter intuitive, but having very clear constraints can be very beneficial to creative works. It gives focus and can lead to surprising innovation.


KR Shin/ZO/J/SD bonuses batch released

Bonus: Renaider, the Ryuki parody, included.

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Kaigan! Kamen Rider Ghost 29

You sass that hoopy Onari? Now there's a frood who really knows where his Eyecon is.

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Garo -Makai Retsuden- 04 released

So I split off the Sumi Rena meat review bit. Maybe we'll do this as a weekly thing? It's only 3 minutes long, so give it a try and if you like it, let us know.

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KR Amazons 05 released

The sign says "Two days until episode 5 is released!!"

Now with maybe a more accurate end theme translation? Kind of says a lot that the closest thing we have to "official lyrics" is someone's interpretation of the lyrics in the Amazon comment section for the digital download of the song. Where's CD inserts to the rescue?

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KR Amazons 04 v2 released

Oh yeah, check out the commercials for Garo this week. We found a yummy Japanese food corner.

Jyuohger 10 SD v2 released

The original was encoded at the wrong resolution. Sorry about that!

Kaigan! Kamen Rider Ghost 26

Grandmother says whoop yo' ass~

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