KR Agito 51 released

Series complete for now! Also, this is cute.

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KR Agito 50 released

Amazons Promo 90s version released

Episode 1 is in qc, worry not! For now, enjoy this 90 second promo which appears to be the original promo, but with more footage.

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KR Agito 49 released

It's the final countdown~

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All Kaigan! Ghost 24

An accurate depiction of this episode.

If you haven't figured it out yet because of how amazingly crafty we were, Ghost 23 v4.1 was an April Fool's joke but I really do recommend you check it out cause we knocked it out of the park if I do say so myself.

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KR Agito 48 released

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In light of the fact that Agito is coming out on Blu-ray in September, I think that once we're done with the Agito releases on DVD, we'll consider the series done until the Blu-ray. I think there's just the Hyper Battle Videos left anyway?

And yeah, we'll be rereleasing Agito in HD from the Blu-rays. Should be easier since we used modern subbing techniques for the DVD release. If you notice anything that needs changing, just let us know!

Garo -Makai Retsuden- Promo released

Still doesn't tell us much, unfortunately. As others have guessed, it's probably going to be a series of one-off stories featuring characters from the last 10 years of Garo.

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KR Ghost 23 v4.1 Released!

Whoops! Realized there were a massive amount of translating mistakes in episode 23 so here's version 4.1, it's much much better!

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Jyuohger 07 released

Splash by Unknown Chaser

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All Kaigan! Ghost 23

Yeah, so the reason this episode took so long is there is a giiiiiaaaant clusterfuck of effects we've never done before so it was actually worse than typesetting a first episode. But here you go, enjoy the longest belt jingle in the history of ever.

Where's that muting Ganma when you need him?

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Amazons Promo v2 released

I missed a line in QC! So the first line is wrong, it should have said " There are 4000 Amazons in this city."

Enjoy the v2!

Ultraman Nexus manga?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

An Ultraman Nexus manga came out and no one told me? Come on, guys!


Where is Ninninger VS Drive?

For people having trouble finding it, it's in the second Drive batch. We tend to put versus stuff in the Rider side of the batches:

Battride streaming now

Heart was a tough boss...


Kaigan! Ghost 22!

Om nom nom nom nom delicious octopus balls

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