Garo -Makai Retsuden- HD720 Batch release

Also includes Bikuu the Movie

HD and SD batches coming soon.

Kaigan! Ghost 43

Adel! Cover your shame man!

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Garo Remaster 06& CM v2 released

Reencoded and released. Sorry about earlier!

Garo Remaster 06 recall

Looks like I encoded it with last week's script. Please wait for a v2.


Ninninger 24-47 and movie batches released

If you like this art, please check out the artist's website.

Batch includes

  • 24-47
  • Movie
  • Returns
  • VS Toqger

Remember that if you were on the torrents before, you can complete the files by moving incomplete files to the batch folder.

Polls/series discussion thread

Was 2.82 / 5 stars in February (68 votes)

Now it's 2.50 / 5 stars currently (121 votes)

Take that how you will.

Kaigan! KR Ghost 42


Takeru, where the hell did you find a Charmander? I've been searching everywhere for one!

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Keitai Sousakan 7 37-45 Blu-ray versions And Extras released

Blu-ray release FAQ

Remember no episode 46, because we had previously mislabled a special as an episode. The current release corrects that.

The music videos are new encodes in h264 codec mp4 format. We did some QC on them as well. The source video is whatever we had before (I had a DVD for the Rain music video. I think we just had random encodes as raws for the rest.)

Thank you to Azazel and all the QCers who worked on this new batch of Keitai Sousakan.

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Looks like we don't have a poll for this series. I'm going to set it for a month, so please vote and let your opinion on the series be heard:

Poll / Series review thread


Devil Kei is watching you poop.


KR Ex-Aid webpage goes up


Thread'll probably have spoilers. Just try to keep them reasonable and nothing too outrageous.

So, he's got a very stylistic head... Anyone else reminded of how much people hated Decade when we first saw his image?

Also Famicom chest. Now that I've said everything everyone else has already said, what do you guys think?

Discussion Thread

Garo HD remake, ep 4 skipped

So here's something weird. It looks like they went from episode 3 to episode 5 for the HD remake airing. And next week is episode 6. So do you guys want us to keep the original episode numbers and just have a missing 4? Or do you want us to use the new numbering system? Sometimes people revise the episode airing for good reason. (I can't think of any reason why it would be here, besides episode 4 having low ratings).

Do you guys think episode 4 was permanently cut?



Kaigan! Kamen Rider Ghost 41

I would probably play this game.

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Jyuohger 22 released


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