Garo HD Remaster

So Garo's first series is coming out in a HD remaster format. What's happening is that the TV series will get air. Then a Blu-ray release is coming in December. So we'll sub the TV broadcast, but the best quality will be when we get the Blu-rays.


No Jyuohger July 9th

To fill in the gap, tell us what animal Jyuman you'd like to meet and why. Bonus points for pictures.


More left-handers

Arai Yuusuke (was recently in Garo)
Hamada Haruki Tsurugi Hiryuu (But ChangeDragon was right-handed)
Kamen Rider Sigurd
Kataoka Tsurutaro Honganji Jun
Kojima Yoshio recently in garo
Kotobuki Minako Naria's voice
Oguri Shun was in Densha Otoko and many other shows
Okamoto Jirou suit actor
Sakurada Dori New Den-O
Shimizu Rara Young Kagura
Shinkawa YuaPhantom Thief Pink Buster
Tanaka Youji was in Garo
Tsuda Kanji Editor in Chief for Ryuki and many other shows
Warabino Tomoya Heart Roidmude
Yoshii Rei Rinna
Yoshiki Risa Sakurada Rika and alt world Pink Buster

So yeah, if you're left-handed, Drive was the show to be on.

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Call to the lefties

Hey, I'm making a list of Japanese actors and actresses who are left-handed. So far I've got:

Hara Mikie (Cutie Honey)
Matsuzaka Tori (ShinkenRed)
Morita Suzuka (Shinken Yellow)
Sakurada Dori (New Den-O)
Yoshii Rei (Rinna from Drive)

Does anyone know any other ones?


Movie releases have multiple audio tracks

So a viewer recently had an issue where he was playing a movie we subbed, but got the audio commentary track instead of the normal audio track.

This is a first for me, but apparently the commentary track was the default track in this player. But the viewer was luckily able to find the audio setting which let him switch it to the other audio track.

This is useful knowledge for people who have surround sound systems. I usually encode it so that the audio track is Stereo by default, but most movie releases also come with a Surround sound setting, in case you want to take advantage of that.


Chaser v2 released

Was missing a font. 720 version coming soon.

Chaser & Uchida RIo Coke CM released

Sorry it took so long to release!

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Time to do more polls! The newest poll is, What do you think of Ghost?

Bikuu movie plug

Thought I'd plug the Bikuu movie again, since it seems like it's not getting a lot of downloads.

Let me assure you that it's a good movie. There's one flash of nudity and there's a lot of really great nightmarish imagery (which might be a positive or negative depending on what you like), but the characters and story are solid. And it's not just fan servicey. They really work to build this spin off from the world of Garo.

If you didn't like Bikuu from Makai no Hana or the appearance of the characters in Makai Retsuden, let me assure you that they're good here. We wouldn't sub a making-of segment to a movie that wasn't worth it.

Even better, if you're not a fan of Garo, it stands on its own as an interesting tokusatsu movie.You don't need to watch Makai no Hana to understand this movie.


Garo -Makai Retsuden- 12?

Looks like Amazon Prime is streaming it. Maybe we can get a raw when they've posted the episode up. (It currently isn't listed, so there must be some delay between airing and streaming.)


Bikuu the Movie released

See more pics (All pics are included in the release torrent)

Bonuses included:

-Making Of
-Original Sound Track
-Booklet scans

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Can't do Garo this week

Sorry for the letdown, but something happened to both our cappers this week. Guess we'll have to catch it when there's a Blu-ray release. Bummer.


Engage! KR Ghost 36

I will protect you from despair, Koyomi! Wait... wrong show...?

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