New banners added

Go to the forums and keep hitting refresh till you see one! (Well, maybe don't) But it's been a while since we had new banners. If anyone wants to make one, the guideline is about 88 pixels tall and about 477 pixels wide, but it supports variable widths.

Submission Thread

Ex-Aid 01 and bonuses released

  • Commercial pack
  • Poppy's Room Promo and Poppy's Room 1
  • Gamer Driver 30s CM
  • Junction 1

I decided not to translate the Ganbarizing stuff because it didn't interest me. But I left it in, in case people wanted to see it. Please don't bother our Twitter and Facebook asking why it's not subbed or if we plan to sub it. Thanks!

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SF Meetup in November?

Location: SF Japantown (Tentative)

Date: November 11th or 13th


Jyuohger 32 v2 released

Realized we forgot to include the new Super Hero Time opening, sorry! The episode itself is the same so you don't have to redownload if you don't want to.

Garo 13 Remaster + Jyuohger 32 Released

I want a giant donut too.

Please remember that first episodes take more time so Ex-Aid will be out as soon as we can but will take longer than usual.

Garo Thread / Wiki

Jyuohger Thread / Wiki

Pixiv Artist

Deka VS Aba Blu-ray v2 released

I’ve never noticed the DekaBase bathroom has an icon of a dog in a bath on the door.

v2 to fix the encoding. I think it looks better now. Thanks to everyone's feedback for how to encode this better. You can read the conversation to see what kind of changes were made for this encode.

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New show: Ex-Aid

New show means new stuff to work on. If we can get splash pics for Ex-Aid (and our other shows). Also new qcers are always needed. Currently on our backlog is Agito, Deka, and Blade blu-rays.

Ghost poll, a poll for ghost

Show's over, what did everyone think of the series?

Vote in poll

If you have to vote in one poll this year, make it this one. Wait, what?

Currently at 2.91 out of 5 stars with 46 votes.

When I last checked in on August 7th, it was 3.95 out of 5 stars with 37 votes. Well that went downhill fast.

Kaigan! Kamen Rider Ghost Finale!

Good riddance bye, Ghost! And helloooooo nurse doctor!

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Garo 12+CM remaster released

My Turn!

Likes trying to convince people that Kouga is Kaiba Seto cosplay.

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Any encoders out there?

Anyone use Avisynth who can recommend a good noise reduction filter (And recommended settings)? I really think these Deka Blu-rays will need them.



Jyuohger 30th anniversary released

Last week's poll: 4.48 / 5 (23 votes)

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Amazons English page

"Haruka and Jin: a farmed boy and a feral man. Introducing these two contrasting Amazon Riders, the distinctive characters invite you into such mysterious and dramatic stories."

" , He has spent nothing day-to-day except caring tropical fish in the aquarium."

Kamen Rider The First / The Next Blu-ray versions

The First

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The Next

No takenoko cut, sorry! I also didn't realize till just now that there were movie trailers that we could have reencoded. I don't think I have the script for it, anyway.

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