KR Wizard SD Batches released

If you were on them, seeding them before, please move to the new batches. (Please note that it will take a while to seed all three torrents.)

Remember that if you had a partially completed file, you need to move them into the folder [T-N]Kamen_Rider_Wizard for it to be continued with the batch torrent.

SD 01-16, Junctions 1-4, Music Videos, Promos, Wizard & Fourze movie DC, Journalist meeting

SD 17-32, Junctions 5-8, Super Hero Taisen Otsu, Super Hero Taisen Z, Music Videos

SD 33-53, Junctions 9-12, Majika Land, Movie, Wizard Quest 1-2, HBV, Music Videos

Happy Kaixa Day!

Once again September 13th rolls around and we celebrate that greatest of heels, Kaixa. Celebrate by printing out his picture and using it for dart practice or something!

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Netajin 3 released

Prepare to laugh again to Jinnai Tomonori's comedic sketches.



Does anyone want to do a podcast?

One of our staff members might be interested in starting one up. He's included a poll and is looking for some feedback and help:


Garo -Makai no Hana- 21 released

With guest star, Watanabe Dai, son of Watanabe Ken.

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Garo -Makai no Hana- 20 released

Do you know your Makai Priests?

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Ultraman Ginga 11 released

"Ends in one week! Everyone just wait!" -Ultraman Ginga

While this is the last episode, there's still the movie and other extras coming. So keep an eye out for that! Thanks for being patient and supporting us!

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