Kyouryuuger SD batch 27-48, VS Go-Bus, 100 years after, Bounty Hunters

Second and final SD batch released! Includes the Versus Go-Busters movie, 100 years after special, and Bounty Hunters. If you're from the future, that's where the movie will be found since it takes place in the Kyouryuuger continuity, so we're just counting it as the same thing (plus Kyouryuu cast and a shit ton of Sentai cameos).

Toqger 46 released


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Tracker fixed

There was an issue with the tracker from restarting the server last night that I did not catch. It has since been resolved.

Tracker borked

Looks like it's not working. An e-mail has been sent to the server admin, so all we can do is wait. Hopefully the issue can be resolved in the next day or so.

We're the Bounty Hunter Troupe (Toei Hero Next 4) released

This movie was awesome. Unfortunately, it's only DVD source so no HD, but man is it good. If you're a fan of Kyouryuuger, Sentai, or Director Sakamoto's work, you should check this out. The cameos are also amazing, so check out the bonus footage too.

If you're getting it off the torrent, look for it under the Kyouryuuger folder.

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Tokusatsu facts? Trivia? Quizzes?

If you're a tokusatsu trivia master, e-mail me a list of your best stumpers. I'm collecting them because I want to run some sort of trivia game at some point. When you e-mail them to me, send them in a question then answer format. Thanks!

Kodai Shoujo 12 and series batch released

Finale! Thanks to everyone for waiting! There's no plans to work on anything else from this series at this time. Sorry!

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Wiki List of film accidents

As fans of stunt men and women, I thought you guys would find this interesting to read too.


KR Drive 16 + CM + Junctions 1-3 released

In case you were on vacation last week, there's no Toqger this week!

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Dogu-chan 11 released

It's the beginning of the end!

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Dogu-chan 10 released

Guest stars: Ran's mom from GekiRanger and Haruka (pictured) from Yami wo Terasu Mono. (Also pictured: Micchi, before he was on Gaim). All this info and the pics are on the wiki, so go search for it!

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Boukenger guests in Drive

Thought these were cute. Bouken poses and a pose with Director Morota (who directed 13 episodes of Boukenger along with the movie)


Hyper Hobby magazine on a break

Sad to say, but it looks like there's no Hyper Hobby this month. (Where will I get my Ninninger info and pics?!) I'm a big fan of this magazine. They cover toys and tokusatsu and anime. A lot of the pictures that you see me scan are from this magazine.

It's just got it all, which is why I've had a subscription to it for almost 10 years now. But it looks like last month's issue is going to be the last one that they have for a while.

The silver lining is that they say they plan to "renew" the publication. I don't know if that's some lingo for saying there's a shakedown, a restructuring, but I'm sure we're all aware that print media is a dying breed. I don't know what else to say, but that I wish them the best and hope to see them again someday.

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Dogu-chan 08 released

Special guest star: Ishino Mako AKA Swan-san!

Oh yeah, we're finishing this series. Hurray!

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Gokaiger Reunion pics

Davinci has posted a few of these to a thread on our forum. Check 'em out!

Kyouryuuger 1-26 and movie SD batch released

Remember to move the individual files to the batch if you're planning on resuming. Hopefully Gaim next.

No Toqger Feb 1st

Was preempted to air a news story about the execution of the ISIS Japanese hostage.
07:30 - 08:00
ANN報道特別番組 イスラム国日本人人質事件 後藤健二さん殺害か

Drive is scheduled to air as normal.



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