DaiRanger 38-50 batch released

Remember to resume with the batch if you were downloading the individual torrents.

Also, Mag pointed out some amusing trivia about DaiRangers from the Japanese wiki.

Dairenjaa Dairen-Ou, the Dairen is the Japanese pronunciation of Dalian, a region in China. Apparently it was originally going to be called Daikenja 大拳者 (Big Fist person).

There was a false long going rumor that it was going to be called Chuuka Sentai Chinaman (chuuka = Chinese, so that's redundant) but apparently that was debunked recently in the Super Hero Taihen net videos.

In the 90s they stopped making Sentai movies. In 1994 with DaiRanger, they did their first Super Hero Fair (ZO or J, Dai, and some Metal Heroes guy movie).