Japanese is awesome, but it shouldn't be the only tool in your bag

So I was talking with someone who read my previous post explaining why I decided to change the phrasing in Fourze to "Space kitaaa!". This post in fact.

To clarify, the point of the post isn't that every word needs to be left in Japanese. That would be bad and I feel like people exaggerate that point when complaining about our subs.

Imagine that translation is like being a mechanic of some sort. If you reach in your bag and you only have one tool, be it the "translate everything into English" tool or "leave everything in Japanese" tool, you would be an ineffective mechanic, because you only have one tool in your bag. That was the real point of my last post. Just be open to having more than one tool in your bag. You have to approach every situation when translating in a brand new way, because every situation is different. Too much constraint is a bad thing.

Think about it this way. I once watched a Chinese movie (I think it was Storm and Cloud). So whoever did the subs for that translated the main characters as Wind and Cloud. Fine, I can see what you were going for there. Someone could name their kids Wind and Cloud since those are beautiful things. But the bad guy's name was translated to Conquest.

Since he was the bad guy, his Chinese name must have meant "conquest" in Chinese, but it comes off as an extremely goofy decision. That translator ruined that character, because it became too meta. That guy's parents didn't name him Conquest, the writer who knew he was the bad guy gave him a name that also happened to mean Conquest. You can't just write out that guy's name like that without it bludgeoning the viewer on the head with its meaning.