HeartCatch Precure 16 released. One door closes, another opens

HeartCatch 16 released

So this is the last HeartCatch that'll be done by the Magenta and Lobster members. Because they're leaving to do their Precure on their own, the timing, translation, and typesetting will be done by other members

For people who don't know me, I'm takenoko and I'll be doing the translation. I was previously on the show as QC, so I'm pretty familiar with the show. I've translated for the live Sailor Moon show, Fairy Musketeer Akazukin, and Powerpuff Girls Z, and am a fan of shoujo in general (I've bought the HeartCatch CD and a couple of the DVDs). In any case, the show is in good hands with people who care about it. There won't be any month breaks on my watch

Some changes to expect:

-Different typesetting and karaoke of course

-SD will now be in Xvid encoding and 704x396 resolution, HD will still be 264

-HeartCatch will now be weekly. One of the reasons for the split was I wanted this series done weekly, so it'll probably released along with Kamen Rider W and Goseiger from here on once we're caught up

So far I've got up to 21 in QC. Just need to translate 22 and 23 and we'll be caught up for this week. Things will be different, but I think it'll be okay. Maybe some things will be even better, who knows?

Yes Precure will not be continued by this group. But Magenta says he plans to continue on with it, so don't give up hope on it yet. He's also staying on to continue the Rockman/Megaman anime. So that will proceed as scheduled

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