Akiba 13 & CM Pack released

Sorry it's late! Even if it's painful, at least we released it. Here's the splash pics that we didn't end up using. Sorry to the artists who created them. At least people can enjoy them here. If you check our Akiba wiki page, you can find a link to a map of all the filming locations used for Akiba, courtesy of Luna (who also made the last splash pic).

Thread / Wiki

Future of Akiba: I guess there was a live event and some radio show going on? Guess we'll try to find that stuff. If it's interesting, we might do them. I don't want to make any promises without knowing more.

So is it painful to be an otaku? Sometimes I wonder about this, right. I wonder if maybe I should put more effort into getting a family or something. Or maybe doing things with broader implications than entertainment. I think these are important questions to ask oneself from time to time.

But I think entertainment can be important too. I go to work and take care of my old dog. I pay my bills and handle my responsibilities just like the next man. I think it's sometimes okay to just disappear into one's hobbies. As long as it's not all-consuming in a self-destructive way, why not, right? And this fansubbing stuff makes you guys happy, so that's good too.

In the end, I think that if we're all doing our best in our own way, that's going to have to be alright.