Hiring people to do QC

Hiring people to do QC. That includes spotting errors and making suggestions. Send me a forum PM if you're interested.

We have too many projects and not enough QC people to look at them all. If you want to help with any of the following series, consider becoming a QCer to help us:

Amazons S1 7-13 Blu-ray
Blade 4-6 Blu-ray [60fps]
Decade 6-11 Blu-ray
Dyna 21-51 Blu-ray, Hanejiro Returns, CMs, OP
Orb Origin Saga 4-5
PGSM 32-36
Sasuke 34 CM

Agito 1-4 Blu-ray [60fps]
Amazons S1 1-6 Blu-ray
Decade 1-5 Blu-ray
Dyna 11-20 Blu-ray
Goseiger Returns Blu-ray
Keibuto Yabe kenzou 5-8
Zero Dragon Blood Blu-ray 5-8