Sunday stream now: Memory of Heroez

Quick FAQ:

-Playing the SE Asian version on a PS4 Pro through a Hauppage capture device. Apparently both Japanese and Asian version have English subtitles, I was incorrectly telling people otherwise

-I bought my copy through but apparently you can probably download it through Japanese PSN or Nintendo eshop

-Only Zero-One has his original actor. If you're curious about the actors, a lot of the voices are surprisingly (or maybe it's not such a big surprise) from Kiramager. Spoilers for our wiki article I guess.

-Do I recommend it? Maybe if you're a Rider fan, especially W or OOO. But otherwise, it's a cheap tie-in game. The gameplay is fun enough, but you can see where they cut corners. There's literally a maze that's just a series of nondescript battle arenas, which pretty much describe the whole game. I'll probably write a more thorough review when I'm done, but you can see the footage and judge for yourself.

-I'm streaming through Twitch, but I'll post the local recordings to YouTube when I'm done if that's easier for people to view it. Only two copyright claims so far lol. Guess it's just as well that I didn't get the premium sound version.

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