A touching fan letter

I received a very touching letter recently and wanted to share it with you all. It shows that you can never be too old for toku and that it's important to live every moment to the fullest:

Dear TV-Nihon people,

    My name is David B., and I want to thank you on behalf of my partner especially.  My partner, David S., and I have been together for seventeen years (yes, we are both named David).  We discovered Super Sentai and Kamen Rider through your torrents, starting with Dekaranger and Den-O.  (Den-O really spoiled us for Kamen Rider, LOL.)  We RE-discovered the Ultraman franchise through you too (neither of us knew there had been so many series, or even more than the original!).  Every few days I would check to see what latest stuff there was.  We would download it and watch it over breakfast, usually.  It became a regular part of our lives and something we discovered together.  

    As you may have surmised from the tone of this email, my partner has passed away.  We both got Covid.  He was older (I'm 53, and he's 61) and with many more health issues than me.  It hit around Christmastime.  Everything happened very quickly after that.  He went onto oxygen and intubation basically right away, and did not suffer, because of the sedation, thank God.

    The lessons -- yes, you can teach old dogs new tricks -- that we learned from these shows are helping me at this time.  And our friends are reaching out to help me in this time (another good Japanese hero team principle of letting people help).  The tokusatsu series have become part of our lives.  I believe my partner will be with me in spirit for however many years I have left, and I believe "we" will be watching more shows to come as you release them (or as they are released officially, depending on what the companies do).  You sparked it all off for us.  And especially for him.  We both discovered so much cool Japanese culture this way.  And that legacy will be with us/me/etc. forever.  Thank you, again, for all of this.  Prayers and good vibes welcome at this time, of course.  God bless you. Thank you.

    David B. and David S. (1959-2021)

Thank you for writing and allowing me to share this letter with our fans!