Goseiger Returns and Versus Theater Series Versus Theater SD released


Goseiger Last Epic And more stuff like toy commercials, the music video promo for the opening, and movie trailers that come with the DVD. Note: The HD release will have the same SD files. That's because Goseiger Returns was a DVD-only release. No Blu-ray. Thanks Toei. So some files will be duplicated if you get both torrent batches.

Plus we released the Super Sentai Versus Series Theater SD version. (HD coming up, I just wanted to stagger the releases.) Fair warning, they do talk about the movies and the shows they're based on, so there's some spoilers. But if you like Sentai, hopefully you'll enjoy the tour that the Goseigers take us through.

Edit: If you don't know what the Super Sentai Versus Theater thing is. It's simply the Sentai Versus movies chopped up into half hour chunks and then aired before the Goseigers in the morning. So the Goseigers hosted the intro and outro to the show, this is the part that we've subbed.

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