ZyuRanger 7 released

DaiZyuJin Watch out! It's Godzilla! No wait, that was for the pic I used last time.

Episode 7

Have I ever explained what the name Kyouryuu Sentai ZyuRanger means?
Well, kyouryuu/dinosaur (恐竜 from the kanji scary-dragon) is the theme, even though a saber tooth tiger, a mammoth, and technically pteranodon are not dinosaurs.

The pronunciation for ZyuRanger is actually JuuRanger since the jyu/獣 part means beast. The reason it's spelled in this way is because it relies on some outdated romanization techniques (The same one that spells shi as si and chi as ti, I think). So the official spelling is completely meaningless. It's the same word for "beast" that you know from GekiJyu/Fierce Beasts or HyakuJyu/Animals.

Note that JuuMammoth probably does not use this kanji. That Juu is probably this kanji.:

That's why we spell if JuuMammoth instead of ZyuMammoth.

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