How about some new QCers?


First, it's been a week. So here's my thoughts on OOO as a whole.

So let's talk getting new QCers. QC does the reviewing of the subtitles and providing feedback/corrections. It seems like a simple job, but it really is work.

The ideal candidate would be able to make time for our work. It's a fun job, but we still expect you to do a good job. That means doing things in a reasonable amount of time, following instructions well, and being good at communicating. If you don't do a good job, thanks for the interest and no hard feelings, but I'm throwing you out of the group, simple as that. In that sense, if you're under twenty and have never had any sort of responsibility in your life before, you're probably not a good candidate for this.

They must be observant to find mistakes and creative enough to offer suggestions of their own. Knowing Japanese is a plus. Having a good grasp of English is kind of essential. If you're kind of anal and like to find fault in others, great, that's the best.

I mean, it's a labor of love. You join up because you want to add your contribution to make our releases as best as possible. If you've read all this and this sounds like something you're interested in doing, please send me a forum PM (To takenoko) with about about a page of writing to describe yourself, your work style, why you think you'd be good at this job, etc. Don't e-mail me to apply, those will be thrown out for not following instructions and because we do most our work through the forums. So an account is necessary.