PGSM revival project

So eight years ago, we started working on one of our most successful projects, the live action drama for Sailor Moon. Last month, they released a DVD pack that was a fairly good price (for Japanese DVDs at least) so I picked it up. So in our free time, we're going to be working to rerelease the show off the DVDs.

Something that I'd like to add to the show that we didn't have before is a splash screen at the front of the video. If people would like to create splash screens, please make it 640x480 in resolution and maybe have #TV-Nihon and your name in there too.

If you want to submit your splash screen, please e-mail it to me or drop it in this thread:

Also, I'd really like to clean up the scripts and put it through a modern QC process, so if we could get a QCer for this as well as Mebius, that'd be good.