Release 4000: Kamen Sentai GoRider 01

Thanks for hanging out with us for 4000 releases!

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KyuuRanger 07 and CM released

That ain't no Saint Seiya.

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KR Ex-Aid 23 released


Give the poor man clothes!

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Website Upgrade Weekend

Various parts of the website will be going down this weekend to be upgraded in order to address various issues with the front page, the wiki, and forums.

KyuuRanger 05 v2

Episode proper is fine, the Henshin Lesson had some issues and we forgot to include it in the 720 torrent, sorry!

KyuuRanger 05 and Henshin Lesson released

Who is that handsome, passing-through, mysterious Rider?

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How many more lessons???

What is going on with Toei?

Toei rant thread

Also did you know Avex banned the sale of their CDs internationally? I didn't know that. Thread


KR Ghost Movie, Alain 1-4, Epilogue HBV and KR Girls music videos released

Thread / WIki

Alain - Thread / Wiki

HBV - Thread / Wiki

KR Girls music videos thread


Zero -Dragon Blood- 09 + CM and 08 Commentary

Forgot to release the commentary last week! Watch it this week!

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