KR Zero-One 36 v2 released

Had to fix a typo!

KR Zero-One 36 released

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Artist spotlight: Gufu-Kandagawa

Tumblr recommended this artist to me, and their art is pretty cute! I love their main page pic of the Transformer seekers are birds. Starscream even has a crown!

Any video encoder techy guys around?

I need to capture some footage from a VCR player and a Laser Disc player, does anyone have good advice for how to do that?

I'm currently working with someone to redo our Toei Yu-Gi-Oh anime subs, but this tech can be used for other stuff too



Garo -Versus Road- 10 released

Put these Makai eye drops in your eyes.

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Ultraman R/B HD1080/SD Series Batches released

Minor changes in batch:

  • v2 for R/B 16 for typesetting
  • Added CRC to the file names for the Countdown Messages

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R/B Silhouette Screens


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