Garo Smile and FF14 Promo v2 released for HD/SD versions

SD's audio was off and HD wasn't proper 1080 resolution. My apologies!

Jyuohger 46 released

Looks like Yamato's actor had his 20th birthday last November around when they filmed this.

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KR Ex-Aid 15 released

M & Emu

Drawn by Egophiliac! If you like Rider, My Little Pony, Undertale, or Pokemon, then check out their blog too. It's cute stuff:

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Genm Special 1v2 out

Some small fixes. I think an attack name and a logo was changed. Go get it!

#TV-Nihon supports all diversities

Maybe a bit late, but I just wanted to say that #TV-Nihon is supportive of all diversities that are out there. We have a lot of great people in our fandom like women, different ethnicities, gay, bi, trans, people with disabilities, international people, etc. I don't know how toku creators see their fandom, but the appeal of their shows, toys, and merchandising go beyond boys. It's not always easy, but we try to be accepting of people for who they are.

Garo 04 v2 Blu-ray released

I'm a dummy, the audio was wrong in the first release. Here's a version 2!

Garo 04 Blu-ray released. It's not over yet!

Fool, did you think it was over?!

Here's lost episode 4. You can block drugs from TV, but you can still get it on Blu-ray.

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Zero -Dragon Blood- 0 more days, episode 1 released

Of course there's a 0 day on the countdown, shoulda known.

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