KR Decade 25 v3 released

Damn extra punctuation!\

KR Decade 25 v2 released

Accidentally commented out a line while editing it.

Ultraman R/B 15 released

That would make for a huge buckle for a henshin belt.

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Ultraman R/B 14 released

"I <3 Ayaka City"

Would you wear any of the shirts from the Quattro M shop?

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Garo -Versus Road- Trailer released

Starts April 2nd in Japan

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KR Zero-One 28 v2 released

Looks like I introduced a typo when I did a bad copy paste that erased a "...we" from a line. Hopefully this is the only problem with this week's video!

Shinkenger Movies released in HD for the first time

So if you remember those Sentai Blu-ray movie collection from a few years back, they had the Shinkenger movies which were previously DVD-only (and thus SD only). So now here are the movies in HD. Enjoy!

There's even the creditless ending which we didn't release for the DVD versions!

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VS Go-Onger: Thread / Wiki

Returns: Thread / Wiki

Ultraman R/B 13 released

Enjoy Aizen with some facial hair!

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Ultraman R/B 12 released

And now the real reason you're here...

Aizen Makoto. Bear witness to his manic energy and scene chewing as he torments the wonder twins.

Mitsurugi Saki, she's a mysterious girl

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Garo Movie shipment

Estimated Delivery: Friday, March 20, 2020 By End of Day

1 Pieces

  Further Detail: Next Step:  
    Destination Service Area: SAN FRANCISCO GATEWAY, CA  
Friday, March 20, 2020
  Customs status updated CINCINNATI HUB, OH - USA 1:51 AM


So I was hoping to receive the Garo movie today, buuuuut... it might take a few more days instead.


Ultraman R/B 11 released

Here's the rest of the Minato family. The father is King Aslan. And Asahi is the little sister and that's all.

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Ultraman R/B 10 released

Oookay, we're finally releasing a new episode of R/B. It took us a while to rejigger the 1-9 v2 batch. So yeaaah...

If you're new to R/B, please check out the new batch. If you need a refresher...

These are Billy and Jimmy Lee. They're the Double Dragons. When they clasp hands and yell Wonder Twins Combine, they become Ultraman 3D. If you have any corrections or comments, please submit them to

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Watch parties?

Would people be interested if we set up meeting time to watch a release?

Like maybe 10 PM Eastern, 7 PM Pacific on the day of a release people can meet up and watch the episode release together? It'd just be an excuse to hang out and experience a thing together with other people

We can probably set it up on discord or whatever

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