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Bad news

We had some hardware problems this morning and weren't able to cap Gaim and Kyou as usual.

Still working on wrapping up last week's Kyou which was delayed. Just waiting on the ending song karaoke for the movie.

The Wizard Net movies are moving into final qc and we've got the movie Blu-ray. So we'll have plenty of stuff to work on this week regardless.

Sentai Trivia

Hey guys, I'm glad to see people are having fun making the Sentai trivia page. Looks like we've got a lot of entries.


I've noticed that people have been going back and forth on some items. Just remember to use the Discussion Page (upper left hand corner) or the forum thread to settle disputes. Also, just a little reminder that names are usually written family name first, then given name. Usually we put [[ ]] around them because that creates a link to that person's page on the wiki.


I've generalized the Parents page to Relatives per a suggestion on the forum. Like DekaYellow plays the sister for KyouryuuBlue. You can copy and paste the parents table to create a new section.


Also made a records page for Kamen Rider if people are interested in that too.

Thanks, everyone! This has been fun and educational.


Happy birthday to Eitoku! January 16.


Looks like he's 36. What a young guy he is compared to the others!

I didn't know Eitoku had returned from his injury. Hurray!


Sentai Trivia Masters, we need you

Okay, now that the wiki is back up

Here's a couple pages that we were working on:

This is just a page for Sentai trivia. Like major firsts. Longest so and so's. Etc. etc.

This is a chart of Sentai members who had parents who were also Sentai actors. I dunno, just thought this would be an interesting category since I could think of a few interesting examples.

Feel free to add entries directly to the wiki, or note it here in the thread. If there's some contention on the facts, we can argue about it in the thread.


About the qc thing

I'm a little behind on answering e-mails to people who've expressed interest in qcing for us. Between dropbox and the wiki going down and a few other things, a few projects are a little more behind than I'd like. The Hurri and Kyou movies I'm waiting for the next phase before sending those out, so if you haven't received a response yet, that may be why.

Kyou 43 released

Sorry, wiki's still down! Let's start the morning right with some Kyouryuugers though!


Site maintenance

We're in the middle of a server transition. Wiki's being moved currently. If the rest of the site goes down, you'll know why.

You can always follow our facebook or twitter for updates:




Tumblr to pay attention to

I don't remember if I plugged this site before, but one of my favorite tumblrs is Silverwind's:


If you like tokusatsu, prince of tennis, or their actors, this is a tumblr you can't miss.

Civilian pirates

I'm always surprised by how normal looking Doc, Mao, and Joe look. Thanks to Davinci for posting these. Source is the actor's twitters, I believe the source link is in the file description.

Quick plug: Tokusatsu toy reviews


Check it out if you like. Right now he has Faiz Accel and TheBee Zecter up.



Kamen Rider Gaim 12 released


Hurray for actor blogs!

Thread / Wiki

Ultraman Ginga 7 released

After a break, Ultraman Ginga is back. Here we are in the second half of the series.

Thread / Wiki

Garo Yami wo Terasu Mono Batch released

If you missed it, they're being seeded now!


Looking for some qc mercenaries

In the interest of trying something different, let's see if I can grab some random people to help with the video quality checking. Quality checkers look for mistakes and they make suggestions while watching rough draft versions of our subs.

Let me know if you're interested in these shows/movies:

  • Wizard Net Movies
  • Ultraman Ginga
  • Hurricaneger 10 years after
  • Kyouryuu the movie
  • Travellers Dimension Police

If you're interested, send me an e-mail telling me which of these you'd like to work on.

I just want to try this out, so let's see how this goes.

Happy Birthday Okamoto Jiro


49 years old today and still suit acting. Let's just hope we're in such good shape at that age.


Annnnd... let's batch Gouraigan while we're at it

SD and HD batches up (or going up).

Nudity warning for the whole series.

Gouraigan forum.

Please enjoy the splashes that were made for us. It's always great to get stuff from the fans, you guys are  the best!


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