Garo -Makai Retsuden- 04 released

So I split off the Sumi Rena meat review bit. Maybe we'll do this as a weekly thing? It's only 3 minutes long, so give it a try and if you like it, let us know.

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KR Amazons 05 released

The sign says "Two days until episode 5 is released!!"

Now with maybe a more accurate end theme translation? Kind of says a lot that the closest thing we have to "official lyrics" is someone's interpretation of the lyrics in the Amazon comment section for the digital download of the song. Where's CD inserts to the rescue?

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KR Amazons 04 v2 released

Oh yeah, check out the commercials for Garo this week. We found a yummy Japanese food corner.

Jyuohger 10 SD v2 released

The original was encoded at the wrong resolution. Sorry about that!

Kaigan! Kamen Rider Ghost 26

Grandmother says whoop yo' ass~

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Voice actor Ohira Toru passes away

Voice actor Ohira Toru recently passed away on April 12th. He was 86.

He did narration work from GoRanger up to ZyuRanger. He also voiced the Emperor on OhRanger, as well as was the Japanese dub voice for Darth Vader, Homer Simpson, and Fred Flintstone.


Jyuman Language Deciphered

Looks like figured out how the Jyuman language works.


Apparently the cockpit buttons are just U, L, D, R

And some of the signs in episode one are OASIS, GRAPE, BEAN, SOY

Vanno Kamoyo's blog explaining the deciphering process:


Made a wiki article about that in case people translate other words in other episodes.

It looks like they don't know what J, Q, or Z is yet. And they have a Square shape but they don't know which English letter it's associated with.

Amazons 02 v2 released

Just correcting for an error in the translation. Thanks for the quick correction.

Meet MegaBlue

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Looks like Fanime in California is hosting Matsukaze Masaya.Since his MegaRanger days, he's also done voices in Go-Onger, Hurricaneger, Shinkenger, Kyouryuuger, as well as anime roles in Death Note, Sailor Moon, and video game roles like Ryo for Shenmue.


Ninninger VS Toqger v2 released!

What happened to v1? I released it a few hours ago and while I was scanning stuff, the audio and video were found out to be desynched. I know people didn't love Ninninger, but this was a decent movie.

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KR Amazons 02 released

While we wait for Ninnin VS TOQ to reupload, have Amazons (and maybe Garo?). Image is of Miyahara Kanon who plays Takai Nozomi.

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