Planning to check off the TOQ/Gaim movie tomorrow

If you're currently work on it, send me an e-mail so I can send out the second pass encode. Thanks.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from TV-Nihon!

Also, I've got some QC bounty work for people if they want it. They are:

  • Dogu-chan 8-12
  • Kenshin Movie 2

E-mail me if there's any interest.

Hero birthdays?

We know Tomari's birthday is on Christmas Eve. What other hero birthdays do we know? Show off those toku trivia skills!

Drive Episode 0 released

Back in time~

Edit: Thanks to ProtomanV89 and Lunagel for providing the raws.

Thread / Wiki

Ryuki OP and first battle karaoke released

Just wanted to show how the final results will look from the Blu-ray. Just for full disclosure, Ryuki is a series that was upscaled to Blu-ray and wasn't filmed in HD originally. You may wonder what that means.

That means if you look real closely, you might see that the footage doesn't look as good as say Kabuto will when we release it from Blu-ray next month (since from Hibiki onwards, Kamen Rider was all filmed in HD). So there's a little artifacting in the blue and there's not as much detail in Ren's face as there should be. But it's still going to be a better quality release than from our DVD source.

When released on DVD, they took the original footage (not sure what resolution it was) and compressed it down to 720x480, then that's resized to 16:9 ratio so it's widescreen. Our original releases were what, 704x396 using the xvid codec, I think?

What Toei did was they took their original footage and upscaled it so that it's 1920x1080. Don't get me wrong, this isn't like taking the DVD footage and resizing it to 1920x1080. You can't create details out of nothing and that would look really bad. They took their footage (which was likely higher resolution than DVD) and professional upscaled it. So it's not going to look as good as if it originally were HD, but it looks fine in motion.


End of the year update

Happy holidays everyone. Just a little update of what's going on.

We've got the two Drive specials in the work now, as well as the Surprise Drive music video.

The Gaim and Toqger movies are being worked on now. The Ginga movie is also in qc. We're also working on the Bounty Hunters movie/Toei Hero Next #4.

We're still working on old shows like Agito and MegaRanger.

We're also redoing some shows on Blu-ray like Shinkenger, Ryuki, and W. It should be particularly exciting in Ryuki's case since that was never in HD before.



Toqger 40 v2 released

Fixed a few typos and rephrased things to make them sound better. Check the thread for list of changes.

QC help for W 4?

I should have responded to everyone who sent me an e-mail.

Send me an e-mail if you're interested in working on W 4. Thanks!

Toku actors at Lexington comic con

From Kiryu213 on the forums:

Hello guys,

I wanted to announce that Satoshi Furuya (original Ultraman suit actor), Reiko Chiba ( Pteraranger Mei) and Yuta Mochizuki (Tyrannoranger Geki) will be returning to the USA for an appearance at Lexington Comic Con next year. Let's try to get as many people to show support for bringing over Tokusatsu guests! I'd like to ask this news to be shared on the front page if possible please!


Link to the guests of the convention below!



Shuriken Sentai name discussion thread

Good morning!

I wrote up an explanation for why I went with Ninninja (for now).


So I thought it'd be good to discuss the naming for next year's series. The shuriken and sentai part are obvious, they're just Japanese words that we all know.

ニンニンジャー Nin-nin-jaa however is written in katakana. It could made up of a few words. Since it's a ninja series, I feel like the middle Ninja should be emphasized, thus nin-ninja or Ninninja as a potential spelling. I know there's a dash at the end, but there've been instances where that dash gets ignored when romanizing a word into English.

Ninninger is the other way it can be romanized. In this case, it's a portmanteau of Nin, ninja, and ranger.

While we're at it, let's talk about the ninnin. Nin by itself can mean 仁 "Virtue", 忍 "To endure (or the first kanji in ninja)", 認 "To acknowledge/Confirm". There is a Ninnin 人々 which means "everybody", but I don't think that makes sense.

On the poster, we see the kanji for nin/shinobi:
忍びなれども忍ばない Shinobi naredo mo shinobanai
"We are shinobi, but we do not hide." since the word shinobi (spy, thief) comes from the verb shinobu (to endure, to hide).

So the puns are rolling already with this one. I can only imagine how many different meanings of Nin we'll go through.

Would you like to join the discussion about it in the thread?

Edit: Made a correction to the slogan which has a better translation. Thanks to Mac and Luna for pointing that out.


I thought about it a bit, and Ninninja probably makes more sense than Ninninger, so I changed the forum and wiki to match. Probably won't know for sure till the official spelling is out, but it makes more sense this way.

QC e-mails

Hey guys, just wanted to write a quick apology to people who wrote to me over the last couple of weeks. I've been busy with some job stuff, so I haven't really had a chance to look at backburner stuff. I responded to a few people today, checked off some scripts, then took a break. So I'll get to your e-mails at some point.


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