Jyuohger Movie Easter Eggs?

From Lizardon from the forums.

Anyone know if these two are references to anything?

Check out the things that Lizardon noticed!

Movie thread

DekaRanger 03 released

That's it for now. 4-5 are in QC now.

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DekaRanger 01+OP/ED released (Blu-ray version)

Includes creditless opening and endings. The HD version is just a 720 upscale, but we're putting it out there for whoever wants it.

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Donation Goal Met

Thanks to everyone, we've met our goal of $500 USD to keep our server running for another year!


Taking donations for our server costs

Hey guys,

It's that time of year again. We're taking donations to pay for our server costs. If you'd like to help support us, just hit the donate button up there. Thanks!

Jyuohger 40 released

Sure... why not.

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New toku podcast

From Zero who brought you group watching, is a new toku podcast. Enjoy!


Jyuohger 39 released

Special Guest: Date "I'm single" Akira

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