DekaRanger 6-10 Blu-ray released

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Kyuu 02 v2 released

Typo. I wrote streaming when I meant steaming.

Jark Matter language

Man, I'm always impressed by the work on both the creator and fandom sides. Someone figured out the majority of the Jark Matter language. Thanks to Strykor on the forums for pointing this out.


Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Mach & Heart

Starring Chase as Sir Not Appearing in this Movie

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Zero -Dragon Blood- 06 + CM + Sashimeshi released

Sashimeshi guest : Fujita Tom who was Amazons Omega.

EDIT: Whoops, changed Alpha to Omega. I'll be mixing up MagiYellow and BeetBuster next

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KR Ex-Aid 17 released

Is this a Kamen Rider?

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Jyuohger Final+CM and Kyuu Trailers released

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With that, please participate in the Series Rating Poll and discuss what you thought of the show in general.

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Zero -Dragon Blood- 05 + CM released

The director of this episode hanging out with Garo. No big deal.

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Zero's new Toku Portal

If you don't remember, Zero's the guy who runs live streams on Friday. The new site's got news, podcasts, other toku goodness. Check it out?

Zero -Dragon Blood- 04 + CM released

Rei, wear more rings on random fingers.

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