Garo -Makai no Hana- 02 released

Again, the new Zero encode will be released in a batch in a few days. So hold off from downloading them if you want the good encode.

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Version 2's for Zero series coming out

Sorry, looks like the videos were improperly encoded, resulting in choppy motion. So version 2's are being encoded now.

As pointed out in this thread here


Toqger 07 HD v2 released

Hopefully this was just a freakish occurence. I didn't see any problems with the last few week's releases. So hopefully we're all good now.

Gaim 24 SD v2 released

Fixes the wrong script problem. Sorry about the inconvenience. I'll do some experiments tomorrow to see if I can figure out what's going on.

Version 2's coming for last week's episodes

Not sure what happened, but it seems like some of last week's episodes got encoded with the qc version of the subtitles script. This affects Toqger 7 HD and Gaim 24 SD. We think that it may have something to do with Megui (the program we use for encoding) caching the old subtitle files somehow? It's not totally clear.

We'll need to do some more investigation to see if past episodes were also affected by this problem.



TOQ 07 SD v2 released

This should fix the wrong resolution error.

Toq 7 sd no good

It was encoded to the wrong resolution. A v2 is being made right now to address this

Zero finale: 06 released

The batches are also up if you were LAZY all week and didn't grab each episode! Just kidding, we love you guys.

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Google URL shortening is neat

This link is for the mibbit chat client for our channel, it's normally super long:


Garo Spinoff: Zero -Black Blood- 05 released

Look at how happy Master is. Right hand... not sure...

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Garo Spinoff: Zero -Black Blood- 04 released

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And Makai no Hana 01 aired last night. Look forward to that this week!

Ressha Sentai Toqger VS Kamen Rider Gaim

You got trains in my fruit samurai! Well you got fruit heads in my rainbow sticks! Mmm!

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Garo Spinoff: Zero -Black Blood- 02 released

If you enjoy these pictures, I'm sure you can find them on Silverwind's tumblr account. The sources should be there too.

Actually wanted to release Toq vs Gaim tonight, but an error was found in the distro release, so we're reencoding it. So please enjoy this for now. We'll release Toq vs Gaim overnight as encodes get finished. Thanks!

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As long as we're plugging tumblr, please check out my own:

Following, likes, and reblogs are always appreciated. I've started to upload splashes to the tumblr too. I tend not to post that much original content, but you can probably find a good deal of tumblrs to track back to.

Garo Spinoff: Zero -Black Blood- 01 released

For those of you who've been wanting to see Zero star in his own show, here it is! With guest stars: Tsukino Shingo, Mio, and Luckyuro's voice actress!

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Kamen Rider W HD 1080 released

From a Blu-ray source. A slow and gradual process of rereleasing this series.

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Update on the capper

Thanks to everyone who helped us buy the new capper. We didn't get it in time to record Toqger VS Gaim, but luckily there were no problems in this week's recording.

I was a bit worried, since we lost control of the capper a couple weeks ago and left it recording an hour. But when we checked that video, everything past the 8 minute mark had gotten corrupted. Not sure what happened, but it's something I've seen happen once or twice before.

But yeah, our fellow in Japan has the new capper and is playing with it now. I'm getting reports that all is well and everything is functioning the way we expect it to be. We'll put it through its real test this weekend (Wait, does the new Garo air this Friday?)

In any case, I just wanted to thank you guys again. The capper was entirely funded by the fans. More reliable weekly raws means more stability, better work flow, less stress, etc. It's all good.


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