OOO 25 released


OOO 25 released

The word:
Mukan 無冠 【むかん】 (n) uncrowned
Using the kanji for "no" and "crown". Knowing "mu" is handy just because it's always good to know the negative words in the language

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Quick plug High-def Japanese commercials

Not from us, unfortunately. Anyway, this person has been putting up a nice random collection of Japanese commercials. They're not subbed or anything, but commercials are fun, concise stories. Sometimes they're self-explantory:

To the creator of that site, I don't know if you're reading this, but please add a "Funny" or a "Comedy" tag. I'd use the heck out of that one


Dum labels

I like it when people define themselves for you. If they didn't, I'd have to... I dunno... be observant and make my own decisions or something. And that's too much work.

Oreimo Radio transcript 9 up


Transcript for radio show 9 is up. Show can be listend to from here

The long awaited Super Sentai Versus Kamen Rider debate

Even if you don't like Oreimo the anime, the transcripts are probably worth skimming just to see how people from Japan view things

DekaRanger torrents now seeded

Looks like the transition is going pretty well. All the seeds that were lost are apparently coming back. No complaints about the renaming so far either.

Guess I'll do this with more files. Kind of makes me want to fix a bunch of headers with the wrong aspect ratio too. Well, one step at a time


Will need to fix DDL copies as well

Once you guys have changed the file names, can someone help make new links for the direct download page? If you use megaupload, it should recognize that the file was previously uploaded and just generate a new link. Thanks guys!


It's Judgement Time! DekaRanger Rebatches again but with renamed files

Sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission...

So I went ahead and renamed the DekaRanger files. It's actually not that bad on your end, so don't complain :P

First, stop the torrent that you're on.

Use this program to rename the files:

This is a batch of the file names (it's also included in the folder)

Once you install the program, do this:

1. Take the files and drag and drop them into the program.

*Don't accidentally include the text since I think the program needs the exact right number of files to rename

2. Rename->Import or Ctrl+I

Select the appropriate text file

3. Enlarge the program, and make sure both sides match up. If they don't, highlight the ones that are out of place and hit Up or Down on the menu to the right (you can select multiple files with shift or ctrl)

4. When everything's lined up, just hit rename and all the files should be fixed

Now that all the files have been fixed, you can resume the torrent

If that doesn't work, there's always renaming it manually one by one

Forum thread

Artifact of the past

So Crubman found something missing from our archives. Apparently TN did another Deka promo besides the one I knew about before. This one is 320x240 and features different footage from the DVD version I just released (I'm sure it's also on the DVD as well though). I don't really see a need to officially support this, since the DVD version is way better and more accurate. Only download it if you want to be a completionist about stuff TN did:

Thanks Crubman. This was a neat find!

Should we rename old files?

So quick and dirty poll time

So advantages of renaming them: Consistency, easier for organization, checking, and CRC checks

Disadvantages: Files burned to DVD can't be used for seeding, if people want to help upload a file for direct download, they'd need to know the new file name, and we'd have to go and change all the names in our spreadsheet. As it is now, everything is relatively fine if we don't change anything


DekaRanger rebatches are loose, go get them!


Mostly rebatches. One new file in this one.

Redid the Promo from the DVD:

You'll need this if you are planning to seed the new torrents. Everything's been moved around and I took out the TV version of episode one since the DVD version is superior in every way

Gokai 2 HD ver 2 in the works

So my encoder told me he was doing a version 2 to fix up the problems that people have been having.So look forward to that and 3 HD

Gokaiger 3 SD released

Super Hero Time

SD only for now. HD later

The word:
Kiai 気合 【きあい】 (n) scream, yell, fighting spirit, (P)

I think they chose well for the first guest character. MagiRanger is definitely my favorite Sentai series. It had engaging characters and a plot that really focused on the relationships between them. It had a real strong plot and progression on both the good and bad guy sides that made it really interesting to watch. If you haven't seen it, check it out!

Goseiger Movie released


Epic on the Movie!
With Ran from GranSazers as a guest star. Always nice to see those guys get some work

This pic is a promo for the Goseiger Returns thing in June. Look forward to it!

Japanese in subs: The problems with cultural whitewashing

The importance of Japanese in translations for Japanese shows thread

So last week some guy was mad at me for some reason in the Gokai 2 release thread. In it, he suggested that the Medals be translated instead of using stuff like Taka and Tora and Batta and stuff. It seemed strange to me, since even if you don't know Japanese, it can't be that confusing to keep track of which Medal goes with which animal.

It was suggested that people would learn better by having the translation each time, a reenforcement of the meanings. And that makes sense, but it would seem to me that you'd learn a Japanese word better if you saw the Japanese phrasing. People more than likely know animal names like "hawk, tiger, grasshopper", it's the Japanese that they need practice on. Even if you missed a note, I'm sure you can infer "that's a bird" or "that has tentacles", it must be this animal. There's nothing wrong with saying there's a slight bump in the learning curve that one must overcome. I mean, you're watching a Japanese show with subtitles and not a dub or English remake for a reason, right?

Plus it's more fun to leave it in Japanese. Taka Medal, Taka Can. Plus the songs are done based on the Japanese names. What would you have instead for Hawk, Tiger, Grasshopper? Would the song need to be translated next? Hatigra combo?

I want to give you tools so that you can enjoy these shows, but I don't want to make the shows something they're not. There are a lot of problems with shoehorning one culture's thing into another's. Something is always lost. And to some extent, this is a sort of censorship of the original culture.

A real good example of this is the first book for Harry Potter. In Britain it's called The Philosopher's Stone, referring to the famous thingy that is a philosopher's stone, something that was a thing. You can Google "philosopher's stone" and find references to it that aren't Harry Potter. For America, it was dumbed down to Sorceror's Stone? You Google "sorceror's stone" and only get Harry Potter results. And this sort of thing is done throughout the book; there's probably a list of the changes somewhere. In any case, I'd rather read the original British book and stumble on the quirky differences between our language (and y'know, maybe look up something every once in a while) than read something that was changed because some guy thought kids couldn't handle "philosopher's stone". I mean, do you really want other people filtering the content for you? This is the kind of thing that happens when people take liberties with the original material. They change stuff around and make stuff up.

Is this stuff necessarily bad? Not exactly. I watched the Yu-gi-oh dub and enjoyed it. But I'm sure that the questionable content was cut out and certain references to the occult were cut out. Heck, didn't they even redo the animation so there was exposed bosom on the female characters? It's fine to enjoy the end result, but you have to admit that you're watching something removed from the original work. Sort of like watching a theater cut and a director's cut. People are probabaly going to have their preferences

Well, we try to preserve the cultural stuff. That's not to say we make things purposefully awkward. I really like gonig back and forth with QC to try to find a good medium ground. I don't want to cut something out entirely because it might challenge the viewers. I want to believe that you guys are smart and that you guys are learning a lot of interesting stuff by watching our subs.

Off topic: A serious moment

If you have the time, I'd like you to read my response to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of the Westboro Church. I wanted to try to show that there's a difference between expressing a dissenting opinion and trolling, although I'm not sure if I'm very successful. In any case, I think we should be outraged by this outcome and write into our lawmakers as a response to this issue.


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