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Favine from our IRC Channel is continuing the radio station project. Maybe check it out? I know he's looking for people like DJs and others to do a radio show sometime. If you're interested, please answer this thread:

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Retro Gaming Challenge 2 Fan translation

Looks like someone is working on fan translating the Game Center CX game (called Retro Gaming Challenge in the English world). Seems they need translator that understand the Osaka accent. If you're interested, check out this link:

Goukaiger or Gokaiger?


So up to this point, we've been using Goukaiger with a u, but after seeing the latest promo, I think it'd be best if we used the official spelling. So from here on, you'll see it written as Gokaiger in the subs.

A lot of you have sent in some wonderful splashes for this series already. I hate to ask this, but if your splash has Goukaiger in it, could you please change it to Gokaiger and send it to me again if it's not a lot of work? Otherwise don't worry about it. Thanks!

Oreimo Radio transcript 7 up


Aya and Kana spend a lot of time just goofing off, but I think the radio show was a lot more interesting for it. Random stuff that got said: Kana messing with Aya, discussion of their clothing, the legal definition of loli, Aya shows off her Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy knowledge, while showing their lack of knowledge about Sentai

Heart Breaker released


HeartBreaker?! No! It's evisceration time by OOO!

Edit: I guess I should mention what this is. Heart Breaker is the theme song for the OOO movie that was in theaters last December. We released the music video for it that stars Ohguro Maki (OOO' opening theme singer) and Kikkawa Kouji (Skull). There's no footage from the movie in it, so you can watch it without worrying about being spoiled

Tensou Sentai Goseiger 49 released

Women in the front, men in the back!


The word:
Kaishoku 皆既蝕 【かいきしょく】 (n) total eclipse (of sun by moon), totality
From the kanji "total", "previously/already", and "to eat into (by worms), spoil". Yup, that sun is just a big apple waiting to be eaten

Question corner:
Q. Who is Mark Musashi?
A. He's this great tokusatsu stuntsman that has been in many of the shows that we've previously subbed. He did Rider stunts for The First, was Zero and the butler in Garo. He even shows up unmasked as Duke whats his face in Cutie Honey and Peace in Sh15uya

OOO 20 version 2 released

Cute baby doll hair

OOO 20

This version just fixes issues playing on stuff like the PS3. It's essentially the same as the previous version contentwise. So you don't need to redownload it unless you had issues playing it before

OOO 20 SD Problems?!


Looks like there's problems with the SD encode. I'll try to put out a version 2 ASAP

Needs more coffee

(J/K I don't drink coffee)

The Oreimo PSP game


So I bought this for the PSP. I guess it's a story game done in the style of those hentai games. You make your dialogue choices and see what kind of ending you get

The actual gameplay elements were a bit surprising to me. There's a Two Shot mode where you basically have to calm the girl down by either selecting a dialogue line as it scrolls by (you only get one choice) or not saying that at all.

The other gameplay aspect depends on collecting keywords and storing them in your O.R.E. List. At certain points items from your ORE list will show up and you can press left or right to select them. Things sure have changed since the days where you were just given a list of options to select, eh?

So anyway, I beat the game, puposefully trying to do the worst job possible. I ended up with about 14% completion, it looks like I didn't unlock any story branches. I think I basically got the bad ending where I'm stuck buying BL goods with my Akagai for his little sister. Girls start pointing and whispering, so I end up running away while my friend yells out my name. Humiliation?!

The trailer for the game:

Bonus: I wasn't able to obtain this since it seems like it's sold out, but the special version actually comes with an additional game. The bonus game is a sister maker where all the characters are your sister or something. Here's the video for it:


OOO 20 released

Birth Birth
Guess this week's theme is Birth

OOO 20 released

The word:
Ibaru 威張る 【いばる】 (v5r) to be proud, to swagger, (P)
The i in this stands for majestic, but it also means to intimidate or be menacing. Baru/haru means to stick/stick out. A word that evokes the image of a person sticking out their chest proudly

W Delusion 12 released

W movies

No more W ever!

Random question answer time:

Q: Kamen Rider Decade. I noticed that apart from episodes 30 and 31 there are also "specials" bearing the same names, and are about the same size as the "regular" episodes. What is the difference between them, please?

A: The specials aired after the series' initial broadcast with slightly modified endings

Goseiger 48 released


It's the final countdown! Da da da. Da da da da!

The word:
Gishiki 儀式 【ぎしき】 (n) ceremony, rite, ritual, service, (P)

Forum thread plugs: Random picture thread, Series releated picture thread, Funny video thread

Speaking of Pirates


I didn't want to pass up on linking to this thread The poster basically asks what would happen if Toei or some other Japanese company gave us a cease and desist notice. To be honest, this is really the analogy that I had in mind when linking to the modellers getting arrested case

Are we really all that different? Think about it. Copyright and intellectual property issues are a tricky thing

Oreimo Radio transcript 6 up


Oreimo Transcript 6 is up

Radio show here

I also noticed a mistake in the script for 4. Since I basically just do these scripts while playing Kingdom of Loathing or eating and without passing it through an editor, I'm sure there's other mistakes. If you notice anything like that, just send me a PM and I'll correct it. Thanks!

Also, three more episodes of Oreimo anime is coming out

OOO 19 released


You count the Medals 1, 2, 3!

The word:
Fukueki 服役 【ふくえき】 (n) penal servitude, military service, (P)
This one baffles me a bit. Fuku means clothes, and eki/yaku means role. Maybe it has some story behind how it came into being

Self-indulgent random stuff for the week


Fallout Fan Movie We watched this in the channel. It's short, and it's pretty damn faithful to the game. It's written by the guy who did 8-Bit Theater if that sweetens the deal. Check it out has The Prisoner Bluray set for $40. Such an amazing old series. It's the series about the bubble that comes and kills you if you try to escape. You guys probably remember the episode that spoofs it on the Simpsons. Besides the amazing acting and story, it's worth checking out because of its influences on culture



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