Sexy Voice and Robo drama rebatch released

One is a 14 year old girl who has excellent hearing and the power to mimic seven voices, the other is a robot otaku. The two of them are spies!

So I finally got around to rebatching this series. I've always loved this series despite it being one of #TV-Nihon's least popular shows. The stories are funny but also heartful and sincere in a way that is kind of sad. There are a lot of quirky bits and quite often the story is unpredictable. It was just a really thoughtful and unique experience.

The actors are recognizable too. Nico is the young girl from Memoirs of a Geisha. Kazumi (correct spelling) is the manager from the drama Rookies. The father's been in stuff. Robo is from Death Note and Detroit Metal City.

Anyway, I need people to seed this new torrent. It includes the DVD versions for 1, 2, and 7 while omitting the original TV broadcast versions. Please seed this for people interested in checking out this wonderful hidden gem. If you need the files for initial seeding, please get them off the DDL forums.

Sexy Voice and Robo discussion forum

Gokai 11 HD ver 2 in the work... maybe?!

I guess some symbols are missing from the HD version, so a version 2 may be in the works. Wait for more info or grab the one that's released for now, the choice is yours.

Gokaiger 11 SD released


About a little guy that lives in a blue world

The word:

Kejime けじめ (n) distinction (between right and wrong), (P)
Interestingly enough, this word doesn't have a kanji associated with it in my dictionary

About #TV-Nihon I added a section to talk about honorifics and other important Japanese words to know. The wiki has a pretty good article about this too though. If you like Japanese culture, you should definite read them.

Kamen Rider OOO 32 released


More fun with Hino and friends

About #TV-Nihon

The word:
Kudoi 諄い 【くどい】 (adj) (uk) verbose, importunate, heavy (taste), (P)

I'm sure you've heard characters shout this before

DaiRanger 35 released

35 released So that's it for this batch. For now, please enjoy some pics of the toys that I found on some site somewhere

Some stuff I scanned from the TV magazines

These roleplay toys are pretty cute

There's five Kamen Riders missing in the first pic that are in the second one

Cool Toku shirts


"Film study: Men talk and women show skin"

Saw this in the newspaper, thought it was an interesting article. Kind of reaffirms what we probably know already, but it's kind of fun to see the numbers and to think about what they mean.

"An analysis of the 100 top-grossing movies of 2008 shows that men had 67% of the speaking roles; women had about half that, 33%"



You never know who might be a geek

So I got an email from my sister that I wanted to share, since takenoko shouldn't have all the fun of posting random stuff and dashing your hopes for a new release.

So I just came in to the teacher's room with a friend for lunch cause the lunchroom is loud and dirty and etc. So we eventually got onto the topic of tv.

Teacher: Actually, Dr. Who isn't the longest running tv series. It's some japanese series from the 60's, I forget the name.
Me: It's totally Ultraman.
Teacher: No, it was something other than that. Something that you would have never heard of, it was never brought over.
Teacher: Um, yeah that was it! But how did you-
Me: Kamen Rider aired in 1971, not the 60's. Ultraman is about 5 years older than it.

And then I proceeded to be a nerd.

Share your own geeky moment, or when you were surprised by someone else being a geek!

Happy Belated Easter, btw


A photoshop I want to see

So last night I was thinking that it'd be cool to see someone photoshop Decade posed with his DecadeDriver in hands overhead like he was about to open it like the Matrix of Leadership. Yeah, sorry for wasting your time. Hopefully my next post will be interesting or announcing something that you want to see released.

Boring site admin stuff

About the forums

I just want to remind people to label their spoiler tags. Also, if you get a warning, that's just me sending you a message. Don't throw a fit just because you got one.

About bootlegs

A lot of the shows that we've subbed have never been released on DVD in America. If they had been, we'd have pulled it for being licensed. Most of these DVDs are Hong Kong bootlegs. Someone wrote in to me saying he watched the fansubbed versions, then bought some DVDs, with the following results:

they turned out to be only comprehensible enough to follow the stories, and there are mistakes of every sort throughout; characters referred to incorrectly, confusing English sentence structure, etc. (Not to mention that, on more than one disk for Ultraman Mebius, the opening menu is actually from Ultraman Max even though it contains the episodes for Mebius.)

Some signs that your DVD may be bootlegged: Show isn't licensed outside Japan, DVD is all region, comes with Chinese subtitles, poor video quality (maybe have a clock in the corner, like they do in TV broadcasts), the videos are actually from fansubbed material, parts are chopped out (to take out the fansubber credits).

There are a lot of ways to stream your videos to your TV nowadays. If you have a modern TV or gaming device, you can usually just drop a video on a USB stick and play it from there. There's no real reason to buy bootlegged versions of stuff that we're putting out for free.

Garo spinoff

Looks like one's in the works



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