TN release list?

Included is a spreadsheet in htm, excel, and open office formats

From this thread


Count za medals!


Stats are always more fun when someone else punches the numbers. The aptly named Crunchman has issues a by-episode count of all the known Medals from episodes 1-24. Thanks dude! (The only way it could be more complete is if you add Kougami's Medals to that list)

OOO 24 released

OOO Gundam OOO Gundam

OOO Gundam OOO Gundam OOO Gundam
Edit: Looks like these drawings are by this guy

OOO 24 released

Forgot to talk about the guest last week:

The older sister, Sakura Yuumi, is played by Erena. If you watch our subs, she should be somewhat familiar. She's been in:
Kamen Rider Kabuto episode 12
Engine Sentai Go-Onger 34 (Played Saki's older sister)
and Kamen Rider Ryuki Episode Final as Miho's older sister

Add OOO to that, and that's quite a history

The word:
Etai no shirenai 得体の知れない 【えたいのしれない】 (adj-pn) strange, unfamiliar, mysterious, suspicious
Literally means "not knowing the nature of something"

PSP Hunters Unite!

Got a PSP? Got a wired connection PS3?

Maybe join us sometime for some gaming?

I think it's worth setting up at this point because I'd like to maybe someday host a TVN Climax Heroes OOO tournament or something. Like we can have a diagram with the lines show who's competing and eliminating them as the time continues.
Climax Heroes


Gokaiger 2 SD released


Just the SD for now. HD later today

The word:
Guess I should clarify on what Goukai means
You hear goukai mentioned in the narration before the opening in episode one:

Goukai 豪快 【ごうかい】 (adj-na,n) hearty, exciting, stirring, lively, heroic, largehearted, splendid, (P)
From the kanji gou/great/powerful and kai/pleasant feeling

Gokaiger 1 HD version 2 released


For those of you who noticed the original HD encode being too dark or stuttering, here's a version 2!

And episode 2 will be released hopefully tonight or tomorrow

Some people have asked for a clarification on the designations that we use. SD and HD stand for Standard Definition and High Definition. SD is small resolution and encoded with the Xvid codec, HD is higher resolution and encoded with the H.264 codec. In short, HD will look better, but SD is around if you aren't able to play the HD version. DC stands for Director's Cut, usually that just means footage that was added in that wasn't originally in the theatrical cut. DVD and Blu-Ray just show what the source material for the encode was. MV is for Music Videos. OVA stands for Original Video Animation.

Am I missing anything? I guess that covers that

Other forum styles?

Change in Settings

So I noticed that the forums were a little hard to read on Chrome at work, so I turned on the other available style (Prosilver) for the forums. All it really does is reskin the forum. The new skin makes the forums look really kind of generic and some of the styles preferences look weird. Maybe some things are broken since the assumption is made that everyone is using Acidred (default style).

But for those of you who are not of the vampire persuasion or don't want people thinking you're on Myspace at work, options!

As a side note, this is a pretty good article:
Frankly, I like this article because it's a reminder of the goals we have as a group. Not to say this is proof that this is what most of our audience wants or that everyone should want these same things, but it's kind of what most the staff wants. And I take that back, I do think most of #TV-Nihon's fans do like the Japanese stuff that we keep in the translations

Made a forum thread about it


Oreimo Radio transcript 8 up


Oreimo 8 released

Felt like kind of a short one this time. As usual, Aya and Kana play off each other really well. For some reason they seem to refer to something called Gag Manga Biyori a lot this time. There's links to youtube videos in the transcript so that you can see what they're referring to. Aya also gives Kana a lesson in Monster Hunter and they briefly plug the Oreimo game

I did finally 100% the Oreimo game by the way (had to use a walkthrough to get through the last 20%). I'm just not sure how people are supposed to know which dialogue choices are best. I think what I like best are the IF endings. I mean, all the endings in the game are pretty much non-canon in the sense that they can't all coexist together. But the IF endings are so out there that they have to be labeled as being super non-canon. I dunno, do people want me to write out a description of the different endings?

OOO 23 released

Nothing like a homecooked meal

OOO 23 released

The word:
Yaboyou 野暮用 【やぼよう】 (n) minor business
I just think this is funny because yabou means unrefined, boorish, uncouth and you means business. I guess if you focus on yabou meaning unrefined then I guess it makes sense, but otherwise it just sounds like "violent business" to me, like you're going to rough someone up

HeartCatch Precure Musical Show?

Mizuki Nana Mizuki Nana

Kind of wanted to release this with the anime finale, but oh well. Two or three weeks after the fact is still good!


Not representative of the musical Not representative of the musical

Cure Marine cosplay / Cure Blossom cosplay

Please don't post our files to

Due to the increasing legal issue hanging over hotfile, we would respectfully ask that you dont upload any files there. Also don't post links from it here. This is for the protection of downloaders as certain copyright holders are forcing Hotfile to hand over IP's of people downloading from Hotfile. We would rather be pre-emptive in this action to avoid any such issues later down the line.

All current hotfile links on the forum will be removed. Thank you for your time.


Gokaiger 01 released for realz

Sorry it took a while, we were doing a lot of fine tuning. Let's go! Pirates go! Go Gokaiger!


So let's talk a bit about an underrated show, Chousei Kantai Sazer-X. It was the third in the series that was akin to the third party for Toei's Kamen Rider and Sentai series. Just 38 episodes long (and a movie) and following the more popular JustiRiser series, I kind of feel like it fell on the wayside with people finding the humor goofy and the other tongue-in-cheek elements just offputting. I mean, you either love Sazer-Gordo or you vehemently reject him.

So what happened to the three main heroes of the series?

Well, Miura Ryousuke seems to be doing pretty well for himself. Apparently he acts in J-doramas, he had a guest role in Decade, and he's currently a main character in Kamen Rider OOO. That's pretty awesome if you think about it.

Shindou Gaku apparently is still getting work too. He was in Fuuma no Kojirou the live version and now he's doing voice acting for one of the villains in Gokaiger.

But what happened to the main hero of Sazer-X? Where's he gone? The year's still young, maybe we'll see him pop up in some toku somewhere else

Splash for Goseiger vs Shinkenger get!

Yeah, this is pretty cool

W A to Z splash get!

Seeya around detective

I think we have our splash. This pic by the way was in some Hong Kong picture contest involving toys. I lost the link to it, but it had some really great stuff. Check it out if you can find it

Rebatch: Gransazer 1-20 and Rockman Axess EXE

Pic from this page

So as it may be apparent, I'm doing some clean up with the tracker. If you missed something before, now might be a good time to grab stuff while the seeds are fresh. Oh yeah, Sazer Visual/Ran from GS is in the upcoming Goseiger movie release. Look forward to it!

Speaking of which, can someone seed the Super Link and Galaxy Force torrents? There are people downloading from them but there's no seeds. And to segway from that...

There's been news that there might be a North American DVD release for the Japanese G1 Transformers. If that happens we'll probably pull the torrents, so grab them now if you want them

Goseiger movie splash get!

Now all we need is one for the W movie. While I'm at it, we'll probably need one for the Goseiger versus Shinken movie next month too

Splash for the W/Goseiger movies?

Does someone want to make us a splash for the KRW Forever movie and the Goseiger Epic on the Movie movie? Same specs as usual 1280x720 in size. Here's your chance to show off your art/Photoshop fu. Remember to credit yourself somewhere on the picture.

E-mail or PM me over the forums if you're interested. Thanks!

Edit: Also, it seems like a lot of people wonder why we do splash pics. The real reason is, we do them because they're cool. It's only three seconds, but over the years, a lot of people have turned in very wallpaper worthy pictures. It's the same with the front page, I could just be super minimalistic and just stick to conveying information, but that's boring. Look at how boring that is: It's so boring!


I am Justice Kamen Rider OOO 22 released

OOO 22 released

This week's word: Ore tanjou!
Tanjou 誕生 【たんじょう】 (n,vs) birth, creation, formation, (P)


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