New show: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

To further the advancement of SCIENCE, #TV-Nihon has picked up Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Who knows what kinds of hilarious things can be learned by subtitling these vegetables?

I remember growing up watching this show. I enjoyed the subversive humor and the 4th wall breaking. The humor seemed revoluntionary to me at the time. It was pretty great stuff for a children's cartoon.

Wait, what am I thinking? This show is in English. Plus, there's nothing funny about tomatoes! It's not even a true vegetable!

What vegetable could we use instead? Something like "tomato"... Hmmm

Tomato... Tomato...

Victory and Masterforce licensed


Tracker torrential energy decrease by 80...
Kisama yarou 100 percent drop...
Recompensating for loss of robots in disguise...
Transferring Buster units to takenoko...
Shifting forums to licensed...
Loading Shout Factorys...

Reboot complete, #TV-Nihon Labs is ready for science!


(Thanks to Buster for letting us host his translations for Transformers for so many years and to Shout Factory for bringing the series to the US)

Gokaiger 09 released

Ahim and Marvelous

Gokaiger 9 test simulation has begun

The word:
Otazunemono お尋ね者 【おたずねもの】 (n) wanted man, person sought by the police
A big one this time. But the nice thing about Japanese is that you can usually break it down into component parts. Like mono in this case means "person". And tazuneru just means "to ask". The o is just the politeness prefix. How many other words can you think of in Japanese that end in -mono? (Kind of a tricky question, since mono with a different kanji means "thing")

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Other stuff: We're aware that there's some problem with the Gosei vs Shinken HD release. I tried reencoding the audio, taking out a stream, adding a stream, etc. but all I can do at this point is just reencode the video. It plays fine on my PC, but I've received reports that it doesn't on others, and it doesn't play on the PS3 at all. So I'm looking into that.

Also, Shout Factory has announced that they're doing Transformers Masterforce and Victory, so please pull those torrents, remove those files from distribution so that we can support their efforts. Thanks!

OOO 30 HD releaed

And there's the HD version too

KR OOO 30 SD released

Mezool, come back!

The Word:
Yasuuri 安売り 【やすうり】 (n) discount, bargain sale, selling cheaply, (P)
Literally cheap-sell (yasu and uri). What I think is funny is the kanji for yasu means cheap, but it also means relax or peace. If you know your radicals, you can see that the kanji is just a roof over a woman.

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Oreimo Radio Transcript 10

Transcript 10 released

In this special Christmas episode, Aya and Kana discuss Christmas, their live performance, Monster Hunter, and Santa Claus.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger 08 released

Sorry for the late release, have some pics that were collected off the Internet

Today's word:
Bukkakeru 打っ掛ける 【ぶっかける】 (v1) to dash (slosh) water (or other liquid) on a person or in a person's face

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Versus Theater: GekiRanger Vs Boukenger HD Release


So we released the Versus Theater version of Geki Vs Bouken. For those of you who don't know, during Goseiger they aired the Versus movies as half hour episodes with the Goseigers introducing the movies. Since Geki Vs Bouken was filmed in HD, we were able to release this TV edit version.

Since the others just use the black bars (4:3 aspect ratio), we're not going to release the main films (a lot of which are series that we haven't worked on anyway) but we are planning to do the Goseiger intros, so look forward to that in the future.

Geki Vs Boukenger HD release

Which way is she spinning?

Hope everyone's having a good Friday. This isn't toku related, but I saw this picture earlier and thought it was fascinating.

 It seems kind of interesting because which leg she's pivoting on and which arm is outreached will change depending on the direction she's going. What a truly marvelous creation.

At first I was only able to switch her directions by looking away or doing something that broke my concentration while looking at the picture. But then I was able to focus on just the pivot leg, and if I could get that to switch around, I could get the whole picture to switch. I don't really know if I can make it switch by looking at the whole picture, since some expectation will kind of force it in the direction it's already spinning.

And currently it's spinning counter clockwise for me, but I can see it both ways. Which way is it spinning for you?

So I hear you like radios

Check out Rajio Nihon! Catch it every day, with KickHopper's Toku Talk and Tunes on Mondays at 8pm EST.

Pic unrelated, but still cute.


KR OOO 29 SD and Junctions 1-2 released

KR OOO 29 SD released, HD later

The word:
Jiai 慈愛 【じあい】 (n) affection, kindness, love, (P)
Look at all those strokes! But the one thing that you should recognize is that both kanji have a bit of heart in it

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QC for Mebius?

So yeah, we're picking this up again. Does anyone want to help QC for it? Contact me via forum PM for details

Kamen Rider 1OOO 28 and CM pack 2 released today

Kamen Rider 1000 Riders?!

OOO 28 and CM pack 2. 40 Years of Kamen Rider, baby!

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Edit: Included in this commercial pack are...

Commercials forAnpanman, Digimon, Dragon Quest, Evangelion, the good Final Fantasy game, Ganbaride, Gokaiger, Gumix, Housing, Civilian Mesages, McDonalds, Mojibakeru toy, Mugenbine, OOO, Professor Layton, Rapunzel, 24, Ultraman Hunter



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