Oreimo Radio transcript 6 up


Oreimo Transcript 6 is up

Radio show here

I also noticed a mistake in the script for 4. Since I basically just do these scripts while playing Kingdom of Loathing or eating and without passing it through an editor, I'm sure there's other mistakes. If you notice anything like that, just send me a PM and I'll correct it. Thanks!

Also, three more episodes of Oreimo anime is coming out


OOO 19 released


You count the Medals 1, 2, 3!

The word:
Fukueki 服役 【ふくえき】 (n) penal servitude, military service, (P)
This one baffles me a bit. Fuku means clothes, and eki/yaku means role. Maybe it has some story behind how it came into being

Self-indulgent random stuff for the week


Fallout Fan Movie We watched this in the channel. It's short, and it's pretty damn faithful to the game. It's written by the guy who did 8-Bit Theater if that sweetens the deal. Check it out

Amazon.com has The Prisoner Bluray set for $40. Such an amazing old series. It's the series about the bubble that comes and kills you if you try to escape. You guys probably remember the episode that spoofs it on the Simpsons. Besides the amazing acting and story, it's worth checking out because of its influences on culture


Goseiger 47 released

Lord and an Angel

Goseiger 47 released. Goseiger vs Shinkenger should be in theaters now

Yuunou 有能 【ゆうのう】 (adj-na,n) able, capable, efficient, skill, (P)
I just think this one is kind of funny since yuu is the kanji for "to exist" and nou means "skill

Oreimo Radio transcript 5 up


Transcript for radio show 5 is up. This one was filmed live and guest stars the voice actresses for Ayase, Manami, and Saori

While most the shows have an otaku appeal that are broader beyond the anime, this one really focuses on the characters. So it might not be as interesting if you're not a fan. Definitely check out the other transcripts though if you like Japanese culture and otaku stuff in general, their discussions really are surprisingly interesting

You can listen to it here

Anyone live in Japan?

Go Japan

So I'm sure you guys have noticed that we've had a hard time coming up with HD raws for Goseiger. I know this is kind of late, but is there anyone in Japan who can do high definition captures or transport streams raws for our Sentai subs? It'd be nice to have something like this so that we can do weekly HD releases for Goukaiger

Please e-mail me or send me a forum PM if you can help in this regard. Thanks!


Kudou Mayu on Music Japan

A calendar to count down the last episodes of HeartCatch

HeartCatch Paradise!

Modelers arrested for selling Kamen Rider W custom figure


Thought I'd plug this news article that I saw the other day. Basically these two guys took an Apollo Geist figure, kitbashed it into a Utopia Dopant figure, and tried to sell it on Yahoo Auctions (yes, that still exists in Japan) when they got arrested for copyright infringement.

"The winning bid was around ¥270,000 (US$3,288), a tidy sum indeed."

What do you guys think about this?

HeartCatch Precure 47 released

Precure Precure

HeartCatch 47 released

The Word: Hikkomijian 引っ込み思案 【ひっこみじあん】 (n) shy, withdrawn
Kind of a lot of kanji in this one. The kanji that compose it are "to pull" "within" "thought" and "stability". You see where this is going?

Kamen Rider OOO 18 released

The theme of this week is that Hina is cute. Does anyone know if models are required to pose like that though?
 Seems like kind of an awkward pose


BoukenRed Let's balance it out by talking about the guest of this plot, Takahashi Mitsuomi, or BoukenRed as you guys probably know him. Man, has it really been five years since Boukenger (since they were the last anniversary series)?

OOO 18 released

All Riders
We have this special promo that includes this screen shot this week. What is it? It's a list of many, many names. It's pretty impressive, take a moment to go through them.

The word:
Konpon 根本 【こんぽん】 (n) origin, source, foundation, root, base, principle, (P)
Kon means "root" and hon/pon means "book", although in this case means "main, head"

Time to beg for more art


Yup, it's time to ask for more art for splashes (1280x720) for active shows and banner pics (height should be 88 pixels high and a reasonable width). Remember to include your name or handle in the picture if you want credit. Thanks!

E-mail submissions or PM them to me over the forums. Thanks!


Oreimo Radio transcript 4 up


Transcript for episode 4
Corners: Gather together, Otaku Girls, Meruru Vs Maschera, Life Counseling

Radio show

Oreimo Radio transcript 3 up


Radio show 3 transcript.
Corners: My little sister can't be this cute, Internet jargon guessing, Life counseling

Goseiger 46 released

Gosei Jacket

Goseiger 46 released

The Word:
Monokage 物影 【ものかげ】 (n) a form, a shape
This word interested me because it uses kage/shadow to describe an object's shape/form. I dunno, kind of reminds me of a silhouette

Oreimo Radio transcript 1


So this might be something that's only of interest to me. I recently watched this anime called Ore no Imouto wa konna ni kawaii wake ga nai/My little sister can't be this cute, so I thought I'd listen to the Internet radio show for the show. It was kind of interesting, so I thought to transcribe some of it and share it with you guys

Radio show thread

My thoughts on the anime thread


OOO 17 released

Eiji and Ankh
Eiji and Ankh

OOO 17 released

So most people know by now that the new Rider is played by R5/ Iwanaga Hiroaki. The guy is hilarious, you should read his blog. In particular, I want to include his blog entry from right after his first appearance in Kamen Rider:
"As for Kamen Rider, I'm going to dash into the New Year's and rampage! Cute baby-tachi, don't fall in love with me! Good! My heart's been scaled before. No wait, sorry, I'm so tired that I'm going a bit nuts"


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