Garo 7 DVD released

Hijii Mika Fukui Mina

Hijii Mika and Fukui Mina

Since there aren't any new guests in this episode, I thought I'd go over these two ladies who I should have mentioned long before. Hijii Mika (Kaoru) you might recognize from KR Blade, she was Orchid Undead. Fukui Mina should be familiar to you if you've seen GekiRanger. Yup, she's GekiYellow. I think she was cuter in Garo, but that's just me

Garo 7 DVD released

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Garo 6 DVD and W Delusion 8 released

Oikawa NaoFujita Ray

This episode had Oikawa Nao (Arisa from Ultra Seven X, Kegaresia from Go-Onger, Wasp Lady from Decade) and Fujita Ray (An orph in Faiz, purple pajama wearer in Fuuma no Kojirou)

Garo 6 released

Dopant Chart Dopant Chart

Shoutarou Delusion 8

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About Kuuga and other backburner projects

So someone asked about Kuuga in the Zyu thread, so I feel like you guys deserve an update:

The unfortunate reality is that we can't do everything at the same time. Kuuga is all timed, so it's just me who's holding it up. All I can really say is, sorry, but I'll try to get to it as soon as possible. Realistically, I'm probably going to focus on getting more Mega, Dai, and a GameCenter CX out before Kuuga. But like I said, it's all timed, it just needs me to have some free time to work on non-weekly stuff

Edit: Pay attention to what gets released this week to see why we're always busy with stuff

Basically, just try to be patient and trust us. I definitely want to be the kind of guy who keeps his promises and does stuff at a reasonable time scale. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to admit defeat on some stuff, but for the most part, we do earnestly try to see things to the very end. As our anniversary comes up, it's probably worth looking back and see what we've accomplished so far. Hopefully that will be some kind of indicator of how things will go in the future


Garo 01 DVD released


What's there really to say. Either you're gushing all over this, or you've never heard of the show. So just watch the damn show. That is all.

Anyway, we're redoing these to celebrate the new movie coming out as well as to do a countdown to our anniversary in October. We're probably going to have to fudge it toward the end, since numbers are hard. The new version should play on your PS3 and stuff, so besides DVD quality and a solid trouncing by our QCers, there's that bonus too

Garo 01 DVD version release

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New Sentai Project: Renai Sentai Shitsuranger released



Not really, it's just a music video. Still, if you follow JPOP, I'm sure you'll recognize the names behind this. Also, you might just see a guest appearance by some well-known space police.

Renai Sentai Shitsuranger

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Deaf Video Games Forum

A friend of mine set up a forum for gamers. If this of interest to you, maybe check it out?


Goseiger 31 and Let's Pose Pajama CM released

Dice-O Dice-O Pictures are pretty sweet

Gosei 31 released

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Visit the TN Facebook page yet?

Hey, all weekly's done by Friday, pretty sweet. Kudos all around.

Video Game Voter Network

Originally posted by Lunagel ... rs-Network

"The Video Game Voters Network is a place for American gamers to organize and defend against threats to video games by registering to vote and letting Congress know how important this issue is to the community. Without a critical mass of adult video game players who are registered to vote and willing to stand firmly behind their games, politicians will continue to fire criticism at games and game players in order to score easy points for their political campaigns.

Video games are fully protected speech under the Constitution, and receive the same First Amendment protection as books, movies, music and cable television programs. The Network opposes efforts to regulate the content of entertainment media, including proposals to criminalize the sale of certain games to minors, or regulate video games differently from movies, music, books, and other media. The Network also enables gamers to stay educated about issues, reach out to federal, state, and local officials, and register to vote. The Video Game Voters Network is a project sponsored by the Entertainment Software Association, a trade group representing America’s video game publishers."



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