Shinkenger 1-2 Director's Cuts released

Did you think we were done with Shinkengers? Apparently not, since Toei put out a DVD with the director's cut for episodes one and two. Relive the beginning of the series again now with a ton more footage!

Shinkenger 1-2 DC released

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HeartCatch Precure 21 HD released

HeartCatch 21 released

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W Finale and Ganbaride CM released


W 49 thread (Garfield posted some really good pics, so check them out)

One series ends, another begins. Thank you to all the staff members who have contributed to W over the last year. Special thanks goes to Cheetah for doing double duty with Decade and W. W the last episode is out there

Complete series discussion

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Garo Splashes?

In honor of the movie coming out this fall, we're redoing Garo from the DVDs. Does anyone want to make some splashes for us? Format should be 640x480. Should say "#TV-Nihon" and your name if you want credit on the picture. Just send them to me by e-mail when it's done. Thanks


Release 2500: Dogu-chan 1

Dogu-chan 1 released, guest starring that guest star from W and the boy from Keitai

It's always kind of hard to choose the anniversary project. It usually ends up being the project chooses itself based on what we're already working on. Anyway, W 48 will be out soon, so keep your eye on that

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Dance contest ends next Tuesday!

DaiRanger 28 released

What is Release 2500?!

There's nothing the Internet seems to like better than pointless speculation. Can you guess what Release 2500 is?!


And on an off topic note, I just wanted to plug one of my favorite video game podcasts that's ending. The Idle Thumbs podcast is a funny and insightful podcast featuring individuals who work in the gaming industry. They're hilariously funny, often zany, and frequently insightful. They have this fantastic ability to tell stories that emerge from the games they play. Check them out if you get a chance and join with the many fans who are sad to see them go



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