Kyouryuu Sen- Just kidding, Kanon 8 released


Did you know Kanon also exists as a book?

So since there's no weekly episodes this week, hopefully we'll get some other stuff out to fill the gap. Enjoy!

ZyuRanger 04 released

Dino Buckler Morpher

First release of the year is ZyuRanger 4! And now we're all caught up with ourselves from last time. Go us

No OOO, HeartCatch, or Goseiger Jan 2, 2011

Hero card

Before we get to the New Years, I'd just like to remind everyone that there's no weeklies next week. New episodes air again January 9th

How about reading a good book in the meantime?

Time Vent: Happy New Years (to weirdo East siders

Time Vent!

So OOO was release 2627. We started the year with a batch of Keitai and Shinkenger HD, which don't increase the counter since they're not technically new episodes. So our first real release wasn't till January 2nd Rescue Fire 39 which was release 2257. Man, that felt like forever ago, was that really still this year?

For the new year, I'm hoping to work on some of the backburner projects. It'll be tough with the Rider and Sentai movies coming out on Blu-Ray in February (the 3D combo pack is cheaper than buying them individually) and Sentai Versus in March. The beginning of the year is always hectic for that reason


New Year's release: OOO 16 released


How fitting, last release of the year, OOO 16

The word:
Semeru 攻める 【せめる】 (v1) to attack, to assault, (P)
In this episode it's not used literally. See if you can hear how it's used

What's wrong with your face?!

Horrible old man

Oh yeah, Episode III review is out. The guys who put this out clearly know something about telling a story through a movie medium. If you've never seen them before, check 'em out, they're really quite funny


New Year's Eve release: HeartCatch Precure 45 released

Precure pic Precure pic Precure pic Precure pic Precure pic Precure pic Sorry, no doujin this week. Have some stuff I found while looking for splash material

HeartCatch 45 Maybe we have something else planned for New Year's Eve?

The Word:
Onshitsu 温室 【おんしつ】 (n) greenhouse, (P)
From the kanji for "warm" and "room". Makes sense to me

When will you release <insert name> movie?

Hint: If the movie is still in theaters, we won't pull a source out of the ether to release it. It's got to have a DVD or Blu-Ray release first

Lunagel has written a helpful guide for when movies will come out. Please refer to this before asking when we'll release a movie.

But really, I'd kind of prefer it if people didn't ask at all. It's just annoying and doesn't really make the process go faster. It'll come out when we have a finished product, so don't bug us about that kind of stuff


ZyuRanger 02 released: But what happened to one?!

Not these guys
Not these guys

These guys
These guys

Yup, if you come to this site, you're already fully aware that ZyuRanger is the original Sentai whose footage was taken to make Power Rangers here in the states

ZyuRanger aired from February 21, 1992 to February 12, 1993. About half a year later, the first Power Rangers series was released in August 28, 1993. And the rest is history

HeartCatch Precure 44 released


Doujin one. This one by Zooya. I didn't read the whole thing, just grabbed a few pages that seemed funny


Doujin two. Seems like these were both made by Zooya. I don't really read doujin except to do these mini previews for the front page. No time, wish I had more time since some of these look pretty interesting

HC 22 released

The word:
Amaenbou 甘えん坊 【あまえんぼう】 (adj-na,n) pampered or spoiled child (spoilt)
Combined from Amai/indulgent/soft on/overly optimistic/naive and bou//monk/boy

Merry Christmas!


Goseiger 44 released

Goseiger 44

The Word:
Katou 下等 【かとう】 (adj-na,n) inferior, base, vulgar, low grade, lower class, (P)
The down kanji with the kanji for class. Notice the tou kanji is made of the bamboo radical over the temple radical

Garo Batch 2 released

Last batch till the movie. If you didn't grab Garo TV, go get it. New footage and all that


Pantsu for tomorrow!

When I was young, I had cool Transformers underwear. Sadly I outgrew them and they eventually got all ragged and thrown away, but I still remember them

Anyway, do you have cool pictures of underwear (or any other clothing really) that has cool cartoon, video game, or tokusatsu characters on them? Then share them in this thread

Let's try to make Eiji proud of us


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