Ninninger 46 v2 released already!

Looks like the audio was messed up. Should be good now with a v2. Sorry for that, folks!

Happy Twin Tails Day!

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Feb 2nd or 2-2!



Ultraman manga vol 2


From Vol 2 of the Ultraman Manga



Any programmer types out there?

Right now, our main series page and episode pages draw upon a single file for various pieces of data like date, title, writer, director, etc. So each variable gets a separate call to the data file, which I find wasteful.

What I'm wondering is:
1) Is there a data structure that can fit multiple components like date, title, etc.? It'd be nice if we only had to draw out one data set per episode.
2) Can that data set be stored temporarily for a page and be accessed multiple times to fill in the various fields?



KR J released

My Neighbor Seki-kun

I've been really enjoying the manga My Neighbor Seki-kun. It's about a boy who goofs off in class and gets his neighbor in trouble for watching him. I feel some affinity towards Seki. I picked up volume 1 and actually laughed out loud a few times.

In volume 5, Seki plays mini-pool with some marbles and there's a Kamen Rider theme.


Kaigan! Ghost 15

What is this feeling of kinship?!

(It's that they're both round. Hahahaha. Yeah, this joke doesn't translate well)

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Ninninger 45 v2 released

Looks like there was an encoding error, so here's a version 2

Ninninger 45 released

"Take him away!"

Only 720 version this week, problems with capper.

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Shin Kamen Rider Blu-ray version released

Back around 2008ish we had the opportunity to sub this thanks to Talzuz. So enjoy! It's a prologue to a story that is never completed!

Edit: I've been informed that it did have a DVD release so maybe that's what we did it from. To be fair, we did this like almost 10 years ago.

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Uchuu Kitaaaaa! Ghost 14


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Kaigan! Ghost 13

Anyone want to work for TV-Nihon?

Anyone want to help us make subs? We could probably use more QCers. Understanding English is the only basic requirement. Knowing Japanese is a plus.

To apply, just PM me through the forums at takenoko. Let me know if you have any skills or previous experiences that would help when working on fansubs.

Ninninger 1-23 Batch actually seeded now

Grab 'em while they're still hot!

I think I might get in the habit of double posting for batches like this, since it usually takes a few days to get seeded anyway. Hopefully people'll find it useful and not too annoying.

Ninninger 1-23 Batch released

Have some batches since no Ninnin this week.

Please move your files over if you were in the middle of downloading before.

DaiRanger movie rereleased

I heard it wasn't on the DVD box set, so this should be okay, right? Sorry, I meant to put this back sooner.

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