More Gaim Gaiden?

So I hear they're doing Gaim Gaiden for Ryouma and Zack. And while I'm glad that we're getting more Gaim, it does strike me as odd to choose these two. Here's my reasoning, they're both extremes on an one dimensional plane. Ryouma's kind of your mustache-twirling villain. He's mad and he does everything FOR SCIENCE! Making him a sympathetic character would ruin some of that.

Zack is the opposite, he's a mini-Kouta. He's a good guy, but he's never fleshed out as anything other than "a good guy". He's more of an accessory to highlight other characters, like Kaito's leadership skills, or the stand-in for the Beat Riders once things get serious. Not that they couldn't do a good story for him, it's just that he's such a blank slate that could mean anything.

So what do I want? I want Gaim Gaidens for Micchi and Youko. They're both extremely complex characters that are worth diving more into.

Micchi, you're supposed to find him off putting. He's cold, calculating, but his motivations are sort of understandable, if not sympathetic. They could tell a story about how he became the schemer that he is, one about the trials he went through as a traitor, etc. There's a lot of stuff to mine there.

Youko is also a person with a lot of personality, but isn't as fleshed out as much as she could be. We know what she believes in and what she represents, but we could use more background. Why does she want the things she wants? What kind of trials does she face being the person that she was? I think a whole episode devoted to her would be awesome, assuming it wasn't told badly.


Belated birthday to Mamoru Asana

Day late, but happy birthday to  Mamoru Asana

She played Cleric Jiiru on Garo -Makai no Hana-.

Birth Date: May 4, 1990 (age 25)

So I'm trying a new series on my blog. Actor birthdays.


Toqger character songs

Darkness ~Yami no Yuusha~
Oh hey, Nero has his own song? Some parts are okay, but overall I don't like it. Nice touch having the Shadow Line sing though.

Green Anchor
A Hikari theme song? Yes! We hear part of it in the background of one ep, but it's nice to hear the full thing. It's upbeat, but also really quietly passionate, which fits his character.

Choo-Choo WAGON
I surprisingly liked this song. I thought it'd be way oversexualized or annoying, but it's quite a cute song. Way to go Horie Yui.

Blue Lens no Mukou e
I was surprised by Tokacchi's song. I'm not familiar with his singing voice, and he sounds fairly masculine in this. Of course, now that I know it's him, I can totally hear his character in this.

Yellow heart
Mio's singing voice is really high. It's a little catchy. One interesting thing to note is that the lyrics were written by Riria, Mio's actress.

Sanjou! Narikiri GIRL
Unfortunately, I couldn't really get into this song. It's too bad, since I do like Kagura.

Noire Noire Nooire
Hisakawa Aya is a voice acting pro, and it shows here. (Sailor Mercury, Cure Moonlight and a million other roles.) I actually didn't think I liked this song at first, but after repeat listens, I can really admire how much range she has. There's something about the timber of her voice that's so, I dunno, maybe sexual? While not an overly sexual character, she's definitely extremely feminine. She's both a mother and a stereotype of a noble woman.

Ankoku no Arika
If Noire is a song that makes use of femininity, then Ankoku no Arika makes use of the Emperor's masculinity. Ohkuchi Kengo does a great job with this song. There's definitely a touch of loneliness and sadness in the song that's befitting his character.

Unfortunately, the other songs really didn't stick with me.


Weird Maxim scam?

So I started receiving Maxim in the mail last year. I was confused, but thought it was just a trial issue and didn't think any more of it. But this month, I decided to do a little investigation, and apparently they use companies like Subco Inc and Publications Unlimited to subscribe people to their magazine; hoping that people will forget and reup their subscription or pay for the subscription to make it go away.

For now, I'm going to ignore it. It doesn't sound like they have my credit card and this doesn't seem like a case of identity theft. (although maybe it is, I still haven't ruled that out).

Has this happened to anyone else?

Stuff you might be into: KIRI

Spent the night making this page. 

From director Sakamoto Koichi

Based on the manga “Shokugyou・Koroshiya.” by  Nishikawa Hideaki

Starring:  Shaku YumikoKubota YukiMisaki AyameKomiya ArisaArai Atsushi, and  Kurata Yasuaki



RIP Director's Cuts?

Has anyone noticed that Toei has stopped doing them? Personally, I'm glad they did, since there was never anything good in the new cut.

Looks like they stopped after Wizard & Fourze. Considering Fourze had three DCs, not including Wizard & Fourze and Fourze & OOO, it's hard not to see why consumers might get fed up with the double dipping. They even tried releasing DCs for Sentai that year. Crazy!

I'd much rather have them focus on rereleasing old shows onto Blu-ray format. I think that's a better use of their resources.


MegaRanger 45 released

Whoops, looks like I messed up the frame rate for this gif. Hope you're not prone to seizures.

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Are main Riders just neutral masks?

Neutral Mask meaning a bland, empty character for which the audience to place themselves upon in order to experience the show or movie through their eyes, as termed in this Cracked video:

Think about it, all the interesting Riders, 2nd Riders. Or in Drive's case, the third Rider. Although, Chase shows up before Go and is more interesting than him, so maybe Chase is the second Rider retroactively.

What do you think?

KR Drive 26 & CM & Junction & Special Mission Type High Speed released

Ep 26 Thread / Wiki / Tumblr

Special Mission Type High Speed Thread / Wiki

Check out the special, it's actually pretty good, and not just shallow advertisement for the movie.

Nanja Monja Ninja 08 released

Finally released the ending theme. The choreography and making-of for it will have to wait til next week, since they're in QC now.

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Garo -Gold Storm- Shou 02 & CM released


Yes, that is Inoue Masahiro as the villain. So this is Garo versus Decade the fanfic the TV show!

Click here for more actor trivia.

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Ultraman Ginga Batched v2

The first batch was missing episode 10. Sorry 'bout that!

KR Drive 25 & CM released

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Also go check out my Shuriken Sentai Ninninger tag on my tumblr, since I posted some pics from Toei's making-of page.


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