Ultraman extras released

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Realized there were some Mebius movieish stuff that we could keep released. As well as Ginga's bonus footage. The Ginga batch includes the SD and HD sets, so if you only want one aspect, please set it in your torrent client.

Ginga batch includes:

  • Commercials for eps 2, 6, and 7.
  • Creditless op/ed
  • Extras for ep 1
  • Movie, behind the scenes, trailer, and interview
  • Starlight mv

Jyuohger 03 released

If I could talk with the animals~

Walk with the animals~

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Jyuohger 01 v3 released

Hopefully we fixed the audio/video desync this time. Sorry for the wait!

Kaigan! Ghost 19

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't let that thing near my eye.

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Ultraman Nexus bonuses released

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We may have pulled the episodes, but we can still post the bonus stuff. Included in this batch are:

Ratings poll Ninninger

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Probably should make one for Jyuoh.

But anyway, now that Ninninger is over, what did you think of it?

Jyuohger 01 v2 released

Apparently there might be some audio desync, so hopefully it's fixed in this v2.


I've got some vacation time this year, so I was thinking about hitting some conventions. Does anyone have any that they'd recommend? I see that Katsucon recently ended.


Drive Movie & Type Lupin V2 released

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Drive Movie:

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Re-ray mv:


Drive Type Lupin v2:

v1 is included with the Movie torrent, but it was improperly deinterlaced (makes the video jerky). I released a v2 to a separate torrent, so please download that file instead.

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Also included:

  • Interview with Yoshii Rei for Paranoia Circus.
  • Don't Lose Your Mind MV
  • Spinning Wheel MV
  • Blu-ray Junction batches 3-4. (1-2 were released with the big Drive batches recently)

KR SD released

Tengan! Ghost 17

I also desire a pancake bed.

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Blue fruit, the origins of Ao

So something that’s often mistranslated is Aoi 青い/蒼い. Normally it just means “blue”. But when used to talk about traffic lights, fruit, and grass, it means “green”.

If you look up the kanji in a Chinese dictionary, it’ll mostly say “green” (with some blue?). So it’s easy to think, “Oh, Japanese is derived from Chinese characters, this is probably some lost in translation thing.”

But maybe it’s symptomatic of something bigger than that? So I recently listened to the Radiolab podcast about colorshttp://www.radiolab.org/story/211119-colors/

And there was a whole section devoted to the color bluehttp://www.radiolab.org/story/211213-sky-isnt-blue/
To summarize, Homer from the Odyssey and stuff like that never used the word (or rarely did?). The same could be said about many of his contemporaries. Apparently, in human language, the first colors always tend to be black, white, then red… and blue almost always ended up being the last word form. Why? Were ancient people just colorblind? One theory they proposed was that blue didn’t occur in nature very often. Or that it was a difficult color for humans to make.

But what about the sky, right? So they did this test on some tribe somewhere that didn’t have the word for “blue” in their language. They were tested for color blindness, then shown some green colors and a blue color, and they couldn’t spot the blue. One guy asked his kid what color the sky was, and she’d say stuff like “white”, eventually sorta saying “blue” but only after a few months.





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