Garo Remaster 02& CM released

If you haven't seen Garo yet, here's your chance. What are you waiting for? For Kamen Rider and Sentai to get better?

This ep has Fukui Mina and Mark Musashi in it!

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KR Ghost & Drive Super Movie Taisen Genesis + Extras!

So there are a lot of goodies in this torrent pack that we've been procrastinating on saving for this release. Included are: Magazine exclusive DVD Ikkyuu Eyecon Contest, the sequel Hyper Battle DVD Awaken, My Wit!, the Youtube Rider Damashii shorts and the DVD finale to those shorts. We hope you enjoy the almost 3 hours of footage!

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KR Ghost 39 released

Check the original site for an animated version.

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Garo Remaster 01v2 released

Accidentally commented out a line while checking off. D'oh!


Garo Remaster 01& CM released

I think this is my first Garo scan from way back in 2005. Not sure what magazine it was from. It's amazing how things change in 10 years.

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Ultraman Tiga Special Released!

0% Body hair

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Amazons poll

I'm doing the poll thing again. Rate your favorite series!

Amazons poll going on now. Will close in a week (Sat July 16th)

Master poll list

See more Amazons pics on my blog

Direct Download help for MegaRanger 45+?

Looks like we could use some help with uploads for MegaRanger if anyone would kindly like to upload them somewhere for us.

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Dai Kaigan! Ghost 38

Watch your back, Makoto.

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Garo HD Remaster

So Garo's first series is coming out in a HD remaster format. What's happening is that the TV series will get air. Then a Blu-ray release is coming in December. So we'll sub the TV broadcast, but the best quality will be when we get the Blu-rays.


No Jyuohger July 9th

To fill in the gap, tell us what animal Jyuman you'd like to meet and why. Bonus points for pictures.


More left-handers

Arai Yuusuke (was recently in Garo)
Hamada Haruki Tsurugi Hiryuu (But ChangeDragon was right-handed)
Kamen Rider Sigurd
Kataoka Tsurutaro Honganji Jun
Kojima Yoshio recently in garo
Kotobuki Minako Naria's voice
Oguri Shun was in Densha Otoko and many other shows
Okamoto Jirou suit actor
Sakurada Dori New Den-O
Shimizu Rara Young Kagura
Shinkawa YuaPhantom Thief Pink Buster
Tanaka Youji was in Garo
Tsuda Kanji Editor in Chief for Ryuki and many other shows
Warabino Tomoya Heart Roidmude
Yoshii Rei Rinna
Yoshiki Risa Sakurada Rika and alt world Pink Buster

So yeah, if you're left-handed, Drive was the show to be on.

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Call to the lefties

Hey, I'm making a list of Japanese actors and actresses who are left-handed. So far I've got:

Hara Mikie (Cutie Honey)
Matsuzaka Tori (ShinkenRed)
Morita Suzuka (Shinken Yellow)
Sakurada Dori (New Den-O)
Yoshii Rei (Rinna from Drive)

Does anyone know any other ones?



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