(Belated) Christmas release: Ghost 11

May have eaten too much yesterday and passed out before making a blog post, oops.

We're looking for splashes for Ghost and Keitai Sousakan 7, so if you make some, please post on the forum or email them to us!

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Christmas release: MegaRanger 51

For now, series complete! We restarted this series off DVDs back in May 2007. Wow! Thank you to all the staff who helped work on this show.

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MegaRanger 50 released

Listen to the MegaRanger theme on violin. Released almost exactly a year ago!

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Kaigan! Ghost 10

Dear Toei, please make Ghost Hibiki a thing.

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Site help?

Do we have anyone around who wants to help me with the website? Basically, I need a person to grab the pictures from the TV-Asahi/Toei websites and reupload them somewhere else. It's pretty easy work, just time consuming.

If you're interested, e-mail me through the contact us tab or send me a forum PM at takenoko. Thanks!

Kamen Rider Ghost 09 Released


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Plug: Rider Real Movie

Got this in my e-mail. Check it out if it interests you:


To whom it may concern,

It's a great day in Tokusatsu news!  Please find attached a press release for the new tokusatsu hero film: www.RiderRealMovie.com

New York, New York - King Cedrix Production, LLC announced today it is in post production of the indie hero film “Rider Real”.  The film is scheduled to be released June, 16th 2016.

"Tokusatsu" is Japanese for special filming techniques and effects, and is used to refer to a genre of giant monsters and superheroes. Rider Real is a Tokusatsu drama movie and is the first hero film of its kind in the US.


Synopsis: Alone with the memory of his lost friend, Clint Magna stumbles upon the secret radio broadcast of an evil organization, Jolter. To protect justice and fight for his friends forgotten murder he becomes, Rider Real!


A crowdfunding campaign will begin on January 12th, 2016, to film additional scenes and finish post production.


Trailer and details can be found at www.RiderRealMovie.com

For more information, interviews and a more detailed synopsis contact: kingcedrixproductions@gmail.com

King Cedrix Productions, LLC

Ninninger 40 & CM released

Double screw up on our cappers this week. The good raw we have is missing part of the ending and preview. Sorry!

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Ninninger 39 & CM & meeting v2 released

There's interlacing issues in the meeting video. V2 should fix it. Sorry!

Ninninger 39 & CM & meeting released

Also, after watching the episode, why not visit the forum and tell us what you think? It'd be nice to get more people on the polls just to see what the fan opinion is from week to week.

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Meeting thread

Garo -Gold Storm- Shou Bonuses 89 and 96 released

The cameraman is a car...

Just a fun peak at the behind the scenes footage, since we'll never get around to subbing the bonus footage on the Blu-rays.


Nexus licensed?

Sounds like Nexus will be licensed soon.

I'm glad that this great show will soon be available to more people, but I'm also sad because I had always hoped to come back to clean up the subs for it. Anyway, this is my favorite Ultraman series, so please check it out.

Server donation time

Hello fans! It's time to start collecting donations for our servers. They help keep our tracker, forums, blog, and wiki sites up. If you can give, great! If not, we still love you just the way you are!

Looks like our goal this year is 500 dollars. Please use the button at the top when donating. Thanks!


KR Drive Batch 1 HD & SD versions released

Give it some time to seed. Our seeders are missing a few files each.

Blu-ray Box 4 releases in January, look forward to our release of Type Tokujo and Type Lupin then!

Yeehaw! Ghost 07!

...well I'll be seeing this in my nightmares.

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