New Sentai Project: Renai Sentai Shitsuranger released



Not really, it's just a music video. Still, if you follow JPOP, I'm sure you'll recognize the names behind this. Also, you might just see a guest appearance by some well-known space police.

Renai Sentai Shitsuranger

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Deaf Video Games Forum

A friend of mine set up a forum for gamers. If this of interest to you, maybe check it out?


Goseiger 31 and Let's Pose Pajama CM released

Dice-O Dice-O Pictures are pretty sweet

Gosei 31 released

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Visit the TN Facebook page yet?

Hey, all weekly's done by Friday, pretty sweet. Kudos all around.

Video Game Voter Network

Originally posted by Lunagel ... rs-Network

"The Video Game Voters Network is a place for American gamers to organize and defend against threats to video games by registering to vote and letting Congress know how important this issue is to the community. Without a critical mass of adult video game players who are registered to vote and willing to stand firmly behind their games, politicians will continue to fire criticism at games and game players in order to score easy points for their political campaigns.

Video games are fully protected speech under the Constitution, and receive the same First Amendment protection as books, movies, music and cable television programs. The Network opposes efforts to regulate the content of entertainment media, including proposals to criminalize the sale of certain games to minors, or regulate video games differently from movies, music, books, and other media. The Network also enables gamers to stay educated about issues, reach out to federal, state, and local officials, and register to vote. The Video Game Voters Network is a project sponsored by the Entertainment Software Association, a trade group representing America’s video game publishers."


Imagin Anime 3:

Imagin Imagin Anime 3 Box Cover
ImaginImagin Anime 3 Box Info
ImaginImagin Anime 3 Comic to explain the delays

Imagin Anime 3 thread

3 O's Released


OOO 3 released Hey, a Wednesday release. Not bad, eh?

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Have you ever wondered what are TN's active projects? Wonder no more, we have an active project forum section devoted to what we ostensibly will get to sooner or (more likely) later. Unless we outright cancel it or it was pulled because it was licensed, we probably still have every intention of continuing with it.

Edit: It might be worth noting that this week's Super Hero Time after OOO has a spoiler for this week's Goseiger

Keitai Sousakan 7 12-23 HD rereleae

Zero One

This release fixes a messed up file. Ummm... I don't remember which one. I'm sure someone will tell me, so I'll just update this post when I find out

Edit: It might have been episode 23

Anyway, check out this Keitai fan page. A lot of fun stuff

Gosei 30 released

Dice-O Super Form

This picture is kind of funny in terms of the Shinkengers all getting super forms

Gosei 30

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OOO 2 SD also released

Sorry guys, I should have mentioned that the SD was delayed because it was being reencoded. But it's released now, so it should be all good

Miura RyousukeKawano Naoki

Miura Ryousuke and Kawano Naoki

Probably should point out that Ankh is played by Miura Ryousuke. In toku, you probably most recently saw him as a Lucky Clover from Decade's Faiz World. He originally started in Sazer-X as Beetle Sazer though. Long is played by Kawano Naoki who was more recently the Gene Dopant in W. Anyway, be sure to enlarge Long's pic, even though you should be checking all the pictures posted here every time. Some of it is good stuff which isn't obvious from the thumbnail


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OOO 02 released


OOO 02

This week's word:

Furou 浮浪 【ふろう】 (n,vs) vagrancy, vagabondage, wander around The narrator uses this at the very beginning. Do you think it fits with what we know about the character?

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HeartCatch Precure 31 SD and CM released


Itsuki This DCD card came with the single for the second ending. Doesn't Itsuki look pretty cute?


HC 31 and Chypre and Coffret CM released

Anyone want to make a Moonlight Splash?

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Artist plug: Kyoudaikido Soldier Chromacorps

From the author: t's a Super Sentai themed comic that runs Tuesdays and Thursdays. I've completed the first issue, and am into the second issue right now


Kanon 3 SD/HD released


Kanon 3 released

Note this is a joint with Skewed Fansubs, so please check out their stuff too

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Artist plug: Gijinka, a toku-inspired web comic

From the author: "It's a comic where I try to maintain a regular monster fight routine while practicing various story types. I'd like to know what people would like to see from the comic in the future."

So check it out



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