Goseiger 24 rereleased

Goseiger 24 rereleased. Sorry about the inconvenience folks!

Oh well, here's an excuse to repost the pics garfield uploaded on the forums

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Goseiger 24 recalled

Sorry, the version released is missing all the QC comments. I'll reencode and try to get a new version up as soon as possible

HeartCatch 24 released


Sketch from previous doujinshi, spoilers for episode 23
New Doujinshi
HeartCatch 24 released. Thanks to the staff for getting us caught up
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HeartCatch 23 released

HeartCatch 23 released. If you follow this show, this is the episode to watch

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I notice we're not getting many downloads, so I'll try to talk up the series for new people. Ostensibly, this is a shoujo anime, but a lot of dudes watch shoujo anime if the circumstances are right. See Sailor Moon as an example

In addition to loads of cuteness and darling mascots as well as silly day-to-day life circumstances, we also get strong heroines who get in physical brawls with the monster of the week. Like it's not coincidence that people who watch Kamen Rider also like Precure, the show airs right afterwards if you've noticed. Anecdotally, I joked about combining the Super Hero block of Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Precure into a single file to force people to check out all the series

The characters are genuinely likable. Marine's manic nature is a good match for Blossom's shy, earnest girl. Then we have somber, tragic Moonlight. There's also a good firm cast of reoccuring support characters which help to really define the world. The villains are fun to watch too. Dark Precure is moody and mysterious, the three commanders are stereotypes of extreme manliness, metrosexual, and hysterical woman

Overall the stories are pretty earnest. There's usually a message, but it rarely feels heavy-handed or condescending. It's pretty good at sucking you into caring about the week to week conflicts, plus there's long-term conflicts that are ongoing which are interesting

And if that's not enough, the girls are really cute too



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