KyuuRanger 23 recall (already?!)

Looks like I encoded it with the wrong script! V2 coming post haste!

Yabe Kenzou 2 episode 1 released

The Trick spin-off with a million Rider references is back! Except this is series 2 (I guess someone already did series 1?) And I think the Zunou stuff we already subbed was the third series?

Anyway, get more quirky Japanese crime drama!

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Jyuohger Returns v2 released

Looks like a timing mistake and a missing -chan. Nothing major, but a v2 is available now!

KR Ex-Aid 40 and Snipe 2 released

The director looks like Mister Mxyzptlk messing with the Ex-Aid characters.

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Snipe 2: Thread / Wiki

Toku podcast plug

" Also, while I'm here, is there any way we could work out some sort of quick mention of the toku podcast I showrun? Radio Sentai Castranger is our show, we mix up improv-y comedic reactions to weekly episodes and movies and such with a subtle blend of harsh seasoned criticism mixed into our comedy. We also have maerch and are in the midst of creating an actual RPG based on our fake lore as Castrangers. is our hubsite. "

Garo Season 1 batch remade for Beast v2

Looks like I didn't include the version 2 for Beast of the White Knight in the batch. So I remade it, included some files that I left out the first time, and it's up again. Sorry about that!


Garo Season 1 episodes removed

Batch remade to include eveything minus Season1 episodes 1-25.


KyuuRanger 21 released

Indy, cover your heart!

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What's going on with the qc apps?

Hey all. I haven't really done anything with them. Sorry I can't give a personal response to everyone, but I gave myself the day off. I dunno, with the extra work from translating for Amazons and qcing the Korean Braverangers, I guess I've been feeling a bit burned out.

So yeah, my progress report is no progress has been made. If you get rejected, I'm probably not going to send you a notification. I'll come to you if you pass all the stuff required. Nothing personal, with like 3 dozen responses it's a necessity!

KR Amazons Season 2 Ep 13 FINAL Released


Kamen Rider the Diner is so thoughtful, they even have a water server for you to use!

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