Garo Season 1 HD Remaster from Blu-ray released and seeded!

Seeded now. 40+ gb of Garo goodness. Again, torrent contains:

  • Garo HD Remaster from Blu-ray, these files are totally new
  • Beast of the White Night and Garo TV from Blu-ray
  • Garo Makai Senki
  • Red Requiem
  • Tougen no Fue
  • Soukoku no Maryuu
  • Kiba
  • All Garo bonuses previously released, including some Garo pic scans that I made from Amemiya's sketches or ripped from the Blu-ray.

It's not just a batch. There's some new stuff in there! If you want to get into Garo, this is the torrent for you.

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Garo Season 1 HD Remaster from Blu-ray released... v2

Just rereleased the torrent because I didn't have the 1080 version of the Kiba game files. Please hop onto the new torrent. Thanks!

Garo Season 1 HD Remaster from Blu-ray released... sorta

Apparently the seeder can't read sub directories so none of the files are seeding :X. Hold on while I try to fix it...

Also, all the files are encoded from the Blu-ray. The stuff we released last year was from the TV broadcast, so this should be much higher quality.

Anyway, keep an eye on the torrent, it'll get fixed and seeded sometime today, hopefully!

Also included:

  • Garo Beast of the White Night & Garo TV (Blu-ray HD1080 encode)
  • Makai Senki (TV HD720)
  • Red Requiem
  • Tougen no Fue
  • Soukoku no Maryuu
  • Kiba

DekaRanger 6-10 Blu-ray released

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Kyuu 02 v2 released

Typo. I wrote streaming when I meant steaming.

Jark Matter language

Man, I'm always impressed by the work on both the creator and fandom sides. Someone figured out the majority of the Jark Matter language. Thanks to Strykor on the forums for pointing this out.


Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Mach & Heart

Starring Chase as Sir Not Appearing in this Movie

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Zero -Dragon Blood- 06 + CM + Sashimeshi released

Sashimeshi guest : Fujita Tom who was Amazons Omega.

EDIT: Whoops, changed Alpha to Omega. I'll be mixing up MagiYellow and BeetBuster next

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KR Ex-Aid 17 released

Is this a Kamen Rider?

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