KRW 42 released


"9.8 Seconds, that was the time until your despair!"

KRW 42 released
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Status of Precure in TV-Nihon

So unfortunately, some of the staff is breaking off due to disagreements. Yes Precure is cancelled for TV-Nihon. Heartcatch will be continued, but by different staff. Rockman will continue on schedule

Super Mario Brothers 3 Japanese?

Swordhero posted a really interesting link describing the changes in Super Mario Brothers 3 from the Japanese to English version. Take a look:

Goseiger 1-18 SD batch released

If you missed it the first time, you can grab it all here

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KRW 41 released


I don't really like this form, but this is one cool picture. Good job!

W 41 thread (Includes comic)

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GamerCenter CX 10 released

And season 2 ends on episode 10. Don't worry, you won't be waiting six months for the next one

This picture reminds me of this          Brawl in the Family comic

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Shinkenger Returns again


Pretend that this was the picture I used for yesterday's release

Triple release!

See the dancing crazy man teach you to not pirate movies. Check it out, there's a whole page of ascii art like this

                  "The slow mo is really creepy" -QC

Delusion 4. What wacky thing will Shoutarou come up with this time?

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So what's going on with Goseiger HD?

So next week we'll probably batch up the Goseiger SD episodes. What about the HD's? We've got them encoded, but we're missing episodes here and there. So it's pretty much going to be a "Take what you can get" deal. Of course, we'll keep looking and try to fill in the gaps, but no promises. It has been almost half a year since the first episodes aired

In other news, I'm always amazed by how popular Sailor Moon is still. A batch release with a dozen downloaders is good to me. Yesterday we had over 100 on that batch. Pretty amazing. We should do those again on DVD or something someday

I'll repeat the Goseiger news when we start releasing the batches. Oh people and their ability to read and comprehend things

Sailor Moon Live Action 37-49 rebatched to include Act Zero and stuff

If you were on the original batch, please move over to the new batch now. The files should just resume

Sketch from this site. There's one of the girl from Trick there too

DaiMajin Kanon 2 released

So... Nagasawa Nao is in this show. I think you should be watching this show.

Also, be sure to check out the Spaceman Jones thing we released last week. It stars Tommy Lee Jones as an alien impersonating Tommy Lee Jones in Japan, studying humans, and impersonating Tommy Lee Jones. It's pretty damn funny. Plus it's a small file, so you have no reason to not download it

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Kamen Rider W 40 released

So as people posted in last week's thread, we have some guests.

Check out this week's thread, I actually got around to translating the toku comic of the week

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No Goseiger 7/11

Discuss the lack of an episode!

I just grabbed these pics from Garfield's upload to the Series Related Pic thread. I also put on the source scans for my recent Rider avatars, so check that out too (And please contribute as w



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