KR Zero-Ten released... wait damn KR One-Zero released... nods

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Site was a bit up and down earlier. Guess we were being attacked or something? Looks like our sys admin blocked them though.

Densha Otoko TV series complete batch

Just rebatching to get it seeded. If you haven't seen this old, classic TN drama, you should check it out. I think it's our first drama and obviously we like shows with an otaku theme.

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If you end up watching it, vote on it in our poll and discuss it in that thread

KyuuRanger High School Wars 5th period released!

We weren't just sitting on our hands during the break. Check it out, more KyuuRanger!

So Luna, the maniac, bought the DVD for High School Wars and apparently there's a 5th episode! It's from a DVD source so no HD version, but I think you should check it out because it's got a nice acknowledgement of the suit actors. Also it's just 5 minutes.

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Donation drive met

So I should have e-mailed everyone who donated to us. Please check your e-mail and junk folder in case my message ended up there. I want to try rewarding people who donated to us.

Also, some of you guys sent in some great comments and stories, so if you did that, please let me know if it's okay to share that.


Ultraman Orb unlicensed batch released!

Sorry I'm late but...

Ultraman Orb and Ultraman Geed the movies have been pulled out, so... Origin Saga, Ultra Fight Orb and other extras remain.

Links below to see why:


Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 32v2

I'm an idiot and used an older script.

I'm also a lazy bum and took like 3 days to remember I needed to re-release.

Please email all complaints to takenoko with subject line: Why are your bums so lazy

Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 32 Released!

Asuna's actress has put out her own calendar for 2020 if you really want it. (Sorry pervs, no nudes)

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Donation goal met!

I'm going through my e-mails and I think we've reached our donation goal. Thank you to everyone who's donated!

I'll try to start answering e-mails tonight after Halloween shenanigans.

TV-Nihon 17th anniversary and donation drive Pt 1!

Anniversary Thread (Sorry we're a week late)

Also, we're doing a donation drive in two parts this year. As we grow older, I'm realizing some of the staff are burdened with more and more financial hardships are our lives grow more complex. So normally the donation drive covers server costs, but this year, we're doing a drive first to cover materials and services that we pay for out of pocket. We'll have a server drive later when we find out how much it'll cost to maintain our server for another year.

For the materials and service drive, we're shooting for $500. So for transparency's sake:

  • 106 for the subscription to Toei Fanclub (this is where we get our video streams)
  • 140 for a group seedbox
  • 200 for purchasing Blu-rays
  • 54 for emergency purchases/things breaking, as is their wont

If you wish to donate, there's a donation link at the top. Someone already gave us $15 before we even announced the drive so thank you to that person. If you can afford to give, that's awesome. If you aren't, don't stress yourself about it. We want as many people as possible to enjoy our shows, that's why we keep it free.


Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 31 Released

Now here's a Red I don't mind taking his shirt off.

(Koh, please put your shirt back on, you're embarrassing yourself.)

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Ryusoulger 30v2

A couple rephrases but I completely missed out on a Nao reference at :31, so that's been added.

Also I mixed up the hd/sd cms. Can you tell I once used salt instead of sugar for cookies?

Kamen Rider Zero-One 07 Released!

Poppy? Or Izu? In your opinion, which heroine is better?

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Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 30 Released!

Incidentally this is how the terrestrial broadcast looked for both episodes the whole way through so horray for internet streaming rips.

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Kishiryuu Sentai Ryusoulger 29 Released!

I know it's a brand name, but I just think that "Ryusoulgers in the House" is hilarious

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