Sunday stream now: Memory of Heroez

Quick FAQ:

-Playing the SE Asian version on a PS4 Pro through a Hauppage capture device. Apparently both Japanese and Asian version have English subtitles, I was incorrectly telling people otherwise

-I bought my copy through but apparently you can probably download it through Japanese PSN or Nintendo eshop

-Only Zero-One has his original actor. If you're curious about the actors, a lot of the voices are surprisingly (or maybe it's not such a big surprise) from Kiramager. Spoilers for our wiki article I guess.

-Do I recommend it? Maybe if you're a Rider fan, especially W or OOO. But otherwise, it's a cheap tie-in game. The gameplay is fun enough, but you can see where they cut corners. There's literally a maze that's just a series of nondescript battle arenas, which pretty much describe the whole game. I'll probably write a more thorough review when I'm done, but you can see the footage and judge for yourself.

-I'm streaming through Twitch, but I'll post the local recordings to YouTube when I'm done if that's easier for people to view it. Only two copyright claims so far lol. Guess it's just as well that I didn't get the premium sound version.

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Condom Battler Gorou and Zero One Belt CMs released

Zero One belt! No, not that Zero-One belt!

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And NetLab's poll of favorite Heisei Rider is... OOO????

Ghost and Ex-Aid beat Decade???

Well, what do you think? We're running our own poll!


GoGo V Corona message released

You can get it with the rebatched Corona messages or separately. Thanks to Paul for pointing out this video to me!

To get ahead of the questions, Shibata Kenji, who played Daimon was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2000 (so pretty much right after GoGo V). In 2004 he had to stop temporarily stop acting to get treatment and in 2007 he formally retired from the entertainment business.

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Are you getting a PS5?

Meanwhile, my Memoriez of Heroes has shipped. When it arrives, feel free to hang out with me as I play it!

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Gaim Gaiden: Guridon VS Bravo 01 released

Did you know Guridon is a pig latin version of Donguri/Acorn?

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KR Saber 08 released!

Take a look, it's a book!

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JontyL on Jeopardy tonight!

In case you don't read the credits, Jonty was a fantastic timer and typesetter for our group. I always knew he was a smart cookie. Tune in and check out the episode tonight (or tomorrow if you live in LA)!

Commercials 2020 Misc. release

So this was sort of the last thing I was working on before I had to return to work. It was pretty ambitious, ~130 different commercials and shorts. I wanted to release it all on the TN anniversary, but didn't come anywhere close to doing it. So here's the first 30 or so files, the miscellanous category.

We'll be releasing them in more reasonable, bite-sized chunks. There's a lot of good stuff in these files and a lot of work was put into these, so please check them out. And look forward to more soon(ish)!

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Donation goal met!

We met our server donation goal last night! Thank you to everyone who donated! We really wouldn't be anywhere without community involvement.

That said, we're just going to leave the donate button up year round now, in case people want to leave tips. Donations receied during these times will be used to cover material costs (buying DVDs, paying for streaming services, etc.). So no obligation to donate from here on, just leave a tip if you like what we're doing. Thanks everyone!



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