Ehmar's PR design on Teebusters

Our friend Ehmar who made many beautiful splashes for us has a shirt on Teebusters. How about helping him by giving him a vote?



720p vs 1080p discussion thread

Moved to here since I don't want to have the discussion in the Fourze thread:



Fourze Movie DC released

Thread / Wiki

So there's only going to be a SD and a HD (1080p) version. Going forward, we're going to be eliminating the 720p version, because doing the same work three times is starting to become a massive drain on our resources. We know this will affect some people, and we apologize for that, but this is a big problem on our back end.

Since we encode from TS source files now, whether it's a SD or a HD1080 version, the encoding time takes the same amount of time. Encoding all three versions takes up a lot of time, and eats up a lot of space on our harddrives.

I'd be okay with starting a thread for people to reencode the 1080 down to 720 for distribution amongst yourselves, as long as people realize that these aren't going to be officially handled by TN staff.

Keep the map info coming!


See previous post for  more info.


Where are our people?

So I want to create a map for our fan base to see where people are.

TV-Nihon Google Map

If you want to participate, post here or e-mail me your info (

The info I'll need is
-A name of some sort. This can be a nickname or a pseudoname, whatever you want.
-A location. I just need a city or even a county to know where to drop the marker.
-A description. Put whatever info here that you want.



Thanks for not doing anything useful, politician guy


I hate it when people in power shuffle their papers around and do stuff that appears to be work, but in practical terms has no positive net gains for their effort.

Seriously, how's this help anyone?


Kanon 21 released

Hurricaneger Special Event?

Anyone in Japan want a raffle ticket for the Hurricaneger special event on September 1st? You have to apply by August 25th Japan time, but you can do that online. You will need the actual ticket though for the show I believe.

E-mail me (takenoko) if you're interested.

Transformers Go! Shinobi 01/Samurai 02 released

More Transformers for you! From the DVDs. If more HD stuff appears on youtube or whatever, we'll release a HD version.

Shinobi Chapter 01 / Wiki

Samurai Chapter 02 / Wiki

Kyouryuu 25 HD 1080 v2 released again deux

I'm super sorry about this being as late as it is. Someone mentioned there was a problem right before work, and then I went to work and completely forgot that this was even a thing. (the problem took like 10 minutes to fix). Anyway, if it seems like it's taking an inordinate amount of time to fix something, just PM me and I'll look into it. Thanks!

Thread/ Wiki

Faiz 35 released

Hey Number Four. Meet Number Five.



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