The other dinobuttz released, ZyuDenger 21

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Due to the poor reception of Kyouryuuger, we have decided to redistribute our resources to cancelling Kyouryuuger and finishing up Kyouryuuger.

In it's place, I'm pleased to announce a new joint with Magenta. The new group will be called Menly Men Subbing Mahou Shoujo or MMS MS for short.

We're pleased to announce that we will be subbing the Japanese dub of My Little Pony as well as the second season of Oreimo which starts next month.

I'm sure Magenta is super eager to answer questions, so feel free to send him all the questions you want, I insist.

Edit: And I guess we released TimeRanger 14?

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Lunagel Edit 2: Some of us would like to note that despite it not being April 1st yet, takenoko was making a joke. Unfortunately the humor upload has not quite finished installing into his robot body, so please ignore anything he says. Especially anything about Skynet. That's all just babbling.

Kyouryuu 1 SD ver 2 released

Fucking batteries, how do they work?

Recalling Kyouryuu 1 SD

Some missing lines in the ending

Kyouryuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuger 01 released

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Probably the 1080 for Wizard later tonight.

The list of toku actors for Garo 3 is pretty good

  • Sato Hiroko has been in other toku shows such as Faiz, RyuKenDo, and Decade.
    • Imura Kumi was co-stars with Hiroko in RyuKenDo. She played the main heroine, Sakyou Rin. Her role in this series is unknown, but her name was listed in the youtube trailer for the show.
  • Ikeda Junya was previously GokaiSilver on the show Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.
  • Tsuda Kanji previously played Rekka's father in the Garo Red Requiem movie. He has had many cameo roles in toku, perhaps being best known for his role as Editor-in-Chief in Ryuki and Takeru's father in Shinkenger.

Found this out writing up the actors' names for the wiki.


Garo Series 3 trailer

Youtube link removed. Watch our subbed trailer instead, thanks.

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Garo 3 ~The One Who Shines Light into the Darkness~

Wow, a show without Kouga. And wtf are you doing there, Gai?! Get out of there!

It's airing concurrently with Akiba 2? Boo!

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Edit: Oh shit, there's a trailer.


Fourze Movie, Voyagers MV, Ganbaride CM and Junction 7 released

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Sorry this took way longer than we were expecting it to. A lot of great guests in this movie. And it's a fun movie to boot. Check it out! Tsuchiya Anna sings the theme song which also has a music video that we released.

Wizard Blu-ray box mini review

Art on the back of the box.

"Emerged from the magical stones, representing the great power in this world. Please release the power of dragon hidden in ring." - Typical Rider Engrish phrase.

So this is kind of nice. A Blu-ray box from volume one. It seems like they usually wait till volume 6 to release these, so I'm pleased. It comes with Blu-ray 1 and a card holder. The box art is fairly nice, with the magic circle on top. It has all four of Wizard's base forms on it.

Oh, I guess they usually wait for volume 6 because now they can't show any of Wizard's upgraded forms, or Beast. Oh well!

Something that is nice is that for Wizard, they included 5 episodes on one Blu-ray. Unfortunately, I think this is a one time thing since Wizard 1 wasn't a two-episode arc. So they included episodes 2-3 and 4-5 so people don't have to wait a month to see the second half of the story for four.

Bonus footage includes: Making of the pilot episode, cast talk, digest of the announcement meeting, episode previews, and info pics for the Wizard Rings and Phantoms. The info pages seem surprisingly simple. The Phantom pages don't even include their human forms, just the Gates they attack. There's no English translations of the monster or Wizard rings either.

No subtitles for the episodes, as usual. Pretty standard stuff really. I just got a bit hyped because of the box and the bonus episode.


KR Wizard 23 & CM released

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Trying out a new team for Kyouryuuger. Looks like they're having some troubles, so maybe a release next week?

Hikounin Sentai AkibaRanger Season Tsuu

Yup, they're spelling Two with the kanji tsuu/pain. And did Yellow's hair change? Twin tails are better!


Nao, Ayumi, and Sakamoto Koichi. ???



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