2015 Sentai series

It has its own forum now.

There's also a wiki page, but it's not ready yet. At the moment it just has Toqger's page there as a template. If anyone wants to help us convert the Toqger page to the new Sentai page, please feel free to edit it.

Garo Honoo no Kokuin CMs, 3 second cooking, Bikuu/Raiga promo v2

Just random commercials from the Honoo no Kokuin anime, since we're not doing the anime itself.

A few Garo commercials, more Yoshiki Risa is angry stuff, 3 second cooking, and whatever else is in there.

I meant to do the other promo that talked about Yami no Terasu Mono's movie and TV series, but I forgot.

Released a v2 to cover the 2014 movie line up.


Transformers Go! Shinobi 3-4 and Samurai 5-6 (and the rest) released

Surprise! Released the rest of the episodes for Transformers Go! The Youtube channel didn't air the rest of the episodes, so there's no HD versions of this episodes. We just used the DVDs that were kindly donated by Luna.

This batch contains all the episodes SD and HD. If you have a preference, please pick which episodes you prefer using your torrent client.

Shinobi 3 thread / wiki

Shinobi 4 thread / wiki

Samurai 5 thread / wiki

Samurai 6 thread / wiki

If you enjoyed this series, please check out Transformers Super Link and Transformers Galaxy Force. Both of those series are worth watching and we've got them both subbed. They're much better than the English dub versions.

Toqger 37 v2 released


Needed a v2 to fix some really, really dumb translation mistakes. Sorry about that, guys!

Toqger 37 released

Year of the braces.

Thread / Wiki

Sentai band


Thanks to JP for passing this along.


May I have some more Toqgers splashes?

Please sir i want some more

Still got a couple months to go. Ideally 1920x1080 but 1280x720 are acceptable too. Best way to submit is to post it in this thread. You can also e-mail them to me. Be sure to credit yourself in the splash so that people know who did the lovely artwork.

If you want to see more examples of past splashes, check out this section on my blog. (Also check the side bar for other stuff like the pranks section.)

New Garo movies and TV series lined up

GARO -Gold Storm- Shou Movie 3/28 Yami storyline?
GARO -Gold Storm- Shou TV series Spring 2015
Bikuu -Yamigiri no Chi- Movie Fall 2015
Anime Garo Season 2 Confirmed
Anime Garo Movie Planning stage
Makai Troupe formed
Raiga Movie Confirmed to be in production

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx5ht9HhT88&list=UU7AinGyPhqwSyhAmthw6Qf...



Timer needed for Toq

I could use a timer for Toqger. The timer will be taking the Japanese captions and adjusting them to match the audio as well as timing the onscreen text.

Japanese knowledge isn't necessary, but it's helpful since the captions are only in Japanese and it isn't  always obvious how it's meant to be parsed. Also the timings of the captions are very loose and sometimes some people's lines aren't timed.

Video raws are up sometime during Saturday night and the timing will need to be done somewhere around mignight Pacific time.

Here's a sample video of me timing this week's Toqger. There's shortcut keys that you can set up to help you go a bit faster:


If you're interested, shoot me an e-mail at the contact us link.

Help qcing Ryuki for blu-ray?

I'd like to convert our scripts for Blu-ray. Can I get some volunteers to do some QC work on them? E-mail me at the contact us tab above if you're interested. Be sure to include a nick for how you want to be credited.

T-shirt design

Our buddy Ehmar has designed another t-shirt. If you like it, please consider voting for it.


KR Drive 05 released

QC Help?

It's always kind of slow this time of year and I could use some extra QC help. If you're interested, send me an e-mail at the Contact Us link at the top.

Include the following information:

1) Your nick that you'd like to be credited by

2) Whether you want to work on Agito, Commercials, Shinkenger, Transformers Go, or Toei Hero Next #4 the Bounty Hunter Troupe (Kyouryuuger spin off).

Thanks! And have a happy veteran's day!


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