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Now working to display actor's past roles as invisible text on the wiki.

Try highlighting the space past the red arrow after Nao's name in this link:




Miura Ryosuke's Natsu Da Yo Honey Music Video

If you're a fan of Ankh or Beetle Sazer, maybe check this out.

Kairiki on the forums subbed it. Check it out here: Thread


News about Nakamura Yuuichi (the actor)

News about Nakamura Yuuichi (Zeronos in Den-O, Akio in Wangan Nights, Kiriya from Hibiki):

It looks like he's leaving the entertainment industry. I'm not sure if people knew, but he had taken a leave of absence to recover from some sickness. Apparently he has recovered, but he has decided to pursue something besides acting. Anyway, good luck to that guy. Hope we see him again someday.

Three Sisters who play at Night

I'm pretty terrible at explanations, so I'll just put this out there. It's got Femme and Shizuka from Kiva as two of the three sisters. The guest star is Mano Erina who was Nadeshiko. The writing seems like tripe, but maybe this will be of interest to some people? The game they play is Hunter x Hunter.

Maybe they should make a Kamen Rider Girls team out of these three instead.


Kamen Rider Agito 24 released, at last!

G3-X is one of my favorite Rider suits. It's so awesome.

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Also, don't forget about our image threads. Share 'em if you've got 'em.

Wizard fanart thread

Fourze fanart thread

And there's always the Generic image thread


Let's Think Like an Exec: Why doughnuts?

Executive A: What theme should the food in this year's Rider be?! Last year we did McDonald's foods.

Executive B: It should be related to rings!

Executive C: Rings... circles... O's...


Executive A: No! No! People will think it's like Kamen Rider OOO!

Executive B: How about onion rings? They're called rings already, plus...


Photobucket can wear one like a ring!

Executive A: Too greasy! Plus, do we Japanese executives even know what onion rings are?!

Executive B: Fine, if you don't like my idea, I'll just be over here eating my dougnuts.


Kamen Rider Wizard 3 released

Where can I get me some posters like that?

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KR Wizard 02 released

Looks kind of like a wizard.

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Busters Ready Go~

29 & creditless op released

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Kamen Rider Agito 23 released

Man, Super Climax Heroes is looking amazing. The recent release looks sort of like episode 22 of Agito.

Super Climax HeroesChalice

Look at this, they brought back Agito and Chalice for this game. Crazy! I'm totally supporting this game.

KR Agito 23

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Happy Kaixa Day

It's time once again for that celebration everyone looks forward to every year.

Yes, it's "Draw Kamen Riders as large-breasted females" Day.


The most wonderful time of the year!


Houjou Tooru 22 released

Wait, who's the star of this show again?

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Kamen Rider Agito 21 released

I've been waiting forever to use this picture.

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Speaking of the wiki, lately we've been adding Infoboxes to the side of them. Aren't they pretty? Somehow having Skittlepedia seems fitting since we sub a bunch of children's shows.


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