Garo Yami wo Terasu Mono 23 released

We still have more Garo to go! Just using Tougen pictures since I don't have many Yami ones.

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Tougen spoilers?

You can watch this movie without watching Soukoku or any of the other previous Garo series. It's a standalone movie.

There's a lot of nice nods and you really should watch the previous Garo shows/movies, but if you don't want to do that, I have a list of the references on the wiki as well.

New hero Jii is released


As seen on the Mary Sue


Garo Gaiden: Tougen no Fue released

So I was extremely pessimistic when I heard Tougen was coming out. But you know what, it's pretty good. It has good action, a decent story, and it really invokes the atmosphere from the first season of Garo. It's a lot more than just "a side story with the minor characters from Garo".

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Also, if you can play music, this is apparently the sheet music for Requiem for Heroic Heroes from Red Requiem which was included in the Tougen booklet.

Also also, there's two extra footage clips this time. Enjoy!

Kamen Rider Wizard 49 released

Watch out, or mini white mage will ruin your day!

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Akiba 2suu Batches released

An AkibaRed shirt? How have I not seen this before?

Hurray for you, TV-Nihon! 18 day streak of releases

Haven't missed a day yet. But our distro queue is empty, so maybe nothing tomorrow?!


GameCenter CX 012 released

Arino's back! What game is he playing this time?!

Since it's been a while since we released one of these, if you've never seen the show, but do like:

  • Video games
  • Arcade games
  • Japanese shows
  • Japanese comedians

then you will probably like this show. If you come here, I'd say it's definitely worth trying out.

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Akiba 4 HD 1080 released


Got the Blu-ray, so we can finally release the 1080 version of this. Also releasing non-credit versions for the op/ed for episode 5.

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More information. We want information!

This is the map of people who go to our forums

And the map of people who go to our tracker

Fairly similar to our actual map, but there's way more people who just go to the tracker and don't go to the forums. Also, there's actual African IPs.


Also a slightly more detailed listing of country/city and gender from the facebook fanpage. Quite the sausagefest on here.



Updated maps

Sorry it took a while. Man, look at all those east coast guys. It's kind of funny how there's just patches in the middle where we're completely absent though.

World Map / North America Map


So now that we know where people are, how about we start discussing doing some meet ups?

Sailor Moon 1-18 DVD batch released

We finally have enough for one of these. Hurray! Now we can take down the old one.

Sailor Moon forum

So if you download the first batch then 19-50 and go "why is the quality of these so bad?" Please remember that we released those ten years ago. Man! Ten years...

Does it bother anyone else to see Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon used for the musical and in other instances that don't refer to the TV drama?


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