Kamen Rider Ghost 02 Released

Y'know what, at least they didn't outright say Edison invented the lightbulb, just modified it. Thank you children's tv show!

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Ninninger 33 & clips released

Another female kaijin? That makes for three, right?

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Kamen Rider Yongou released

Sangou wasn't the strongest Rider?!

Definitely don't miss this neat little three episode story. A continuation from the Sangou movie.

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Also, I've been seeing weird mispellings of the name like Youngo. It's Yon-gou which means 4th one. The gou is just a counter.

Ichi-gou = Number 1

Ni-gou = Number 2

San-gou = Number 3

Yon-gou = Number 4

Thank you donators. New capping computer

Long overdue, but to be fair, we were only able to get it working like 2 weeks ago. Just a lot of technical problems, which were able to overcome thanks to our tech guy, Dark Aura.

So far, it's been working great. We've been using it for a couple weeks and haven't really experienced the same failures that we were seeing on the other computer.

Just a little peek behind the scenes, but whenever we encoded audio for distro, it would fail like 40% of the time for no reason. It's extra maddening because it's not consistent. Not often enough for us to go all out in fixing it, but often enough that we'd be trying to reencode the audio again and again until it worked. So thankfully, that's not an issue with the new computer.

I'd like to thank GeJe Sentai, BiFkun, LigerFan, Scott Hamilton, and Davis "Des Shinta" Sleboda for their donations among others, who helped allay the cost of the computer. We were able to use donations to pay for most of the cost of the computer.

I also did a little survey, and apparently our donator's favorite shows are: GekIRanger, Shinkenger, Garo Yami, Gokaiger, Gaim, Kiva, Hurricaneger, Go-Onger, Ryuki, Blade, Ultraman, Toqger, W, Power Rangers Time Force, Zero, Metalder, Tiga.

We also had one donation with came with the note: "For the Capped Crusader..."

Once again, thank you everyone! We couldn't do this without you guys!


Shinkenger 06 Blu-ray version released

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Man, this Samurai Sentai is good. I wish they'd do one for ninjas.

KR Ghost 01 Released!

Say hello to our first ever glow-in-the-dark hero!

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Ninninger 32 & CM v2 released

Whoops, made some mistakes. So here's a v2 to correct them.

Check this thread if you're curious about what was changed.

Ninninger 32 & CM released

I'd ship it.

Last week's episode got a resounding 3.1 mehs out of 5 from you guys. WIll this week's be any better? Vote at the top of the episode discussion thread.

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Chibi Go Nagai World Licensed

Looks like it's licensed by Discotek. Please go support their release.


Garo -Gold Storm- Shou Batches Released!

Batches released! Get the series now and watch it. No excuses! (Seems like some of the files are missing from our seeder, so please check the previous torrents to fill in the gaps)

Rate it in a poll?

Check out my Garo tag on my tumblr?

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KR Drive 48 released

From a CM that aired during Drive that we didn't sub.

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Ninninger 31 released

Baba Ryouma's character Ise Kiroku is a reference to Ninnin ending singer Ise Daiki.

Ise Kiroku: 伊勢喜六

Ise Daiki: 伊勢大貴

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Use of swear words in our subs

Haven't had this question in a while, so I figured I'd answer it publicly. Please don't make fun of him or mock him for having different ideals than your own. I'm merely putting this up to explain our group position on such matters.
>First off, let me say thanks for subbing all those Kamen Rider episodes; I've really enjoyed them, and I've started sharing them with my kids, who love the shows, too.
You're welcome man, glad the whole family is enjoying it. Sorry about the late reply, September has been a tough month for me.
>Which brings me to my concern; what's up with the harsh language?  Isn't Kamen Rider a kids' show?  The occasional "bastard" or "damn" doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but are they actually using words like "shit" or even "fuck" in a show designed for children and shown at 8 AM?
Rider is aimed at teens, so that might explain it. I mean the subject matter can range from death to torture to other things. The other thing is, I feel like swear words are the same thing in Japan as it is in America.
>Maybe I'm just a wet blanket killjoy or whatever, but I'd just ask that you consider that part of your audience isn't adult, and maybe reconsider some of those translation choices.
I think it's always best to translate in a way to best fit the context of the scene. Rest assured, when we use swear words, they aren't added in arbitrarily.
>I understand that this is a labor of love for you guys, but please spare a thought for the next generation of fans.
I appreciate your concern, but am afraid I don't agree. Call it differences in parenting styles.

Again, sorry about not being able to help with your request, but I hope you can understand my position as a writer and artist.


Garo -Gold Storm- Shou Movie released

Remember this is a prologue to the main series.

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KR Drive 47 released

Thank you, Team Drive! And thank you to Lunagel and Yaiba for double teaming the translation for Drive this year. Yaiba also did the typesetting and some of the splashes. And of course, thanks to everyone else who worked on the project.

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Ultraman vol. 1 manga review

It's good, you should check it out if you like... Ultraman, Superman, or Ironman.

It continues the story of Hayata Shin, the original Ultraman.

Mild spoilers on these scans:




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