My Battride War Stream... Part 4!

Video stream:

Join the stream chat (Sorry, I don't pay attention to twitch's chat. It's #tv-nihongames @ sysirc )


Wizard & Fourze Ultimatum DC released

You got friendship in my magic! You got magic in my friendship! Mmm!

Also, note this is the director's cut version. We're probably not going to do the theater cut. Don't complain about the commentary track, just use a different video player please.

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Garo Yami wo Terasu Mono 12 released

What are you doing there, Amemiya Keita?! You don't do anything for this series. Get out of that pic!

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Battride Stream 3 archive

Part 3a Struggling Fourze

Part 3b Unlocking OOO

Part 3c Dr. Maaaaki!

Part 3d Switching to Normal Mode

Normal is way too easy, but hard is way too hard. I kind of wish there were an inbetween mode.

I think that I'll need to do some grinding between streams just so I'll have more of a variety of abilities to display.


My Battride War Stream... Part 3!

Video stream:

Join the stream chat (Sorry, I don't pay attention to twitch's chat. It's #tv-nihongames @ sysirc )



Battride streaming today

Probably will do it in about an hour and a half from now. Got to finish this encoding first.

Next Battride Streamining?

Probably will be Sunday. Hopefully afternoon/evening time.

I was planning on doing it tonight, but distroing Akiba took longer than I expected, plus I have Garo to work on. Tomorrow I've got work all day and the Wizard to work on after that.


Akiba 2suu 11 released

Luna looks a bit different in real life.

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Weird Greens?

So Sen, Aniki, and Don, definitely weird greens.

Chiaki and Souji, not weird greens.

So Hanto. Weird green or not?


Ultraman Mebius 22

Let's stream Battride War Part 2 archive

All 5 hours:

2a W two stars
2b Hibiki
2c Kabuto
2d Kiva
2e Kuuga
2f Ryuki
2g Unlock Fourze
2h Survival Road and bonus stuff

New stuff from last time, I grabbed my Rider music collections and dumped them on my ps3. So this time, there's custom music that plays (In one of the parts I show how to set it up. You can basically set up the music to play under certain situations)

Sorry for ignoring chat again. I need to remind myself to peek in from time to time. I just kind of lose myself in the game and forget.


Let's stream Battride War Part 2

Video stream:

Join the stream chat (Sorry, I don't pay attention to twitch's chat. It's #tv-nihongames @ sysirc )


Let's play Kamen Rider Battride War Part 1

I've got an archive of last night's stream. Check it out:

Full uncut video (including 10+ minutes of installing)
Warning, full video is over 5 hours long.

Or just check out the highlights. Warning, for the actual Rider story chapters, maybe spoilers?
1a Prologue
1b Wizard
1c Unlock Faiz
1d Faiz's chapter
1e Unlock and W's chapter
1f Unlock and Faiz's chapter
1g Unlock and Blade's chapter
1h Unlock and Agito's chapter


KR Wizard 39 released

Hope everyone's having a good Friday!

No Wizard or Kyouryuu next week. Everyone take a siesta!

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