Ninninger 24 released

Why is Kinji hanging out with Sid?! Is he a Yggdrasill dog too?! Source

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Blade Poll 4.48 out of 5 (42 votes)

Deka Poll 4.64 out of 5 (39 votes)

Sh15uya Poll 3.92 out of 5 (12 votes)

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Jiro Dreams of Sushi

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Watched this on Netflix last night. It's leaving Netflix this month, so I've been meaning to check it out.

I've dabbled in making sushi before, so it was fun to see how a professional does it. But what makes this documentary truly fascinating is to see what a perfectionist is like in motion. The guy thinks sushi, he lives sushi. He'll be making sushi until he dies, then one of his sons can fight over who takes over the restaurant.

If you've ever tried to make something before, I'm sure you'll see a bit of the process in Jirou's work. The gradual improvement of the process. The frustrations and disappointments in your work in the beginning. The self discipline that you force upon yourself. The sacrifices you make for your work.

I guess sacrifice is the big theme in Jirou's Dream. He makes some of the best sushi in Japan (three stars from Michelin), but he does so at the sacrifice of every other aspect of his life. He even admits that he was a crummy dad who rarely saw his kids growing up. We never find out what happens to his wife. It's just not an important aspect to the documentary or his life.

If you just like food, you'll get to see the crazy sea market in Japan. The militaristicly run cooking process. One apprentice cooked egg sushi for two months before getting one approved (about 200 failures). He cried when he finally got it right. But at the same time, it's cool to see how the food is prepared. I don't know how to cook well, so it's fun to see other people do it on such an advanced level.


Toqger Returns

Forgot to mention this, but this was Arakawa Fumie's directorial debut. Why is this important?

It's because she's the first female toku director at Toei. And I feel like reaction to this movie have been overwhelmingly positive. Not to make a gross over generalization, but I think having a lady director will inject something different and new to the toku genre, since men and women have different ways of thinking about things.

She's had a history of assistant director work from all the way back to GaoRanger. She mostly works on Sentai, but she's done some work on Drive and various other movies too.

Toqger Returns v2 released!

Sorry, messed up some of the bonus stuff. Should be fixed with v2's now!


Toqger Returns released!

Enjoy the bonus earworm from Luna.

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KR Drive 40 released (for real this time)

Sorry about yesterday. Jumped the gun and skipped a step. 40's out now.

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Ninninger 23 & CM released

From Kasumi's blog. I forgot that the actress shares the same name as the character. How funny!

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EDIT: Drive 40 Unreleased

Blu-ray menu from the bonus disc.

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Episode hasn't gone through a second round of qc yet, mistakenly got released. Pulling now and will release later! Sorry!

Garo -Gold Storm- Shou 16 & CM & Guren Byakuren Promo released

Lovely! I guess there's some confusion/mistranslation problems. There's no Garo Musical. Makai Kagekidan is just a unit formed to sing Garo songs. It might not even last beyond Gold Storm (although hopefully it will).

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Gokaiger 01 & Promo Blu-ray version released

Just for fun, we're rereleasing this from the Blu-ray raw. We're only going to lightly qc this, so hopefully we can release these regularly.

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RIP Izumi Masayuki AKA Kiba Yuuji from 555

Looks like he died of some illness. He was 35.

We'll remember you as the fantastic actor who played a beloved role in 555.


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Hibiki: 3.87 (31 votes)

New poll: Kamen Rider Blade / Images

MagiRanger: 4.6 (40 votes)

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UltraSeven X: 4.5 (16 votes)

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Commercials pack August 2015 released

Comes with:

  • Mugicha VS Kaiju
  • Pepsi Momotarou Saga Episode 2 + 3
  • Saint Seiya Myth EX Chief Gemini Commercials
  • Shiki Theatre Lion King Ep 2-3 CM's

A lot of fun and cool stuff in this pack, in my opinion.

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By the way, I think we're pretty good with donations for now. Thank you for everyone who's donated. It's really saving our butts. I can't wait to get rid of our current computer and move to something that'll give us reliable results. We'll have a follow-up announcement soon about whatever computer we pick up. Thanks again!


KR Drive & Gaim Movie Taisen Full Throttle

Comes with Sing My Song For You music video and Dragon Fruit Lock Seed toy promo.

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Bonus thread / Sing my song lyrics


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